Monday, April 4, 2016

that moment when....

10:00 appointment.
Left house at 9:20 to go to the island.
Important text needed to happen
when I finished with said appointment.
Turned on some music.
All going well.
Got stopped by a train...
road work,
slow moving traffic.

It was somewhere between the road work and the slow moving traffic,
way too far east to turn back,
that I said to myself....
"I need to make sure I got my phone,
something tells me that I didn't."

Grab purse.
Now thankful for slow moving traffic.
Started digging.
Didn't "feel" it.
Tossed purse aside to pay more attention to the task at hand,

Stop light....Yay!
I can find out for sure.
Grabbed purse.
Took everything out one by one.
It wasn't there.

After going through the 5 stages of stress,
starting with denial
and ending with acceptance,
I calmly drove on to the appointment
without my phone.

What in the world did we do before?
Completely lost without our cells....
unable to function properly,
totally rendered helpless.

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