Tuesday, July 7, 2015

boiled peanuts

Its definitely a southern thing!

Go to the store,
buy some green peanuts,
bring them home and wash them good in the sink
until all of the dirt is gone.
Then put them in a big pot filled with water.
Let them boil all afternoon until they are soft and sumptuous.
and don't forget to pour 
a half a box of salt in the water.

Worth it?
Yes, Yes!!!!

My Moma always had a pot of peanuts cooking on the stove in the summer.
My Daddy loved them.
I was raised on boiled peanuts.
I even married a man who loves them too.

our house has that wonderful smell.

I put this picture on facebook earlier.
I was surprised at how many people"liked" the page.
People raised in the south,
really like boiled peanuts.

Boiled peanuts....
Its a southern thing!
Its a summer thing!
I love!!!

(I only just ate a few)
It does matter that I eat healthy!!
Don't want any more stones to form in my body.

Monday, July 6, 2015


This is one of my favorites.
Our precious Lucy holding baby Charlotte.

"You, O God, 
have given Your son Jesus Christ
 power over all flesh,
that He should give eternal life 
to as many as 
You have given Him."
John 17:2

"This is a literal statement of fact.
God has given His Son Jesus Christ power over everything.
There is nothing that is not placed under Him.
You realize what this means....
The universe, 
the cosmos,
every star in its orbit,
the sun and moon,
every power,
every atom with its magnetic force and power,
all are under His power.
Everything in nature and creation,
man and all his power,
his devices,
 his machinations,
everything that He is capable of doing,
it is all under the power of God,
the power of Christ.

It goes even beyond that,
the whole of future history
 is in the hands of the Lord Jesus Christ.

You may be worried about the international situation,
the situation in our own land...
you need not be
because the whole of history is in His hands,

Of course, we do not understand it all.
He permits many things that we do not understand,
but the fact that He permits it means that it is still in His power.
There is nothing out of hand."

Martyn Lloyd Jones
Assurance of Salvation

Basking in the wonder of it all!!!!!

Saturday, July 4, 2015

happy fourth of july

 Charlotte Belle O'Quinn,
the newest member of our family.
All decked out in her red white and blue,
she came out ready to see her first ever fireworks.
But it wasn't to be.
God sent some much needed rain instead,
and we all thanked Him for it.

We decorated the golf cart and had it all ready to ride,
but the storms moved in quickly
and ended our plans.
That's okay though.
We had a jolly good time 
eating ribs and potato salad and all of the fixings.

The spirit of the evening was joyful fellowship.
So thankful!!

Bubba, by the way,
won the prize for putting his napkin to the best use ever......

As I sit writing this,
 I hear fireworks going off all over.
Party on Savannah!!!
I hear ya!

Friday, July 3, 2015

happy 4th!

One great thing about recuperating is...
you have a lot of time on your hands to do things like
look at old pictures.
Came across this super adorable shot and decided to share!!

I really am getting better.
Hoping to do the 4th again at Frankie & Sally's house tomorrow,
Tonight Bubba is taking me out to dinner 
and then on a golf cart ride.
Will be good to cruise by the marsh
 and smell the pluff mud 
which is music to my soul.

Keeping it short.....
waiting for my mind to clear itself 
of all the effects of the drugs and surgery.
Can't wait to really feel myself again!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

maybe today

Last day of June!
The stone saga started on the 15th.
Half a month!

I like the picture.
 The crossed band aides are about where the pain is.
None of this has been funny,
but I like to look for humor in things.

Nothing that God sends our way is ever without purpose.
None of this has been random.
There is a reason for pain and suffering.
He has a plan....
His plan is for good and to bring glory to Himself.

today at 1:30 I covet your prayers.
the surgical procedure will allow
the stent to come out  and things will get better!

The stent is out!
I am home resting and recuperating.
The pain is much better.
A couple of more days and I should be fine!
So thankful!!!

Thanks for the prayers!

Saturday, June 27, 2015

these beautiful boys.....

....stopped by last evening
 to cheer up their sick grammy.
We had a wonderful time
 sitting around 
recalling funny stories 
of fun times we have shared.
There was a lot of laughter involved
and I felt my soul restored.

They were supposed to spend this next whole week with us.
We had planned all the fun days 
we would spend with their cousins.
But instead,
they left this morning 
with their mom and dad,
leaving me standing there with big tears in my eyes.
We will try to reschedule for later in the summer.
I can't believe that June is almost over!

Friday, June 26, 2015


I am going to write this post now while I am still brave.
This whole almost two week saga
will culminate this afternoon
with the stent removal,....
I am getting better quickly now.

Because of the extent of how bad I felt,
I wasn't able to see my sweet ones.
Wednesday afternoon,
Bubba fixed a desert and invited them to come out
to visit their grammy.

I waited with much anticipation.
They didn't bound in for hugs as usual.
They were tentative....
the looks on their faces showed concern.
One by one they gave gentle hugs and 
sweet "get well soon" words.

Harry produced this lovely castle picture 
he had drawn and colored.
I think he has talent!!
I need to discuss further with him 
the huge yellow creature 
exploding out of the top of the structure.
I love it~~

Lu came with a tiny gold envelope filled with bookmarks that she had made.
She knows my love of reading 
and that I'm always losing my bookmarks.

Archie had made me a picture too,
but he made a mistake,
 had to start over,
and ran out of time.
He will learn in time that mistakes are okay.

And Gus?
Gus just brought His smile
 and his little hug, and his sweetness.

Getting better!!!
Pray for me at 1:30.

they were not able to remove the stent today.
I have to wait until Tuesday.
Thanking God for His good care and lovingkindness,