Thursday, June 15, 2017

happily ever after

We got home from Disney World yesterday afternoon.
The trip was a huge success.
We rode eleven rides,
ate two Dole Whips,
had Mickey Waffles at Captain Cook's Cafe,
saw two bunnies,
fed the wild turkeys from our hotel balcony,
rode the monorails,
wore ourselves out and went back for more.

Granddaddy and the boys rode Thunder Mountain Railroad,
(I don't do roller coasters).
We rode Peter Pan twice because we love the story so much,
and because in the ride we get to fly.
Archie and I rode the race cars and laughed our heads off.
I beat Harry in the Buzz Lightyear shooting Gallery,
but he wouldn't admit it.
The Jungle Cruise did not disappoint.
The People Mover is always a relaxing high point.
And...It's a Small World...Oh the joy of that slow boat through the all the nations.

On the ride home...
one little boy was so tired 
that when we got almost home
 he asked if we were still at Disney World.
It was still living and breathing in his head.

An all time favorite is Pirates of the Caribbean.
The boys got new swords.
Harry is so good he fights with his weak (left) hand.
Archie and I, well we don't measure up.
But we keep trying.

Magic is there all over the place.
You get to be children again.
"Happily Ever After"

*Our friend Sarah Kate invited the boys over today to play.
She has five children of her own.
What a fine thing to do for this Grammy and Granddaddy.
I got All of the clothes washed and took a little nap.
Bubba got his "stuff" done too.
This is grace and mercy dear friend.
It is being like Jesus.
Thank You!!!

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