Saturday, October 14, 2017

happy birthday gus!!

Today we celebrated Gus' seventh birthday.
What a handsome, smart, funny little guy he is.
He is in first grade.
Gus is everybody's friend.
The candles kind of add to it, but I think that he just glows.

Gus decided on a Ninjago birthday party.
He and I met in a secret council
and decided just the way he wanted it to be.

He chose this special shirt to wear on his big day.
Gifts abounded....
Legos and a box to keep them in,
brand new clothes,
a book,
a Ninjago flashlight.
So much fun opening them all.

Thank you God for these children.
So much fun to watch them grow, and learn, and become who You chose them to be.
Gathered from all over the world to be a family.
What amazing joy they bring.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

winding creeks.....

....and a favorite place.

This is Tybee Island as seen from above.
Lots of winding creeks and the great big Atlantic Ocean.
Mostly marsh and water and some well placed human dwellings.
That open space to the left is
The Crab Shack...
a favorite for Lucy and I.
So thankful to own a tiny piece of this paradise!

Not yet....
Cool, Fall weather.
Still very hot and extremely muggy.
My thought is....
all of the hurricanes have stirred up the atmosphere.
Can't wait to have to throw a little sweater around my shoulders to keep warm.

I am decorating my house for Fall
even though it is still summer.
Lots of the color orange,
Halloween scenes,
pine cones,

Photo: Riverrat_productions via instagram

Friday, October 6, 2017

from my post last night.....

I couldn't resist sharing this.
Eli Hollingsworth!!

By the way,
did you see the moon last night?
God hung it there you know!

Thursday, October 5, 2017

my favorite lighthouse

Tybee Lighthouse....
(photo by tim tully11 via instagram)

Like I said in an earlier post,
I am always on the lookout for beauty.
Nothing is more beautiful than the heavens above us.
All we need to do is look up to be reminded...
There is Someone much bigger than we are, 
Someone who created the universe, 
the great light of the sun 
and the lesser light of the moon, and the millions of stars....
 each of which He knows by name.

I praise Him today for the order of things.
Even though the "world system" is in constant chaos.
His order never changes.
The sun comes up and goes down every day.
We have day and night without fail.
The seasons change.
Springtime brings new life to the grass and the trees,
In Fall the leaves die and the grass turns brown.
We live and we die.
"There is nothing new under the sun."

We serve the One who never changes.
God is eternal. 
His ways are perfect.
We can trust Him.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017


What happened Sunday night in Las Vegas took my breath away.
I so much wanted it not to be true.
How does one understand such horror.
For a believer,
for a mind "set on things above,"
honestly, such terror is almost incomprehensible.

But yet,
as a student of God's word,
I know, beyond a shadow of doubt,
that evil exists in this world.
From the book of Genesis all the way through the book of Revelation
we are told of the existence of one called Satan
who is the adversary of every soul that spends time on this earth.
He is the evil one, 
the very essence of all wickedness and deceit.

For believers,
our hope is in Christ Jesus.
Jesus came to die,
 to defeat Satan, 
to put us back into a right relationship with God.
We pray daily for strength and power to not be led into the temptations of such a one as he.
God has given us everything we need to overcome our great foe.
Jesus won the battle for our souls.
That is why we worship Him.

The shooter....
No one knows of his final moments.
Did he "come to his senses" as did the prodigal son in Luke 17.
Did he recognize his sin and its terrible consequences?
Did he ask the Lord for forgiveness?
Did he accept Jesus' gracious provision?
We don't know.

The WHY is Satan.
The answer is Jesus!

Sunday, October 1, 2017


This morning, when I stepped outside on the porch,
there was a noticeable difference.
There was a cool breeze,
a break in the hot, humid air that has prevailed for so long.
I could breathe!!!
I said out loud,
"Thank you Lord, Thank You!!"

The end of summer always makes me sad.
It's the light, you know.
I miss the light, the long hours of daylight.
But I never miss the humidity.

So we start a new season!!
It is good.
Fresh starts!
I love the touches of orange....
the smell of smoke wafting along in the air.

Speaking of smoke,
I am finally getting my fire pit.
Hope to have it in by Gus's birthday.
The man who came to install our new gas tank last week,
saw this pile of granite and,
come to find out,
he does that kind of work,
so, there you go.

One of Bubba's friends gave all of these to us.
The pit will have to be square,
but that is alright.
I just can't wait to sit around this fire in the evenings
and laugh and roast things with my peeps.
Such a blessing!!!

Thursday, September 28, 2017

my family....

.....all 12 of them,
Having a hurricane Irma party at the Mexican restaurant.

Love those chips and salsa.
Nobody else in the place but us.
Everybody else was evacuating.

How can one woman be so blessed as me?
Every one of them is a gift from God.