Wednesday, December 21, 2016

always glad.... see this day come and go.
From now on the days will get longer.
Only 10 hours of sunlight today.
Officially, this day is the Winter Solstice.
In some places the sun doesn't come up at all.
Our creator God made all of His handiwork so interesting.
All things work together perfectly.
If everything was always the same,
we would die of boredom.

Yesterday I saw an owl in my yard.
What a big, beautiful bird is the owl.
I love the way their eyes look around without moving their head.
God made the birds and animals all so different.
Again, the diversity and creativity in His designs.
What a magnificent God we worship.

Please continue to pray for Grace.
Teri and Ivan have been out the last two days trying to find
just the right care facility for her rehabilitation.
Let's pray for wisdom for them in this endeavor.
For one so young,
we would hope for a place
 that would be especially geared to her needs.
My heart breaks for this newly married couple to be going through
such hard things, but we don't get to pick our trials.
We are, though, responsible for how we respond.
I pray for great grace and mercy for this family.
Our God knows, He cares, He will provide.

You know, or do you.....
He sent His Son Jesus to this earth to take our sins upon Himself.
He provided for our greatest need before we were even born.
What greater love is there than that?

Thank you God for Christmas!

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