Wednesday, June 8, 2016

herb creek

This is why we live in Savannah.
The picture of serenity.

We dined tonight at 
Pearl's Saltwater Grill.....
photographed is my view for our meal.
We celebrated 
the progress I'm making...
talked about things that are important,
our favorite people,
a trip we are planning.
Little steps, 
big plans, 
good food,
make for a wonderful, all senses filled evening.

Just a quiet night with my husband.
Things will start roaring again real soon.
My 50th High School Reunion 
begins this Friday night.
Excited to be going with some dear friends.
I wonder who I will see?
Very excited.

God is good...
in All things God is good.
God is especially good to give me the strength and energy
to navigate through some very hard trials,
with the ability to face the next day 
with a smile on my face
 and hope in my heart.

Thank you to Him and to all who love me.
In Christ ALL is well.

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