Wednesday, June 7, 2017

a couple of shout outs...

Fourteen years ago on June 7th, 2003,
we put on a wedding. ❤
Amanda married Mark and the rest is history.
Pulling this wedding together was one of the most fun events of my life.
It was a fairy tale and a dream come true.
Happy Anniversary you two!
Love you both and those two great boys that we call our grandsons!

A serious and heartfelt thank you to the Harrell family at our church,
They kept Harry and Archie for us today
so that Bubba and I could have a little break.
Keeping two little boys for almost three weeks is a lot for old folks like us.
Your offer of this kindness was so much appreciated.
I have done pretty much nothing today except rest and read and,
 of course, wash the never ending stack of dirty clothes.

Weddings and grandchildren...
When one happens the other usually follows.
Thankful for ALL of God's blessings!

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