Tuesday, March 31, 2015

my very new haircut

I love April, my friend who cuts my hair.
She is Amanda's age,
She lives at the beach.
She has twins ~ a boy and a girl.
She is beautiful,
but in a down to earth, natural sort of way.
I always come away having laughed a lot and feeling happy.
It is flat ironed straight and smooth.

This week before Easter is sobering to me.
As I think about Him 
and how He spent His final days on earth, 
I am always amazed.
With Jesus it was business as usual
up until the very end.
He ran the robbers out of the temple.
He did some of His most troubling and hard to understand teaching.
His disciples were fearful and puzzled.
The Jewish leaders wanted Him dead and gone.

But Jesus never faltered.
He knew what he was born to do,
 and He set His face to his coming death.
Yes, at one time that week, Jesus asked God to
 "remove this cup of suffering,"
but that wasn't to be.
Jesus willingly went to the cross for our sins.

That last week He spent much time with His friends
and much time in prayer,
sweating drops of blood over what was to come.
He was human,
He felt everything we feel,
but without sin.

Jesus knew what was coming,
but He went to the cross because that was what 
God His Father told Him to do.

Thank You Jesus for what You did for us.

Monday, March 30, 2015

tulips & father goose

Aww.... the absolute joy of spring!
Can't let the outside in because of the pollen,
but still....
how amazing is spring.
To see everything greening up again,
flowers blooming,
chicks hatching,
sky so blue,
sun shining brightly.
I love it!!!!

Bubba bought me these flowers
for feeling better.
after all this time he still loves me so well
and I am thankful.
A good marriage is a blessing from God.

This afternoon I went back 
to see the new family of geese down by the side of the road.
Mother goose was sitting on her nest
and Father Goose had the chick
out walking nearby
and keeping very close watch.
When I went back to get a picture,
the lawn was being mowed by crazies,
and the geese were nowhere to be seen.
One more try yielded me
a great shot of the dad.

He was hissing up a storm
but I whispered to him.
"I would never hurt your little one."
He was not convinced and he kept hissing.
The baby must have already been put down for the night
safely under her mother's wings.

Thanking God for spring this evening.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

mother goose

Coming into Southbridge where our home is located,
one goes around a beautiful
lagoon with a fountain.
This is a much traveled roadway.
 this Canadian goose
builds her nest not three feet from the road
right up close to a pine tree.

We noticed her last year in this exact same spot,
Seems kind of insane to me
to build a nest
right out in the open,
when there are woods all around.

She was sitting serenely this morning on her egg
as I made my way to church.
This afternoon,
on the way to the visitation for Mr. Jim across the street,
 this was the scene.
Looks like that little baby chick has hatched
and is emerging from the shell.

When I got close, 
the big moma opened her mouth and hissed at me.
and just as quick as a wink,
out of the blue.
 the dad ran at me and started hissing too.

I love God's creatures in the wild.
 they know what to do.
Why should I question where 
Mother Goose 
 decides to build her nest?

Saturday, March 28, 2015

finally done

This project started back in the middle part of January.
I bought a round, white jute rug
and asked Bubba to retrieve
our old round oak table from the storage house.

Last night, 
while I was sleeping,
He brought the finished project into the house
to surprise me this morning.
I didn't waste any time today decorating it for Easter.

The biggest holdup,
according to my husband,
was the persistently cold, damp weather.
I put on my patience 
and sure enough he came through with a winner.

He had the pedestal cut down
so that it would be coffee table height.
I just love how it all turned out.
Now, on to the next thing.....

I am offering Amanda an all expense paid trip to Savannah
plus a new,
$100.00 bill
to get me going selling on E-bay again.
Its been a while and I need a refresher course
So much to sell ~ so little time.

Feeling better this afternoon. 
Staying true to my antibiotics and resting.
Getting well feels so good!
Thank you Lord!

Friday, March 27, 2015

almost easter.

Last Friday,
I picked up Lucy,
and we proceeded to have an
Lucy ~ Grammy

First off, we went to see Cinderella.
Such a feel good movie
to see with your granddaughter.
We had hot, buttered popcorn,
and shared a Sprite with two straws.

Next stop was Red Lobster,
 where we cracked some crab legs together.
Then home
to watch part of Harry Potter ~ movie one.
At 9:30, bleary eyed,
I looked at her and said,
"Lucy, I have to go to bed."
We finished it the next morning.

Upon arising,
we made cinnamon rolls
and ate them together with granddaddy.
At some point,
we dyed twelve eggs.

We left then, went downtown,
and had brunch at the
Funky Brunch Cafe.

Home again,
I sent Lucy out back with
balloons, vinegar, and baking soda
to do some experiments
so that I could help granddaddy get ready for the
dinner party that we hosted that evening.
Nothing exploded,
and it bought me a little time.

At some point we played checkers
at which she beat me soundly
because my brain was fried by then.

If you look at the picture, you will notice a big pot.
She poured a little bit of all twelve dye
colors into that pot 
and then plopped in an unboiled egg
which promply got broken and made a huge mess.

All that to say this...
I love Grammy ~ Lucy days!!!
I mean it...
I really do.

Resting and recuperating this weekend....:)

Thursday, March 26, 2015

pencil sketched picture


I don't know when it all started.
I am always up and running around at full speed,
counting myself blessed to have such stamina and energy.
Slow going is just not for me.

one malady led to another and another,
and I just wasn't getting well.
this morning,
Bubba gave me the mandate.
You will rest!
You will give yourself time to get better!
I'll be gone all day so as not to be a distraction to you.

So, for the next three or four days,
I will do just that.

One thing....

I have been on a death watch for two days.
The man across the street,
who somehow made his way into my bedroom 
on our move in day,
who I thought died while we were on vacation last August,
really did die just now.

Yesterday morning an ambulance came,
and I thought he had died then...
watched people come all yesterday afternoon.
This morning another ambulance came 
and then I became very puzzled.
If he died yesterday,
why did the ambulance come back today?

Just now I looked out
 and a white hearse was backed up in the driveway.
Then they rolled him out the front door
and loaded him (or somebody)
into the hearse and proceeded to drive away.

This whole thing has been so weird.....
so shrouded in mystery.

Which brings me to this point....
I don't think its good for me to be here in the house
all day alone
trying to recuperate,
with all that going on across the street.
I certainly could not rest,
and what a distraction that was.

*I am very sorry for the family.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

some favorite pics from our trip

Eli & Grammy gathering shells.

Eli standing by the Sea Turtle Rescue ambulance.

Jake shooting his "found driftwood" bow and arrow.

Amanda and I ~ a beach "selfie."

And last but not least ~
 two boys in the late evening surf ~
kissed by the last rays of the setting sun.

God in His gracious manner,
 smiles on our family with lovingkindness every day
in ways unsearchable to the human intellect.
His love and mercy are unfathonable
to the human heart,
but gladly received with humbleness and thanksgiving.
His guidance, 
 provision and care
are products of His abundant grace and mercy,

to Him....
go all the praise and worship I can muster
from my heart.