Sunday, November 29, 2015

thanksgiving ~ 2015

Bubba drops the first turkey into the vat of hot grease.

Amanda made the dressing.
It was delicious!
I am passing the turkey making wand over to her!

Bubba's list.
Mark tampered with it a bit.

From the Hollingsworth family's annual 
Thanksgiving photo shoot.

Gus in his ninja mask.
The weather was beautiful.
All of the kids played outside and had a ball.

The adult table.
I love my big ole country table that seats a crowd.

All of the kids sat here.

Staging and waiting for the feast in the garage.

Jake and Eli eating a little something else before going to bed,
What a great Thanksgiving we had.
Love these Snoopy Christmas PJs.

The next day we did Thanksgiving all over again.
The neighbor's dog Lucy
came over to play with the children.
They could not believe it.

Watching the kids play with the dog Lucy.
Such gorgeous weather.

Second Thanksgiving meal.

The six.
Dirty and sweaty
 from playing in the yard all day.

Thank you God for these days.
Every single day of the year is Thanksgiving
because of His gift!!!

"Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift."
II Corinthians 9:15

Now....headed to Tybee
to play on the beach
with some of my favorite grandkids.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

a few......

....of my favorite people in the world!
Thanksgiving smiles ~ 2015

Thanksgiving Blog later :)
Hollingswoths are back in Florida.
Lots of washcloths to wash.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

happy thanksgiving

Quiet and peace fill our home tonight.
I am most thankful for all of the blessings that come from our God,
yet freely given and bestowed by His loving hand.
I won't begin to start to name them one by one
because it would take all night 
and I still wouldn't be done.

Thank you Amanda for all your help today.
You watch over me and love me so well.
Your words of encouragement,
your laughter,
your love!
Thank God for you.

And Bubba, my servant husband.
You have worked so hard for all of us,
so unselfishly,
through all of these years.
You have held me up through these last two years
with Scripture and your prayers.
I love you.

Have a good one tomorrow everyone!
May it be the best feast ever!


Sunday, November 22, 2015

Saturday, November 21, 2015

not exactly what i wanted

Tuesday morning our fridge went out!

At the astounding cost of
the repairman came by for a visit.
He took it apart,
told me it would be over $1000.00 to fix it,
(he did not recommend putting that much in it)
put it back together
and asked for his hundred $$$.

Who ever wants to buy a new appliance?
but, with it being a necessity,
off we went to buy a refrigerator.
We bought the very same one we had because it was just the best.
I don't want a water dispenser on the front.....
breeding ground for mold.
I like it sleek and clean!
Don't want anything hanging on the front with magnets either.
So there you go.
We were without a fridge until yesterday.

The only thing that is different is that it has LED lights.
I do not like LED lights.
There is a bluish glow that makes my eyes hurt.
Thank goodness I don't have to stare into the fridge for that long.
Everything else is exactly the same.

There was a blessing, though.
Of course there is always a blessing.
What if it had happened this coming week?
It would have put our great Thanksgiving feast
in real peril.
I am thankful that if it had to happen
it didn't happen this coming week.

Lu and I modeling identical infinity scarves at J Crew.
a very favorite store of ours.
Had dinner first at Jim & Nicks over in Bluffton, SC
Thank you Lord for this child.

Thursday, November 19, 2015


"The old sorrow,
through the great mystery of human life,
passes gradually into quiet, tender joy;
the fiery blood of youth
 gives way
 to the gentle serenity of old age.

I bless the rising sun each day,
and my heart sings to it as of old,
but now I love its setting even more,
its long, slanting rays
and the quiet, gentle, tender memories
 that come with them;
the dear images
 from the whole of my long and blessed life....
and over it all divine Truth,
tender, reconciling, and all forgiving!

My life is drawing to a close.
I know that.
I feel it.

But I also feel every day that is left to me 
how my earthly life is already in tune with a new,
but fast approaching future life,
 the anticipation of which 
sets my soul trembling with rapture,
 my mind glowing, 
and my heart weeping with joy......."

The Bothers Karamazov

I have never read more beautiful words than these
concerning getting old and dying 
and the future life that awaits us in Christ.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

there's just something about my face

This blog is kinda a follow-up to the last one.

Sunday morning,
after David and Erika's moving marathon,
everyone got up and went to
Sunday School & Worship Service.
Some were shot out of a cannon,
some were very fidgety,
and some found it hard to stay awake
because after working that hard for that long,
a body at rest wants to fall asleep when it sits down..

We came home afterwards for a very brief rest
and then went back to the beach for the 
Bubba hadn't seen the new place yet.

When Lucy and Harry and Gus and Archie see my face,
 there must be some kind of flashing light that says
"I want to go outside and play some kind of ball game with you guys."
Thinking that our visit would consist of 
sitting on the porch
in a rocker 
looking at the ocean,
I was a little surprised to find myself
 down in the vacant lot beside the house.
playing Frisbee....
lots of running and catching and throwing.

there are lemon trees there.
It was a little cool so I had worn my fleece.
To get a good look at the lemons,
I had to go inside the grove.
While in there, my fleece got completely covered with
those little sticky briars you see in the picture.
There had to be a least 50,000 of them stuck in my jacket.
Harry helped me pull them out,
but we didn't make a dent.

After a walk on the beach
down to Spanky's Beachside to eat chicken fingers and spuds,
we walked back to their home.
Lucy had made brownies for us and they were delicious.
What a wonderful evening we had.

Monday Morning...
Wash Day,
In my pockets were three shells from Lu,
collected on our beach walk,
Two whole pecans from Harry,
I have no idea where those came from,
and a tiny little white flower from Gus...
not pictured because it had dried up and gone to nothing.

each one of the briars had to be picked out individually.
It took hours.
It is good as new now.

I love the beach!!!
I love that I can play ball with my grandkids!
I love the gifts that they give me!

Thank you God for all of these blessings
and so much more.!!