Friday, April 22, 2016

because they are asking...

"What's going on with the cruise?"

Here is where we are now.....
To put 12 people on a ship
  cruising all around the islands of Hawaii
would cost a small fortune.
Selling on Ebay just won't get us there
even if I save up for four more years.

We are going to look at the Southern Caribbean
for next summer.....
hit some places we've never cruised before.
Looking at June...
as soon as school gets out.

The most fun in the world is to gather around the table,
kids too, and talk about the possibilities.
We were all super excited about Hawaii
until we found out how expensive it is.

Hawaii is not off the table.
We still want to dream.

Peonies in picture above.
If I could be a bride again I would carry a big bouquet
of nothing else.
I think they are one of the most beautiful flowers 
I've ever seen.

Bubba is making
Sauteed Shrimp with Lemon Caper Cream Sauce
on Angel Hair Pasta
for dinner tonight.
I will maybe add a picture of it here in a little while.

It was delicious!!!

By the way...
this was day 2 of 3 days I set aside to
not leave the house to see if I can catch up with
all of the things that had not gotten done since January.
So far I have made great progress.
a big & bad thunderstorm came
just as I was going out to work in the yard.
maybe I will go into the attic and work there.
One more day to go.
Will it all get done?

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