Thursday, October 30, 2014

leap for joy

Thirty five years ago next month
after undergoing a traumatic, 
 life-changing surgery,
I was left with a most unwelcome gift,

When I first experienced depression,
I didn't even know what it was.
Aches and pains, yes,
but deep down inside a sensation of utter
hopelessness and despair.

My life changed, for sure it did.
I could no longer handle the load of teaching school.
I ran the gambit of anything that would or possibly could help.
Nothing did.

Moving out of town,
finding a church that taught the truth,
being often in God's word,
new friends.....
because of all of these,
with the Holy Spirit working in my heart,
very slowly,
I began to get better.
I started to feel normal again,
not cured completely,
but better,
and better was so very wonderful 
after all of that suffering.

Last year,
about this time of the year,
and continuing on until this day,
the depression returned.

I deal with it the same....
no medicine or doctors now,
only God's word and His promises,
trusting Him to sustain me until I see Him face to face.
My husband's patient endurance 
 and the numerous and beautiful times
when he
 "washes me with the word."

I saw this quote from Spurgeon today....
I seized it as a message from heaven.

"Oh that my divine Master would now come
 and do what I want to do but cannot, 
namely, make every child of God here leap for joy."
(for all believers surely suffer in some way)

I share my heart with you tonight.
Please know that I am most richly blessed.
This is the trial God has chosen for me to get me ready for heaven.
I will not suffer with depression
and I will be able to
leap for joy,

(*not my picture)

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

fall porch

It is fall at #6,
but it sure doesn't feel like the end of 

Anyway, the excitement is rising for
which will be here is a few short hours.
we pick up the golf cart.
I have pumpkin lights,
 a light-up ghost,
and lots of orange burlap ribbon to decorate.

On Friday, then,
we will have chili at Lindsey's house,
and then off into the darkness on decorated wheels we'll go
for Trick or Treat.

What fun....
I cannot wait!

Worked outside all yesterday afternoon
cleaning up around the stump.
It has lots of rings...
probably around 75 or 80 years old.
Bubba and I have different opinions about this stump.
I want to have it blasted out now,
he wants it to have a
 long slow death.
He will persevere, so I need to make it as
attractive as possible.

Maybe I will cover it with pine straw,
and put a big plant on top.

#learning to be happy 
with a big, ugly stump in a prominent place 
in the backyard!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

my hideaway....

Just got home from the beach.
Found this down there.....
white linen curtains blowing in a gentle, warm breeze,
a blue, blue sky.
low tide,
lots of sandy beach,
and water so calm and blue
I wanted to wade right out and go swimming.
A lovely time to be on
Tybee Island.

Went to church this morning
to stay with some little friends of mine in the nursery.
Sophia & Macy & Ada.
Felicity was sick and couldn't come.
I love nursery duty.

I had gotten almost home
when my trusty van lost all power.
I had run out of gas.
I rarely think about looking at the gas gauge.....
(stupid of me i know.)
I was able to walk home.
Bubba had to deal with gas cans
and all of that to get her going again.
this will be a lesson for me
 that this will not happen again.

Please keep David and Archie in your prayers tonight
 as they travel to St. Louis.
In the morning very early they will see a doctor
about what procedure will be used
to straighten the little guy's leg and foot.

Thankful tonight for the doctors
that God uses
to be His instruments of healing.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

bonfire in the backyard

This is the second annual backyard trash pile burn.
I have been adding to this heap since the spring.
Bubba decided late in the day
that it was time
to let it go.
I think it is magnificent.

October 25, 2014,
was a beautiful, perfect day.
Not a cloud in the sky,
brilliant sunshine,
cool temperatures ~ no humidity.
To me, this day was what heaven will be like.

The perfect day for a bonfire!
No wind.
It just shot straight up in the air.....
no smoke traveling over to our neighbors.
It burned hot.
We couldn't get very close

the fire is simmering.
There is a hose nearby, just in case.

Of course I said to Bubba,
"Shouldn't we wait until the kids are here to have the bonfire?"
He answered with a resounding 
Seems a little bit of a waste to me...
they would have loved it so!

Fire is beautiful and warm and exciting!

Friday, October 24, 2014

our salvation is sure

"God has told us quite plainly that
 He has a great plan and scheme and purpose of salvation.
He formed it,
He planned it before the foundation of the world.
There are steps and stages in it,
and God has told us what they are.

He set His heart upon us in eternity,
and predestined us.
Then He calls us,
 and separates us,
and goes on with His work within us
 through all the steps and stages from justification to final glorification.

Such is God's announced plan and scheme of salvation.
God purposed it in Himself
 before man had ever been created,
leave alone before he had ever sinned.
God has announced it and set it into motion.
It cannot fail
because God is God,
and His purposes are ever sure.

But that is not all,
Here is the most outstanding and astonishing thing of all.....
to bring this to pass,
did not even spare His only begotten Son,
but 'delivered Him up for us all.'

That, dear readers,
is an absolute guarantee that the rest is going to follow.
It is inconceivable that this
righteous God,
who has all power,
should even deliver His own Son up unto death
 for us and our salvation,
and then allow anything to stop it or frustrate it.
It is inconceivable!"

Martyn Lloyd Jones
Romans 8

Tonight I thank You God for my salvation.
Set my heart with a burden
 for those who do not know You.
Remind me to pray for them diligently
that You would open their hearts so that they may know
the joy of salvation in Christ Jesus.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

forever friends....

....the ones who hold you up
at the most important times of your life.

I had lunch with Beverly and Sandy today.
When I got home I had an extremely wonderful
e-mail from my friend Lou,
on the right side.
On Monday I had lunch with my cousin Trish,
second from the right.
These are my forever friends,
life-long girlfriends
who are forever faithful.

The little girl pulling up my garter is my sister Teri.
Yep, she is thirteen years younger than I.

A lot of stuff has happened since the day
that picture was taken.
We are all grandmothers now,
(except for Teri).
But through it all, we have stayed close.

I thank God tonight for my friends.
We need them.
We share our joys and sorrows as only girls can.

Thank you all for blessing me this week!!!
I love each one of you.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

rest to the soul

it is not your hold of Christ that saves you.....
it is Christ.
It is not even faith in Christ,
though that be the
it is Christ's blood and merits that save you.

look not so much to your hand
 with which you are grasping Christ,
as to Christ;
look not to your hope;
but to Jesus the source of your hope;
look not to your faith,
but to Jesus,
the author and finisher of your faith.

We shall never find happiness by looking at
our prayers,
our doings,
or our feelings;
it is what Jesus is, not what we are,
that gives rest to the soul."

Charles Spurgeon

If I could ever just learn this truth!!!!!!