Saturday, August 19, 2017

Friday, August 18, 2017

seeing in the dark

"Faith is the ability to see in the dark,
to pierce beyond all that is
or even conceivable,
and yet still to connect with something solid.
This spiritual landfall is what frees us from the prison of ourselves
and of the world's passing show.
If our gospel is not one that, like Job's, will stand up to the prolonged test of having absolutely no circumstantial evidence of worldly success, then it is a gospel of straw.
It is a gospel founded on appearances,
not on the cross of Christ."

Taken from The Gospel According to Job
written by Mike Mason
pg 146
Used by permission of Crossway Publishing

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

back to school ~ 2017

This week was back to school for most of these grandkids.
After a fun-filled summer,
a trip to China for Lucy,
time with cousins,
pool and jumping fun,
It's time for them to get back to work.
My blog is my journal and the place where
I keep important memories.
These kiddos mean the world to me.
They are growing so quickly.

I pray for them each day.
For God's protection.
There is bullying and meanness to contend with.
I pray that they will remember to be kind to others,
that they will share,
that they will always tell the truth and never lie.
I pray that they will remember that God made them,
that He loves them,
that He has given them a book, the Bible,
 that contains everything they need for life and godliness.
That they would love it and study it.
I pray that they will listen,
be respectful to their teachers,
do their work as unto the Lord.
I pray that they will always be thankful,
that they will obey their parents in all things.
I pray that they will be filled with joy and strength
and to always remember to pray and ask God for what they need.

What a gift are these children of our children!
What a joy to be their grandparents!
What a sobering duty to live out our faith before them...
to always point them to Jesus!!
To pray to the God of the universe on their behalf.

*Photos by Erika and Amanda*

Sunday, August 13, 2017

home.... place I would rather be.

I am thankful on this stormy Sunday evening for our home.
It can be quiet as a mouse
or rocking like a concert in full swing.
It can be just Bubba and I or a whole houseful.
It can be just one bedroom in use
or every bed occupied.
It can be just me and him supping together,
or all tables laden with food and filled with people.
It can be all of these things,
but best of all it is home.
It is that place that is uniquely us,
what we have made together for the past 47 years.

My safe place,
Filled with all of my collections,
my books, 
my favorite movies.
Good food,
clean clothes.
My bed,
my favorite pillow.

As I get older, home is where I want to be.

Looking forward more each day to my heavenly home.
The place where I will lay my burdens down
and find true rest at last.
Thank you Lord Jesus for choosing me to be yours in Christ Jesus.
Thank you for giving me a little piece of heaven on earth.
Thank you for Bubba, the man I share all of this with.

Here are a couple of our blessings....
Jake and Walt.
The oldest and the youngest.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

day trip

We love to go to the Town Center in Jacksonville, Florida.
We like to all pile in the van early in the morning....
David, Erika, Grammy, Grand Daddy, Lucy, Harry Gus, Archie, and Walt!
We love to head south down I-95,
stop at the go-asis for a bathroom break,
go over the big bridge,
and land in shopping mecca for the day.
First stop is always
PF Changs for lunch to refuel 
and then off to buy school shoes,
a new shirt for David,
and get ideas for Harry's coming up birthday.
For Trader Joe's we head over to the beach before we head home.

The problem is....
We can't ALL fit in our van anymore.

Wednesday afternoon I suggested to Bubba that we rent a bigger van for the day.
Above is what he came home with...
A twelve passenger bus.

You can just imagine the excitement of the kids
when they saw our wheels for the day.
What fun!
Everybody had their own seat and a space in between.
Driving home yesterday afternoon,
we were all happy and content.
Our Day Trip was a huge success.

Lucy made me this purse.
I love it so much...
will carry it to church in the morning.

Sewing lessons worth the money and time spent?
Yes, yes, yes!!!!

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

and then there were seven

Walter Bookman fits right in with the rest of our gang of grandchildren.
These are the joys of my life.
Every little face,
Every crazy band aid placement, 
two-handed wave, 
arm full of all of the bracelets of summer.
One little boy who is sick but keeps on keeping on.
One little girl who I find sitting on the floor in my closet quietly trying to finish sewing her mom's birthday gift.
One little boy who planned the play Peter Pan to be performed for his mom's birthday.
All of them sitting at my dining room table,
under the chandelier, 
laughing and making merry.
The house alive with footsteps and voices of happy children.
Thank you Lord for all of this!

What a wonderful day.
Sunday after church,
Erika's birthday.

The cast of Peter Pan.

Happy birthday Erika!
We all love you!!

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

the fourth of july 2017

Such a nice evening with the O'Quinn families!
Hamburgers and hot dogs cooked on the grill.
All the sides you could possibly want.
And this delicious red, white, and blue cake.

Harry had two pieces!

Our numbers were very few this year. but the fellowship was amazing.
Heading over to the golf course to watch the fireworks show.

All lined up to watch the show.

Glow sticks...
they glow in the dark.

Our sweet hostess Liz and Charlotte.

Thankful that God has allowed us to live in this country.
the United States of  America,
where we are free to worship our God, 
do things that are fun,
 speak what we believe.
There is no where else that even comes close.
How very blessed we are!!
Hurray for the USA!!