Tuesday, June 7, 2016

salsa verde and other things

thirteen years apart.
Thanking God tonight for a few days with Teri and Anna
before they embark on the next adventure of their lives.

It is amazing how God brings someone your way
 just when you need them the most.
For me, coming through the deep darkness of depression,
seeing light is supreme.
You brought light.

Thank you, both of you, for your 
Thank you for the 
talking till we're all caught up,
confirming our strengths and weaknesses,
knowing that we both struggle with a lot of the same things.
Thank you for the fresh salsa verde and guacamole,
 the froth for our coffee,
helping me find the perfect cruise line,
50th High School Reunion fashion advice.

Going to the beach this morning.....
Anna wanted something beachy for her dorm room.
I bought a silver starfish necklace
for the reunion.
A few final pictures on the walkway to the beach.
Getting you all to the plane on time.
I did spill that big guzzle of sweet tea all over my shoes
on the way home.
Par for the course, I am a mess.

Thank you both for coming!!
I love you.

Oh and....
for loving what I love!
Because of the massive amount of rain falling from the sky,
we spent yesterday evening at Barnes and Nobles
 instead of the beach.

*If you love to read you have everything.
*Taking pictures of the books in my library. :)

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