Thursday, June 8, 2017

the orphanage

This picture was taken at the orphanage.
The crib next to Erika was Walt's.
Harry, Archie, and I were able to talk with Walt this morning on facetime.
What a joy!!
He is warming up to his family.
God is good ALL the time.

I am trying to teach Harry how to play checkers.
He is doing well...
anticipating his next move in the picture.
To the right, watching our game is Puck the Penguin.
To the left is his handmade sword.
He whittled a very sharp point with his pocket knife,
and taped it together with duct tape.
This is the life of a Grammy.
None of the grands can beat me at checkers......yet!
Harry and I have been watching Peter Pan.
We both wish we could fly.
We will one day I'm sure!

This is my truth,
my reality,
my prayer.
When everything else is swirling around me....
the chaos of this world,
the children and their constant wants and needs,
my thoughts that try to derail me,
the frailties of my body,
I have Jesus!
My constant prayer is that His peace will rule in my heart.
When He rules your heart everything is okay!

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