Sunday, June 18, 2017

walter is home....

Last night at 10:45 the United plane landed that brought Walt home to us.
At the airport was gathered a large crowd of family and friends.
Pictured above are some of them.

The children were wild with excitement and good will.
The Werner family made this sign to welcome Walt home.
Almost everyone had worn their Walter Express T-shirts in solidarity.

Here they come up the concourse from the plane.
Family reunited!!

The family of seven together for the first time ever!

Thank you great God of heaven and earth
 for your watch care and protection over these people that I love so much. 
You are gracious! 
You are kind! 
There is no God but You who made heaven and earth.
You sustain life!
You choose!
You give life in the name of Your Son Jesus Christ!
Thank You!!

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