Friday, January 13, 2017

baby it's warm outside

That's life in the deep south....
the temperature goes from 26 to 76 in just a matter of days.
We get a "taste" of really cold weather,
but for the most part it's super nice outside.

I have been working in the yard these last few days.
We allowed the trees to completely shed all of their leaves
before the clean up started.
As you can see in this picture,
the lawn was covered with dead leaves and pine straw.
If you look closely ~ middle, left,
you can see the discarded Christmas tree.🎄
You can also see a pile of leaves waiting to be bagged,
Love the slant of the late afternoon winter sun.
By the way,
have you noticed the moon in the last few nights.
It rises early and brilliantly in the eastern sky,
and then in the very early morning
 it is still shining brightly in the western sky.
God's handiwork on display.
He hung it there you know!

One last picture of what is left to do.
Great exercise!
I feel so good when I'm working outside.

Thanking God today for the beauty of this earth.
For the seasons...
I can already see tiny buds on some of the trees.
It won't be long before they spring forth with new leaves.
Spring is right around the corner.

Another by the way...
now I am sure that the days are getting longer.
Last night confirmed that it was still light after 6:00.
that makes me very happy.

Off to the beach in a little while.
Want to see that moon over the ocean.
I think I'll get some fried oysters for dinner.
(these tiny pictures that I put on here....
I have to draw a likeness and the site gives suggestions.
I cannot believe what they think that I've drawn.)
I tried to draw an oyster,
no luck,,,
settled for the fish.
Kinda fun!
I tried again to draw an oyster.
Got dolphins instead.
At least the computer knows my general vicinity is the ocean.

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