Monday, December 12, 2016

thank you Lord for all small things

Grace is all set up in her new digs....
It will be ICU for Christmas this year but O so thankful we are.
They're calling her progress a miracle.,,,
we will too.

I will try to update as best as I can.

She was moved to the new hospital late on Saturday night.
She is in excruciating pain from her knee surgery and her broken pelvis.
This is where we thank God for pain medication...
It works!
Right now we will take it gladly until healing comes.
The doctors said that she should be walking in three months.
That is a miracle!
For four to six weeks, though, she cannot put any weight at all on her knees...
she will be in bed for that long.
Physical therapy will take place in the reclined position.

The main issue still remains...
the head injury.
The damage to the carotid artery poses a threat of further strokes.
There is bleeding in the frontal lobe from the impact of the accident.
The doctors must balance the risk of bleeding with the risk of taking blood thinners to prevent another stroke.
They put her on aspirin today.
The doctors are hopeful that the bleeding will stop soon
so that they can be more aggressive with the blood thinning process.
Let's pray for the balance that she needs to occur.

She is awake... but the strong pain meds make her sleep alot.
That is okay for now.
When she does wake up she knows Ivan and her family.
She pats, rather strongly, where she hurts.
The nurses suggested that the family bring her familiar things to the hospital.
She wanted her cell.
She smiles, but her smile is lopsided.
Remember, her left side is affected.
We'll take a lopsided smile any day!!

The main prayer request today is for her to pass her swallowing test.
Lindsey, we wish you were there to help her with this.
We don't want her to have to have a feeding tube put back in.

God we are so thankful.
Any tiny little bit of progress is from You.
Hold her close dear Father
with the comfort and love only You can give.
Hear the prayers of your people on her behalf.
So many petitions are going up.
I pray that she can hear the beautiful music that she loves so much
playing in her heart and mind as she sleeps and heals.
You are our gracious God, full of mercy.
Thank you for all of the small things.
To us they are miracles.

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Unknown said...

God is big enough. To Him be glory for all of the progress. Lifting Grace and all of the family and medical team up to God each day.