Friday, January 6, 2017

down and out and starting a new one

The 2016 tree has been taken down and hauled outside.
I have lovely geraniums in full bloom,
and Bubba is dressed in a T-shirt.
So far we have had a spring-like winter
I hear that cold weather is roaring in tonight.
Maybe I will get to wear my new red rain boots
that the Hollingsworths gave me for Christmas.

I have wanted rain boots for so long.
Now I have them.
So the year 2017 has started.
Always nice to have Januarys...
the quiet after the storm of the holidays.

I love to organize,
do some deep cleaning,
catch up on some correspondence,
write important dates in a brand new calendar.
start over reading the Bible through again,
get started back selling on E-bay,
you know,
things like that.
It is nice to have the whole year ahead to look forward to.

I don't make resolutions.
My main desires are to love God more,
to love and study His word more,
to pray more, 
to show more love and kindness to my husband and family
and those people who God has in my life.
I have come to understand 
that nothing in life is more important than the above.

Please continue to pray for Grace.
Just living is a struggle for her.
She is in constant pain.
She is working hard to relearn basic skills that we all take for granted.
My heart breaks for her and those who are ministering to her.
And yet we know this....
God's grace is sufficient!
His mercies never cease.
His Spirit abides in His people.
Thanking Him for His strength & power
in situations that are humanly almost impossible.

To 2017!
It will unfold just as God has planned.
No surprises for Him.

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