Friday, October 7, 2016

hurricane flowers

The rain started at 8:00 this morning.
Its been pretty steady all day.
Very little wind,
Quite calm,
with the occasional wind gust that reminds you,
Hey, we're having a hurricane here.

I have been glad for this day.
I even tried to take a nap,
but the tornado sirens kept going off and I gave up.
(One tiny funnel was spotted up near Fort Stewart and the warnings went nuts.)
Haven't heard any more since then.

Savannah is quiet.
Nothing much is open, not even the Cracker Barrel.
One restaurant on River Street
did open and they drew a huge crowd.
The line to get in went on forever.

So thankful that Amanda and Mark were spared.
When they left yesterday morning
they didn't know what they would come home to,
Her text just a little while ago made me so glad,
Just a little debris down.
Electricity was up and running.
They had no damage to speak of.

She tried to get us to come down there this afternoon,
but we couldn't get through the storm going south on I-95.

Our worst will be during the night.
Matthew should be gone by in the morning.

I love storms.
Wouldn't have missed this one for the world!

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