Saturday, December 10, 2016

and so.....

....we continue to wait.

Last Saturday, Grace, my sister's girl,
Ivan's new bride,
was critically injured.
She was hit by a car on her way to play her violin in a concert.
Her knees and the artery in her leg were repaired,
but her head injuries have kept her in a medically induced coma all week.
Her carotid artery was damaged on impact.
We know that she has suffered two strokes as a result of this injury. 
Yesterday they removed the life support tube.
She is breathing on her own but much discomfort is involved in this process.
She continues on in ICU being monitored around the clock.
As soon as the doctors deem it feasible,
they will move her to another hospital with more specialized neurological care.

Needless to say,
those ministering at her bedside are weary beyond measure....
in need of strength from Jesus, 
who holds the outcome of Grace's life in His hands.

We know nothing at this time,
but we do KNOW the One who does.

God in heaven above,
In Your strength, mercy, power, compassion, and lovingkindness,
we ask that You heal and restore Grace,
that You put Your life giving power in her body,
that You comfort and sustain Grace and all who are ministering to her.
That you give her doctors great wisdom.
O God, that You would use this situation for Your glory,
and that many would see great faith and turn to You.

Little girl,
ALL of us love you dearly.
Get better!
because He is the source of your strength.

Friday, December 9, 2016

jake before the concert

There are moments in my life that are very memorable.
Last evening was on of them,
Jake played the trombone 
in the Jupiter Christian School Christmas Program.
Along with the rest of the lower school band,
he made Good King Wenceslas come to life.
What a joy to watch him perform.
Eli missed singing with his class due to an illness.

Bubba and I have been in Florida for the last few days.
We stopped by Disney to see the Christmas lights
and then made our way down to spend some time 
enjoying the beautifully decorated
 Hollingsworth home.

Both Bubba and I have acquired respiratory problems
which made us cut our trip short by a day.
We are home now waiting for
the cold weather to arrive.

Tomorrow I will attempt to give an update on Grace.
She is still on life support.
Our hearts are so sad.

Please keep praying!

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

happy birthday lucy

We celebrated Lucy last night!
She turned eleven!
So thankful for this girl.
As an added bonus,
her grandmother Diane and her Aunt Kea were part of the party,
Diane and Lucy share the same birthday
which made it doubly exciting.

Lucy is growing up.
More earrings, books, hair accessories,
less toys.
Love watching her change and grow.

Please continue to pray for Grace.
She had surgery on her knees and the torn artery on Sunday night.
The surgery went very well.
She is still "sleeping."
Hopefully today they will start to ease her out of the induced coma.
Lots of unknowns ahead.
This is where we "watch and wait."
Holding Grace and her family very close in my thoughts and prayers.

I do know that God is faithful.
I know that He hears the prayers that go up for her.
He wants us to unequivocally trust Him.
Our God is a healer and restorer.
Praise this morning for this God whom we serve!

I lift these two girls up together....
Grace and Lucy.
May God bless them with exactly what they need.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

please pray for grace

Yesterday, while crossing the street in a crosswalk,
our precious niece Grace was struck by a car and seriously injured.
She has head injuries as well as multiple fractures.
She is in ICU in an induced coma.
Please pray for Grace and her husband Ivan,
Teri & Keith and her sister Anna.
My heart is so very sad today.

Grace is second from the right standing by David.

Monday, November 28, 2016

the surprise

You all know how I feel about my Lucy.
First and only grandgirl,
special bond from the beginning,
heart of my heart.

Well, next Monday she turns eleven.
Hard to believe that adorable baby girl is 
closing in on her teen years.

Tonight we gave her a very special gift....
Disney park hoppers for three days admission to
Disney World.
So many times we almost let the surprise slip.
She was completely surprised
and extremely excited to say the least.

So, sometime in the near future,
Lucy and her mom and dad will be off on this
wonderful adventure.

Thankful tonight for this precious gift from God,
this little girl,
who shares my old age, 
makes me feel young at heart,
 and blesses me with her love.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

and the silly one......

It would't be Thanksgiving without a silly picture.
Been home all day 
eating leftovers
and packing up the fall decorations.

Thank you to Amanda,
my lovely daughter,
who came and made the work load easier for me.
I have to say that her dressing
is better than mine.
This year was the best I've ever tasted,
and she made it!

These little boys were so good.
They played outside all afternoon.
They joined with our neighbors in their yard for a while,
and they played with Lucy the dog as well.
The children make the holidays so special!

Last but not least,
Amanda is ALWAYS the star of the show.

Bye, bye Thanksgiving 2016.

Friday, November 25, 2016

I love thanksgiving day

Amanda & her Dad making the dressing!

Beautiful table...
silver and fine china.
Roses and candlelight.

 Chef Bubba dropping his turkey into the hot grease.

Two cuties....
Amanda and Lindsey never stopped talking!

Frankie preparing the sausage to fry.

Charlotte Bell and her pig tails in her high chair.

Elizabeth made turkey brownies.

The food island...
crazy amount!!
All delicious!

some of the guests...
Ivan and Grace did not get to come.
Their flight was cancelled.
We were sad.

No cell phones allowed at the table.

After dinner nap..,
Uncle Frank.

Orange roses!

Charlotte up in the sky!

Group shot....very warm day!

Being silly!

Just the girls.

So thankful for God's blessings on our day.