Tuesday, February 7, 2017

tiny photographer

Eli, my grandson, is nine.
When we arrived at the Manatee viewing lagoon,
 he asked to use my camera.
You know, that is one of my prize possessions.
He did quite a good job capturing memories for me.
In fact, he took over three hundred pictures.
The above is one of my favorites....
Jake and his Grammy.

Below is a Manatee.
a great big wonderful gentle giant.
God's imagination in the creation of animals
always astonishes me and causes me to 
offer praise and glory to the One,
the great God of the universe,
who spoke these beings into existence.

The Manatee viewing area is at the site of a huge power plant.
They come to this body of water in the winter
because the water is warmed from the energy produced at the plant.
Soon, when the weather warms the water elsewhere,
they will move on,
only to come back next winter to this same place.

Thanking God tonight for grandsons and the mysteries of nature.

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