Tuesday, August 26, 2014

sunset walk on the beach

No better time for the two of us to be on the beach
than when the sun is just before setting,
casting its golden touch on the sand and the water.

High tide,
lots of wild waves,
sand warmed from the sun,
gentle breezes,
these are things that make me love the beach so much.

Now its bedtime.
I will open the window
and be lulled to sleep by the waves breaking onto the shore.
When I get up in the night,
I go take a peek,
and yes, the ocean is right there in all of its glory.

#feeling drowsy after spending three glorious days on the beach.

Monday, August 25, 2014

nothing but the beach

This picture was taken early this morning.
The sun was rising over the ocean,
beginning its circuit to the other side.
Now as I write it is heading for its set.

Bubba and I are vacationing.
He made my dream come true to spend a week on the beach.
We are without children or grandchildren and it feels strange.

When we arrived on Saturday afternoon, it was 104 degrees.
when I arose from sleep and made my way to the porch,
I needed a wrap.
Felt like a fall day.

He and I spent the day on the beach,
under our umbrella,
enjoying the feel of a hot sun and a cool breeze.

I have to learn how to vacation.....
give myself permission to do nothing.
It is not easy, but I am learning well.
Already feeling relaxed and easy.

Waiting for a thunderstorm
and that high surf from hurricane Christobol.
Sitting on the deck is almost like sitting on the beach at this place....
truly, we are hanging over the ocean.

The beach is my best love!
Thank you Lord and Bub

Got a picture of the sun going down...
It just completed its circuit for the day.    :)

Friday, August 22, 2014

bye, bye

I'll be wandering around on the beach for a while,
but for sure I will not be lost.

God is very kind to allow us time away.
Very thankful for a respite,
a time to enjoy the beauty of the beach...
the place that most draws me to the 
wonders of His creation.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

broken shells in a beautiful bowl

"Life is not the breaths you take, 
but the moments that take your breath away."
George Strait

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

saltwater is the cure for everything

Really, its true.
When someone gets the sniffles,
we hop in the car and drive to the beach.
If its warm,
you get in the surf.
If its cold,
you just go and breathe the salt air.
Saltwater heals cuts,
it heals and soothes tired, aching muscles,
and it melts my hurting soul.

Come with me and hold my hand.
Let us walk beside the sea.
Look out there upon the vastness of the ocean
and remember that God controls
its every movement.
Come, let us sit in the sand
and watch the sun pop up out of the water.
Higher and higher it goes,
bringing daylight out of the night.
Come, walk in the wet sand with me,
making footprints 
that will soon be washed away.
Listen to the pounding of the mighty waves,
watch them
 come and go and come again.
The ocean never loses its appeal,
never fails to point me to God
full of praise and worship.

Monday, August 18, 2014

the last little bit of summer

What is good about the month of August?
It was my mother's birthday month.
And it is my sister's birthday too.
one of my best ever life-long friends made her debut
in the month of August.

When August commences, there is still some summer left......
it's not over yet.
The big topic of conversation is
Back to School.
The days begin to shorten noticeably,
but it is still hot, and very humid....
dog days of summer 
they call this time of year.

There is an ending implied, though,
and it hangs heavy on the hearts of those who love summer.
The shorter days are the first clue.
School starting is next,
Causing one to think of football and sweaters,
cooler temperatures,
falling leaves,
and golden days.
I hold on tightly to summer.
August brings the first tingle of sadness and loss to me.

I cherish dearly the last hot days,
 long evenings,
afternoon thundershowers cooling the air,
sandals and shorts,
fresh veggies ripe from the vine,
flowers growing in the yard,
newly mown grass,
the last little bit of summer.

#counting the days 
until our late summer vacation begins.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

flowers from my garden

I am constantly reading books....
trying to learn all I can about God and His ways.
I guess you would say
I seek after Him.

I am especially interested in heaven.
What is heaven like?
Will we know each other there?
Will I still have an ocean to enjoy?
Things like that.

This made me pause....

They rest from their labors ~

"That which makes everything laborious is sin....
the opposition of Satan and the world,
and the drag of our old nature.

Some believers have a constant struggle with Satan.
He is standing at their right hand to resist them;
he is constantly distracting them in prayer,
hurling fiery darts at their soul,
tempting them to sin.
Their whole life 
is labor.

But when we die in the Lord,
we shall rest from this labor,
Satan's work will be done.
The accuser of the believer will no longer annoy."
Blessed are the dead
R. Murray M'cheyne

I am thankful that when we die in the Lord,
we are completely free from this weight of sin.
We will soar,
we will fly away from the heavy burden that
has weighted our souls down
and kept us tethered to this earth.
Praise God 
for what lies ahead 
for those who trust in the Lord.

I love you.
I always have, I always will.