Saturday, December 17, 2016

white lights

So Gus walked in last night,
took one look at our tree and said this...
Grammy, you always have Christmas lights on your tree.
Now, anyone can see that the tree in the background
is clearly a Christmas tree, but this is the first year ever that we didn't do
the large, colored lights.
In fact, all of the children were appalled at the lack of.
Evidently, the absence of colored lights was traumatic.
Truthfully, the switch to small white lights
was an electrical necessity.
We lost almost the whole downstairs power capability
because I plugged in "one to many" Christmas lights.
We ate dinner by candlelight,
(not a bad thing)
and had to pay over $100 dollars 
for an electrician to come give us power again.
When the breaker that switched off could not be turned back on again,
we knew we were in trouble.
So...that is why we have small white lights on our tree
instead of big, colored lights.

Now on to the little tree in the foreground.
We had a chili Christmas party at our house last night.
This year we are very late getting our tree up.
When the children came,
there were still a few ornaments that had not been placed.
They, bless their sweet hearts,
swooped in and finished it up for me.
I didn't see the small tree until this morning.

Isn't it the children who put everything in the right perspective?
No fuss,
no stress,
no "this ornament has to be symmetrical with that ornament."
no fear of failure,
no "she may not like this."
Just pure delight out of a heart of giving and love.
This tree
may end up being my favorite of all.

The "low" hangers.
Love the bird on the floor.

#pray for grace

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