Sunday, January 15, 2017

the view....

....from our condo just now.
I kinda like all of the lines and angles
of the scaffolding.
Work is slow, but steady.

The tide was dead low,
the temperature was perfect again today.
The water was like glass.
The beach was glowing, along with that palm tree.
We always have the same view, but it is never the same.
Such a blessing to live close to the ocean....
that great, vast body of water to which God said,

"Thus far you shall come,
but no farther;
And here shall your proud waves stop."
Job 38:11

Friday, January 13, 2017

baby it's warm outside

That's life in the deep south....
the temperature goes from 26 to 76 in just a matter of days.
We get a "taste" of really cold weather,
but for the most part it's super nice outside.

I have been working in the yard these last few days.
We allowed the trees to completely shed all of their leaves
before the clean up started.
As you can see in this picture,
the lawn was covered with dead leaves and pine straw.
If you look closely ~ middle, left,
you can see the discarded Christmas tree.🎄
You can also see a pile of leaves waiting to be bagged,
Love the slant of the late afternoon winter sun.
By the way,
have you noticed the moon in the last few nights.
It rises early and brilliantly in the eastern sky,
and then in the very early morning
 it is still shining brightly in the western sky.
God's handiwork on display.
He hung it there you know!

One last picture of what is left to do.
Great exercise!
I feel so good when I'm working outside.

Thanking God today for the beauty of this earth.
For the seasons...
I can already see tiny buds on some of the trees.
It won't be long before they spring forth with new leaves.
Spring is right around the corner.

Another by the way...
now I am sure that the days are getting longer.
Last night confirmed that it was still light after 6:00.
that makes me very happy.

Off to the beach in a little while.
Want to see that moon over the ocean.
I think I'll get some fried oysters for dinner.
(these tiny pictures that I put on here....
I have to draw a likeness and the site gives suggestions.
I cannot believe what they think that I've drawn.)
I tried to draw an oyster,
no luck,,,
settled for the fish.
Kinda fun!
I tried again to draw an oyster.
Got dolphins instead.
At least the computer knows my general vicinity is the ocean.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

about grace

photo @aerial_lifestyle_productions

Grace loves Tybee.
She loves our little vintage condo.
I hope one day soon she & Ivan will be able to come and stay there.
But, in the meantime, she has some work to do.

After almost six weeks in the hospital,
there is talk of her being released to go home.
She has been in acute rehab since Christmas Eve.
They have done about all they can do for her there.
She still has seven more weeks before she can bear any weight on her legs.
At that time she will have to learn to walk again.
Any further therapy will be done on an outpatient basis.

I talked to my sister Teri this afternoon.
She was on her way to prepare Grace & Ivan's apartment
for Grace's arrival possibly as soon as this Saturday.

Please continue to pray as this will be a major adjustment.
Her pain level is still very high.
She is having to bear all of the hardships of a traumatic brain injury
while waiting for healing.
Teri said that her spirit is very sweet and thankful.
We talked about all of the prayers that have gone up on her behalf
and how God's Spirit is working in her heart to keep her calm.

So much for this young, newly married couple to bear.
I sometimes wonder how they cope,
but I know that God's grace is poured out in abundance when it is needed.
All glory goes to Him for what He has done and will do with Grace.

Love the picture of the Tybee Lighthouse above.
I have walked that stretch of sand many a time.
When we lived there, I would walk around the bend,
marvel at the convergence of the Savannah River and the ocean,
and then sit on the big rocks 
and ponder the vastness before me.

The same God who controls the vast ocean
is the One who heals.
Nothing is too difficult for Him.
Grace will land exactly where He wants her to be,
and He will be with her every step of the way.
To God be the glory.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

always follow THAT star

Jesus wants us to seek Him...
to look for Him diligently.
Just like the wise men followed THAT star to Bethlehem
to find the new born King,
we can find Him in the Bible.
His word contains all of the words that God wrote to us,
the words He wants us to read and study and listen too.

"....and lo, the star, 
which they had seen in the east, 
went on before them, 
until it came and stood over where the Child was."
Matthew 2:9

Sunday, January 8, 2017

some things....

The beach condo is continuing in major repair mode.
They finally decided that the whole roof needs to be replaced,
so on we go.
We still have a large, gaping hole in the roof of the deck.
Scaffolding surrounds the whole beach front building.
The inside is ready.
The new flooring is down and all painting is done.
We're just waiting on the outside now.
Aiming for March 1, 2017, to get back open for business.
We took the grandkids down there Friday night.
They cannot believe that grandaddy sat the toilet
(temporarily) in the shower.
Giggles abound.

Baby its cold outside!
Winter decided to make its first appearance in the deep south yesterday.
We needed an extra blanket on the bed last night.
I got to wear my boots to church for the first time today.
Sunday afternoon nap was perfect under a silky, warm comforter.
The fire is burning in the fireplace warming things up.
Bubba is making fresh crab stew ~
So many lovely ways to make winter nice.

The shooting at Fort Lauderdale
really unnerved me on Friday.
So close to my babies,
so senseless, 
so tragic.
We really don't know when Jesus will come for us.
Are we ready?
Are you ready to face eternity?
Have you put your trust in Him?
Have you accepted His free gift of salvation?

Is it just me
 or do you detect
 that the days are getting just a little tad longer.
 It is probably my imagination,
but I think there is a little more daylight at the end of the day.
God is good all the time!

Friday, January 6, 2017

down and out and starting a new one

The 2016 tree has been taken down and hauled outside.
I have lovely geraniums in full bloom,
and Bubba is dressed in a T-shirt.
So far we have had a spring-like winter
I hear that cold weather is roaring in tonight.
Maybe I will get to wear my new red rain boots
that the Hollingsworths gave me for Christmas.

I have wanted rain boots for so long.
Now I have them.
So the year 2017 has started.
Always nice to have Januarys...
the quiet after the storm of the holidays.

I love to organize,
do some deep cleaning,
catch up on some correspondence,
write important dates in a brand new calendar.
start over reading the Bible through again,
get started back selling on E-bay,
you know,
things like that.
It is nice to have the whole year ahead to look forward to.

I don't make resolutions.
My main desires are to love God more,
to love and study His word more,
to pray more, 
to show more love and kindness to my husband and family
and those people who God has in my life.
I have come to understand 
that nothing in life is more important than the above.

Please continue to pray for Grace.
Just living is a struggle for her.
She is in constant pain.
She is working hard to relearn basic skills that we all take for granted.
My heart breaks for her and those who are ministering to her.
And yet we know this....
God's grace is sufficient!
His mercies never cease.
His Spirit abides in His people.
Thanking Him for His strength & power
in situations that are humanly almost impossible.

To 2017!
It will unfold just as God has planned.
No surprises for Him.