Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Billy Graham 1918 ~2018

Many people thought that my dad looked like Billy Graham.
This picture just took my breath away.
The resemblance is startling.

Don't you know that Mr. Graham is rejoicing right now.
He is finally home, finally free.
Ninety nine years is a long time to live.
He has seen Jesus!

I love this quote by him that has been all over Facebook today...

"Someday you will read or hear that Billy Graham is dead.  
Don't you believe a word of it!  
I shall be more alive than I am now. 
I will have just changed my address....
I will have gone into the presence of God."
Billy Graham

Praise God today for Billy Graham's life and ministry here on this earth
and for his eternal life that began today in heaven.
To God be ALL of the glory!

Monday, February 19, 2018

the beach ~ yesterday

This was the view from our condo yesterday.
They have planted sea grass on top of the dunes 
in an effort to keep all of the new sand from washing away. 
Keeping the dunes intact is a bit futile but nonetheless necessary.
I think it looks like it snowed on the beach.

We found this comfy bed awaiting the next guests.

The pool has been resurfaced and retiled and is waiting for summer.
I am waiting for summer too.
The days are getting longer and longer.
I am loving these warm winter days God is blessing us with.
On the way home from the beach we stopped at Papa's for some fresh seafood.
Always amazing.

On Saturday afternoon Bubba and I went to see this movie.
I was completely mesmerized for two hours and five minutes.
I love anything about the World War II era.
This piece of history was so well done.
I could not stop thinking about for hours.

Today we went over to Bluffton to have lunch with 
David and his family and do a little shopping.
So nice!!
Jim n Nicks is a made from scratch every day restaurant.
All of their food is so delicious.
They are opening a place in Pooler this summer.
We are excited!

Radiation week 2....
Back to it today.
I have completed 6 of 30.
Bubba...the numbers man,
says I am 20% done.
I am doing really well and I am very thankful.
Thanks for the prayers!!!

Friday, February 16, 2018

dinner for two with a view

Last night Bubba and I celebrated Valentine's Day
at Pearl's Saltwater Grill.
What a wonderful place to unwind and eat dinner.
The creek was full and like glass
reflecting the blue sky, the clouds, and the docks lining the water.
I ordered shrimp and crab au gratin,
Bubba got crab stuffed flounder.
What a great week this has been!!!
All kinds of reasons to celebrate and be thankful.

Week one of radiation is done.
Five more weeks to go!
Yesterday this came in the mail...

....a gift from Amanda.
Just something about being surprised by these words gave me hope.
Yes, I can do this.
I can go every day of the week,
get my treatment,
talk with the other patients going through what I'm going through,
be cheerful,
and thankful, and glad of heart...
knowing that my God brought this to me,
that He will see me to a good ending.
I will grow and learn more about how He cares for me
every second of my life.

Thank you for the prayers,
all of you who are praying.
I can feel them.
Thank you for the messages,
the texts, 
the e-mails, 
the food,
the cards,
the gifts,
the phone calls,
for all of the love that has been shown to me.
My heart knows....

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

happy valentine's day

May the blessings of our kind and gracious God 
rain down upon you today.
He loves us with a love that we cannot comprehend.
He proved His love for us by sending 
His son Jesus Christ to die on a tree made into a cross.
God accepted Jesus' death and the shedding of His blood
as payment for our sin.
Because Jesus died we have been reconciled to God.
God sees us as perfectly righteous because of Jesus.
What an amazing truth.

This tree is in David & Erika's back yard.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

happy birthday grammy #70

Here is the truth....
these kids and two more little boys down in Florida
are what birthdays are all about.
First of all,
you have to get a little age on you to be a grammy.
every one of them is special in a different way.
I absolutely love every little quirk.
They make my heart happy.
they keep me young at heart.
After my party last night I couldn't have felt more loved.

