Monday, June 13, 2016


After dropping Lucy off at horse camp this morning,

I went straight to the doctor.
On the Saturday morning of the reunion
I woke up with a sore throat.
My physical condition deteriorated quickly....
I was on a downward spiral.
Lucy is staying with me this whole week,
the Hollingsworths 
are coming on Thursday
to celebrate my baby girl turning 40,
and I will have Jake & Eli all next week.
Not a good time to be sick.

An hour later I walked out with a handful of meds
and a prescription for,
wait for it.....
"You will start feeling better very soon," 
the doctor said.
"Thank you and bless you," I said,
as I hurried out of the door.
Diagnosis ~ Acute Sinus Infection.

I came home to eat and take some of the meds.
Then it was time to pick up Lucy,
who I found galloping around the grounds on a horse named Henry.

All that to say this,
When we got back home,
a large white van
pulled up in front of our house.
A delivery man appeared at the door
holding one of the white paper lanterns from the reunion.

Needless to day I was taken aback,
brought to tears.
There are no words, Lou, except THANK YOU!
I love your heart of kindness.
You are a true and gracious friend,
and my life is enriched by you.

And you get to see what sick Cathy looks like...
huge dark circles,
as we say about the children,
"sick eyes,"
not a bit of makeup,
and the hairdo from hades.

all the way back to kindergarten till now,
playhouse friend,
you are the best!!!

Lu found a switch and the lantern lit up,
just like Saturday night.
Now where do I hang it?

I am sure that you can tell that I was on steroids
when I wrote this post
:) ^%@()*&^%^&$# :(
Only 3 more days.
I will not sleep tonight! :(

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