Monday, February 1, 2016

so cathy.....

....its the beginning of your birthday month.
What are you going to do now?

We're going to Disney World!!!

the whole family is going to 
Disney World
start off my birthday month.

Gotta get a picture with Archie in it.
He notices...:)

Love these people!
Love this place!

Thursday, January 28, 2016

winter night

cold outside...
fire going,
candles burning,
and a vase full of tulips 
sitting on the island.

Home is my happy place.
Creating beauty is my love and inspiration.
Interacting with children has always been my strong suit.
Living peacefully with my husband in this place is my greatest gift.
I am thankful this night for all of these things.

But above and beyond all of the above
I am thankful
that God chose me to be His 
before the foundation of the world.
He provided His Son Jesus Christ to be my Savior.
He wrote a book
 ~ the Bible ~ 
and preserved it for me
so that I can read it and know Him.
And because His Spirit gave me 
faith to believe
that Jesus paid the price of His blood for my sin,
I am acceptable to God
and will spend eternity with Him.

Do you have faith?
Even if it is as small as a mustard seed,
Jesus said that is enough.
Read His word for yourself and ask for understanding.
He is faithful
and He answers all who call upon His name.

The truth of God is so beautiful!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

grace & anna then and now

I will start with now.
Grace got married after Christmas last month.
This is a picture of Grace with her sister Anna before the wedding.
I think both of them are stunning.

This is Grace and Anna thirteen years ago
at Amanda's wedding.
Anna was her flower girl .
Grace was her junior bridesmaid.

Time moves on.
Little girls grow up.
Somewhere along the way
God fashions them into beauties.
Love these girls!

Monday, January 25, 2016

shattered pieces

This was the season of brokenness.

First of all my body...
not broken, but badly bruised and shaken....

Then, other things started breaking.
At Thanksgiving
I broke one of my beautiful Vietre goblets.

This favorite winter platter along with a matching mug
 fell from my hutch
during my fall from the ladder
when I was trying to fix the lights on top of the hutch.
It was too badly shattered to be fixed.

This is a salad plate to our fine china that
Bubba and I got when we were married forty-five years ago.
Not a piece had been broken until Christmas night.
Remember Moonspun?
That was all I talked about.
All in all,
that is a pretty good record.....
one piece out of a ten piece serving in 45 years.

I also dropped and completely destroyed one of my
Department 56 Snow Village houses.
It was a favorite.

and then....

...this snowman lamp
that we had made last year out of a milk jug.
My pride and joy...
gone quickly from my hands,
broken beyond repair.

Probably though....

....this was the worst.
One of my real silver spoons
went down the drain,
while the disposal was running.

They were just things,
much loved,
but not life changing.
Some can maybe be replaced,
but some not.

Hold everything loosely, you know.
We can't take any of it with us when we die...
wouldn't even want too.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

happy birthday to david

On this cold, blustery Saturday
we celebrated David's 42 birthday.
We had a fire in the fireplace,
candles on the cake,
an extraordinary meal,
and one of Grammy's homemade cakes.

The big surprise gift was...
all of the kids pitched in their money
and bought him a
Millennial Falcon Lego set.
David has given notice that once it gets put together,
it will not be taken apart.
It will go on display in his office.

Thanking God tonight for this wonderful man,
for his family,
for his ministry,
for his love.

Some one got into the icing...
I wonder who?

Friday, January 22, 2016

on this rainy winter day...

.....I give you this to dream on.
A cozy beach cottage
nestled right on
the wide expanse of the ocean.
I would rather be right there than anyplace else
in the world.

To my love....
"You cook the steaks on that charcoal grill.
I'll make a salad 
and crack some crab legs.
We can listen to the waves crash on the rocks,
while we eat on the porch.
It doesn't matter that its cloudy,
the lights glowing in the house make it even more special.
After we eat, we will sit in the rocking chairs
and watch 
the day turn into night,
the ocean turn from gray to black.
When the night has fully come,
we will sit on
 and listen to the music the ocean makes,
holding hands,
knowing each others hearts as one,"

Every now and then 
the poet
 and the dreamer in me 
has to get out.

Love always and forever,

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

homework time

I picked Harry and Lucy up from school this afternoon.
We had Chick Fil A
and then it was home to do homework.
This is how I found Harry....
on top of my table
working diligently on his assignment.
Whatever it takes to get it done!!

Just wish I could still assume that position!