Wednesday, April 27, 2016

shadow time is a little off

I love when the sun rises in the morning.
Usually I am up well before it is,
so its appearance is eagerly awaited.
Our house faces East,
causing the morning sun to shine straight in.
We get some amazing shadows early on.
Shadows make great photos when you least expect.

In heaven we won't need a clock,
but here on earth it is essential.
We look at it a hundred times a day,
we wear it on our wrist,
there is one in the car,
there is a clock 
with big red numbers in front of our bed.
We look at it right before we go to sleep
and first thing when we wake up.

This earth,
this place that God made for us to live,
is regulated by time,
but God thinks about time differently than we do.
He never gets in a hurry.
Everything He does is perfect 
and happens at exactly the right moment.

As I sit here writing,
the sun is setting over my right shoulder.
The daylight will soon be gone
and we will rest.
Have sweet dreams...sleep tight,
and please don't let the bedbugs bite.

Glad to get my computer back today.
I phones are great,
but there is nothing like my big old desktop,
It is faster than the speed of sound now.
It got a new hard drive and a new picture disk loader.
I am very thankful for our computer guy,
He does a great job.

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