Friday, February 24, 2017

a very cool picture....

....of the Tybee Island lighthouse.

I love this lighthouse.
It is a short walk from our condo.
I have often envisioned myself living in one of those cottages at its base.

Tybee has my ❤.

Update on the condo....
As of yesterday,
the huge hole in the ceiling had been repaired.
Now to have it painted one more time,
then we can start the long process of getting it up and running again.
We have decided to up our insurance a little bit
just in case Hurricane Matthew set a precedent for storms to come.
Storms do seem to follow a set pattern many times.
We are looking at getting it back on the market on April 1st.
It has been in repair mode for 5 months.
The island of Tybee seems to be coming back to life.
The beach and plenty of places to stay WILL be ready for summer.
So often I think of "What will heaven be like?"
I wonder if there will be beaches...
places to lay on the sand 
and watch the mighty ocean do its thing,
to contemplate the greatness of our God in His perfect place.
I hope so!

Our God, so worthy of worship!
So much to think about,
long for,
look forward to.
Earth is just a tiny taste of what is to come for those who believe.

Oh by the way
Here is my new IPad mini...

look whose podcast was available to me today.

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