Monday, June 27, 2016

the 6 at # 6.

Last Friday night...
Granddaddy cooked a delicious roast meal.
Amanda went bonkers over it and she had just come off of a cruise.
All gathered except for David.
He is on a mission trip in Nicaragua.
(See his blog at

Sane & silly...
I love to study those faces.
Some have freckles,
blond and brown and black hair...
blue eyes and brown eyes,
fair skin and medium tan and chocolate brown.
What a diverse group!!

Jamming & grooving...
day into night.
seems as if the only time they ever stop
is when they are tucked
into bed at night.

These kids make my heart sing!!

So thankful for the opportunity
 to have Jake & Eli 
all to ourselves for a week.
We did a lot of fun things,
 but the best is still when they snuggle in close.

They are growing and changing,
each in their own way special and unique.
Praying for the moment when God draws them to Himself.
Thank you Lord for this bunch!!

"Grandchildren are the crown of old age."
Proverbs 17:6

*Photos by Erika :)

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