Tuesday, May 17, 2016

finally today.....

....as if in a rush of madness,
the heavens opened up.
It rained as 
if it would never rain again.

The sky darkened.
the heaviness of humidity descended
 causing a sensation much like suffocation.
 Then the rain fell in buckets....buckets and buckets of it
falling angrily from the sky.
The streets flooded quickly ~ no where for the water to go.

Dusty dry earth,
not accepting the rainwater
which has to run off down the street.

Catch it!!!
Catch it quick.
We need it so badly.
The grass is brown and crunchy,
the leaves on the trees have wilted,
the flowers can't drink enough from the hose.

Rain is life giving,
things die from lack of it.

Thank You God.
Your word tells us that You
open the heavens and send the rain.
We really needed it.
Lots of rejoicing is taking place.

Above is my little garden.
It gets watered every night.
I have some squash,
bell peppers,
along with the flowers.

Managing the deer with some
stinky grossness
sprinkled around the perimeter of the yard...
so far, its working.

Let all the earth praise the Lord
for He does amazing and wonderful things!!!!

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