Monday, September 1, 2014

happy labor day

On Friday last, after school,
our grandbabies came over to Hilton Head for the afternoon.
They love the ocean too!
Harry was two weeks old when we first dipped his feet
in that salty water.
That's him there gazing out at the sea,
and Lucy pondering it all.

My desire 
would have been to have our whole family with us,
but with Archie's surgery 
and school starting so early, 
it was not to be.

Bubba and I managed quite nicely on our own, though.

Hope everyone has had a nice holiday.
It has been quiet here....
washing a lot of clothes,
and putting away the things we took to the beach.

He took me out to lunch,
and to Home Depot to buy two pale yellow mums
for the front porch.
Its September you know,
time to start thinking about fall, 
even though it has been blazing hot today.

Another desire I have
is for a great, big, ole thunderstorm to come
and cool things off a bit.

my Labor Day message is,
Summer don't go!!!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

sliver moon at sunset

We are home from our vacation.....
experiencing the letdown after being in paradise for a week.
I slept for two hours when I got home,
before unpacking.

I was so excited when I loaded these pictures 
and saw the shot I got last evening.

The weather was so beautiful all week.
There was not a drop of humidity the whole time.
Last night I had to shut the bedroom window
because the wind started howling,
and with the wind,
the humidity came back to greet us this morning.
So thankful for the gorgeous weather.

We stayed at Shorewood, on Hilton Head Island,
which was bittersweet for us.
This is the place where,
in the eighties,
we went for two weeks with our respective families.
So many good memories
 and pictures were made there.
Made me miss some people really bad.

This vacation was amazing in that
we hardly left the beach at all.
We did drive back for church last Sunday,
but after that I only left twice.
Our only eat out was crab legs with two special people
who came over for a bit on Thursday.

We had a wide angle view of the beach and the ocean.
Not even a tall tree to obstruct the view.
I spent much time on the porch
just gazing at the wonders of God creation....
relishing in all that beauty.

I feel rested and kind of sad.
Cannot wait to go back.
I came home with an amazing tan as well.

Thank you God for a perfect vacation!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

the state we're in

I have this one thing to say tonight.....
after four straight days of doing absolutely nothing
but laying on the beach under an umbrella,
Bubba and I have entered into a state of total and complete
Don't think I have ever been this relaxed before in my life.

#need to do this more often.  :)

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

sunset walk on the beach

No better time for the two of us to be on the beach
than when the sun is just before setting,
casting its golden touch on the sand and the water.

High tide,
lots of wild waves,
sand warmed from the sun,
gentle breezes,
these are things that make me love the beach so much.

Now its bedtime.
I will open the window
and be lulled to sleep by the waves breaking onto the shore.
When I get up in the night,
I go take a peek,
and yes, the ocean is right there in all of its glory.

#feeling drowsy after spending three glorious days on the beach.

Monday, August 25, 2014

nothing but the beach

This picture was taken early this morning.
The sun was rising over the ocean,
beginning its circuit to the other side.
Now as I write it is heading for its set.

Bubba and I are vacationing.
He made my dream come true to spend a week on the beach.
We are without children or grandchildren and it feels strange.

When we arrived on Saturday afternoon, it was 104 degrees.
when I arose from sleep and made my way to the porch,
I needed a wrap.
Felt like a fall day.

He and I spent the day on the beach,
under our umbrella,
enjoying the feel of a hot sun and a cool breeze.

I have to learn how to vacation.....
give myself permission to do nothing.
It is not easy, but I am learning well.
Already feeling relaxed and easy.

Waiting for a thunderstorm
and that high surf from hurricane Christobol.
Sitting on the deck is almost like sitting on the beach at this place....
truly, we are hanging over the ocean.

The beach is my best love!
Thank you Lord and Bub

Got a picture of the sun going down...
It just completed its circuit for the day.    :)

Friday, August 22, 2014

bye, bye

I'll be wandering around on the beach for a while,
but for sure I will not be lost.

God is very kind to allow us time away.
Very thankful for a respite,
a time to enjoy the beauty of the beach...
the place that most draws me to the 
wonders of His creation.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

broken shells in a beautiful bowl

"Life is not the breaths you take, 
but the moments that take your breath away."
George Strait