Thursday, December 29, 2016

after almost 4 weeks....

Update on Grace.
Saturday will be four weeks since the accident.

On Christmas Eve 
Grace was moved from the hospital 
to an acute rehabilitation center
 for 28 days of intense upper body strengthening.
She still cannot bear weight because of the surgery on her knees.
She is receiving intense therapy,
3 hours per day.
Basically, she has to relearn how to use most all parts of her body.
Her pain levels are still extremely high.
Remember, from her skull to her pelvis,
her knees, her carotid artery....
everything was severely injured when the car hit her that awful day.
Also, looking toward the future,
she faces more surgeries and extensive out patient rehab.
Needless to say,
her recovery will be a long, slow, painful process.

Since arriving,
the therapists have taught her how to swallow on her right side.
Now she is able to eat small amounts again.
So thankful for that milestone.

This picture was taken on Christmas Eve.
The new doctor was amazed at her progress this far.
For one so traumatized in so many ways,
her current status is humanly unexplainable.
We know, of course,
that it is God's hand of healing upon her.
Thank you all for your constant, fervant prayers on her behalf.

Her spirit is good.
Everyone at the center loves her.
She does not recall anything about the accident,
but can remember what took place before.
She is expressing humor,
and every time she likes one of my pictures
 on facebook or instagram.
 my heart skips a beat.
The stroke has affected everything on her left side,
but she can use her right hand to work her cell phone....
a bit of a lifeline,
because of her limited access to anything beyond her bed.

We never know what God has for us in the next second of life,
but we do know.....
 "He works everything for good,
to those who love Him, 
to those who are called according to His purpose."
Romans 8:28

Please continue to pray for Grace.
Thank you,

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