Thursday, September 8, 2016

this & that

That's me up there.....
directing a children's game.
Once a teacher of children, always a teacher of children!

Thanks, all of you, for checking in occassionally!
In reality,
this blog is my personal journal.
I am honored that you stop by every now and then
to take a peek at my life.
I am thrilled when I hear you are blessed by it.
It is where I put my pictures....
It's where I write what's in my heart.
When I don't write for a long while,
I am either in a "funk,"
or maybe out of town.
Probably its the "funk" that stops me most of the time.

My life journey includes depression.
If you read regularly, you know this already.
It has been my companion on and off for over 30 years.
The last three, at times, unbearable...
but you have to bear...
there is no other viable option.

The road of depression is very precarious.
If you don't believe me read the book of Job in the Bible.
Throughout these past days, months, and years,
I have clung to God's word
as to a life raft in a stormy ocean.

When life in this weary world makes no sense,
When you are reduced to one prayer,
"God Help Me,"
He does.
He pours forth from His book 
all the help, 
the comfort,
 and the truth
that a broken mind and a broken spirit could ever need.

I have learned a ton.
I keep seeking and He keeps providing truth.
Sometimes it comes at me so fast I can hardly take it in.
I have to read and then re-read.
How kind God is to allow my mind to be sharp
throughout this ordeal.

It is as we suffer,
really suffer,
suffer long and deeply,
that we see our urgent need of our Savior,
 Jesus Christ.
The glory and the majesty of His Spirit
enables the sufferer to say,
Thank You Lord for this trial,
 without this suffering 
I may not have come to know You as I do.

And yes, He meets our needs.
He sends doctors,
and a beautiful, sweet someone to talk to,
and my church
and friends
and other books,
("The Gospel According to Job")
to name just one,
and children.
Oh yes, the little ones carry me on their love and laughter.
That's why you see so much of them here on this blog.
Thank you to  David & Erika, Amanda & Mark
for allowing me the pleasure of their offspring.

Just catching you up a little.
The journey of depression is not over for me.
I am working really hard.
Right now I am better,
Feeling good and normal and happy.
this malady will always be my "Thorn in the Flesh."
And, most likely, it will be with me until my last breath.
But then, Praise God,
I will be free to sorrow no more.

Thanks be to God for my faithful husband, companion, and friend.
He has walked this journey with me.
He is the one who understands.
He has lived it,
prayed for me,
held me up,
encouraged me,
and loved me.

Yes, God has given me all I need!
To Him be the glory for ALL He has done!!


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