Wednesday, May 4, 2016

music takes you back...

It rained last night....
several thunderstorms moved across the sky.
It was stormy!
Upon arising this morning,
when the sun came up and I could see,
I noticed that most all of the blooms on my flowers were gone.
I mentioned to Bubba
that I thought the rain had beat down
 most all of my new plants.

On closer inspection I realized it wasn't the rain at all.
The deer are back to their old ways.
Almost every bloom you can see above 
was chomped off.

It kinda makes me angry,
but I should have known they'd be back.

Gus is here.
Tucking in time is so sweet with him.
"How many books should we read little guy?"
"Three tonight
 and all the others in the morning."
"Can I have a kiss??"

"Have I told you lately that I love you?"

Heard this song today.
Love it.
Reminds me of a summer in Arizona.
I bought a Rod Stewart greatest hits CD and listened
to it out by the pool every day.
Music takes you back, makes you remember.

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