For my big day we have a tradition....
We order Lou Malnati's pizza from Chicago.
It is the most delicious pizza I have ever eaten.
It comes flash frozen and when you heat it up in the oven,
it is like it just came out of the kitchen at the restaurant.
Served with David's famous romaine salad,
it was everything I had waited all year for.

Lucy got out her "Back in the Day Bakery" cookbook 
and made Old Fashioned cupcakes for me.
Oh my, 
I cannot convey to you how delicious these were.
She also played "Happy Birthday to You" on the piano.
Lucy is my dream of a granddaughter.
She did so much work to make this party perfect.

I love that my birthday gets paired with Valentine's Day.
All hearts and flowers and sweet treats and candlelight.

Gus made me this card and gave me two gold coins.
That is Gus and me.
I love this for so many reasons....
especially that our skin tones match.

Archie made this card.
He worked on it for days.
It is intricate and perfect.
Notice the bluebird heading for his nest in the tree.
I love all that is going on in the house too.
What a sweet, amazing little guy is Arch.

Lucy finally got squared away on her new sewing machine,
so she got busy and made me several very useful gifts.
First, she made me a wallet.
She learned how to make button holes,
so I have a wallet that buttons up.
She also knows my love of reading so well
so she made me three bookmarks.

When we got home after the party,
 Jake and Eli had practiced two great songs that they sang and acted out for me.    
They provided the entertainment.

Thank you Lord for yesterday...for my 70th birthday.....
see how these children make everything so amazing?
I am truly and richly blessed.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

on turning seventy

I don't feel seventy but then again I didn't "feel" 50 or 60.
Also, feelings are subject to change without warning.

I am well into my grandmother years.
One of the best things I've ever done!
I love being Grammy.

I love to decorate.
All things that make our home beautiful 
make me happy.

I love flowers.
I love to eat good food.
I love for our family to be gathered around the big farm table.
I love the holidays.
And yes, the ocean is still my very favorite place to be.

At seventy I am early to bed ~ early to rise.
Most nights I sleep like a log.
Most mornings will find me in front of the fire with a cup of coffee....
well into God's word by 6:15 am. 

I love watching our children raise their children.
They are a gift from the Lord.
One of my most cherished blessings.

Worshipping at our church every Sunday makes me happy.
Singing, hearing God's word proclaimed,
and fellowshipping with other believers
is a small taste of what heaven will be like.

My life is much quieter now.
I'm learning what's important and what's not.
I like quiet.

I am dealing with my first major illness.
(see previous post)

I am very, very thankful for my husband.
Many of my friends have lost their's
and it makes me so sad for them.

Reading is my passion.
Writing is a second passion.
I love words!

I love memories of the life I've lived.
I often think about the people and places that have made up the journey of my life.
Such sweet musings!!!

At seventy I am content!
That is a good thing.
I love my life!

Whatever God brings my way 
I know is from Him
 and I know that He will see me through to a good end.

"He has put eternity in my heart."

Thursday, February 8, 2018

getting my words back

This has been a cold winter indeed.
January passed swiftly.
Now it is February.....
my birthday month.
I will be seventy years old very soon.

"The days of our lives are seventy years;
And if by reason of strength they are eighty years."
Psalm 90:10b

The Bible is very clear on this subject.
Our time on earth is very short. (Psalm 89:47)

Back during Christmas,
I received the diagnosis everyone dreads;
a little innocuous sore on my tongue was a cancer.
I had surgery to cut it out (very painful and debilitating)
and have been convalescing ever since.
I am doing well....will start radiation on Monday,
my birthday.
The cancer was very small, caught early.
Just to make sure though,
I will have six weeks of radiation.
My prognosis is good.
Things like this though have a way of changing your perspective.

I will expound on this theme in the days and weeks to come.
I have so many stories to tell,
so many victories,
so many sweet memories of times flat on my back.

I find my strength in God's word and the people who have loved on me without stopping.
Sacrificial love in action.
God is good all the time.
He gives us what we need, always.