Saturday, April 1, 2017

late afternoon light

This beauty happens every afternoon.
The slant of the sun causes the light to shine into my kitchen
 and it takes my breath away.
The wood floors glow and my old pine farm table shines.
I am drawn to the light.
Jesus is light.

Look closely on the table.
Those are my newly dyed Easter eggs.
Lucy, Harry, Archie, & Gus
stayed with us yesterday.
My project for them was to dye 24 eggs.
Twenty three made it on the egg tree.
Gus cracked one of his and ate it.

I have to say...
I almost lost it before the eggs were done.
Four kids,
24 eggs,
boiling water,
food coloring.

It was like loading cats on a flat bed truck.
I was thinking we would go very slowly,
 having a leisurely afternoon of fun.
the whole egg dying process was over in a flash.

Our skin and clothes were dyed all different colors.
the table quickly became a disaster,
I could not get the next pot of water boiled fast enough,
a whole cup of vinegar disappeared,
and I never got to dye a single egg.
I'm telling you these four should work on an assembly line.

All of that to say this...
the eggs turned out to be so beautiful.

This little boy with the dreamy eyes was awestruck.
He came back inside,
left the other three outside playing,
climbed on the table,
and rearranged all of the eggs to his liking.
I survived and cleaned up the mess.

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