Saturday, May 7, 2016

first swim of the summer....

....for Lucy.
at our condo on the beach.
Even though the water was freezing.
she jumped right in....
no hesitation.
I do not know how she does that.
I'm wrapped up in a sweater,
pilfering a little heat from the brilliant sunshine.

Lucy and I love the Crab Shack on Tybee Island.
We sit outside by the river
eating shrimp and crab legs
with all the other folks who enjoy such.

They have many animals, birds, and alligators.
Lucy named this cat CJ about a year ago.
She was just a tiny kitten. 
She remembers Lucy.
 who is one of the few people she will allow to pick her up.
Notice Lu's new bathing suit and cover-up.

This is Gilbert...
Gilbert is a hoot!!!
As soon as he sees us he starts putting on a show.
He says "Hello Gilbert" over and over.
I could watch him forever.

The view from my lounge chair last evening.
The soon to be setting sun
was gorgeous.
You can see the rays,
and look at the diamonds on the pool.
What a blessing....
summer will soon be here again.
The beach is my favorite place in the world!

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