Tuesday, December 6, 2016

happy birthday lucy

We celebrated Lucy last night!
She turned eleven!
So thankful for this girl.
As an added bonus,
her grandmother Diane and her Aunt Kea were part of the party,
Diane and Lucy share the same birthday
which made it doubly exciting.

Lucy is growing up.
More earrings, books, hair accessories,
less toys.
Love watching her change and grow.

Please continue to pray for Grace.
She had surgery on her knees and the torn artery on Sunday night.
The surgery went very well.
She is still "sleeping."
Hopefully today they will start to ease her out of the induced coma.
Lots of unknowns ahead.
This is where we "watch and wait."
Holding Grace and her family very close in my thoughts and prayers.

I do know that God is faithful.
I know that He hears the prayers that go up for her.
He wants us to unequivocally trust Him.
Our God is a healer and restorer.
Praise this morning for this God whom we serve!

I lift these two girls up together....
Grace and Lucy.
May God bless them with exactly what they need.

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