Monday, February 27, 2017

she's back....

This mama goosy never ceases to amaze me.
Every year about this time,
 she sets up camp in the same spot.
Not tucked back in the woods where she and her little egg will be safe,
but right by the side of the road,
out in the open,
where everyone can see what she is doing.
Now admittedly she does blend well with the pine straw,
but really...
I fear for her every year.
This picture was taken with my phone out of the window of the van,
Probably her mate is nearby,
although I didn't see him.
If I had gotten out and approached, 
I bet he would have made a bee-line 
straight at me.

I love God's creatures.
Bubba assures me that she knows exactly what she is doing.
And yes, every year, after a long wait,
sitting in the same spot day in and day out,
she reaps her reward.
But...I would want a little privacy.


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