Tuesday, May 26, 2015

my most favorites

Amanda came last week.
It is always such a joy.
She is so busy now,
I always count it as a huge blessing 
when she gets to come home.

Along with the usual fun,
Jake and Eli,
the big birthday party,
and just talking and laughing together,
she got me and her dad
 squared away again on E-Bay.
She is a master at selling.

Since she left,
We have made over $200.00
on just stuff that is laying around the house.
I forgot how much I enjoy it!!

Thank you Amanda...
I love you!!

As per the garden blog from last night....
Now I am thinking of putting the fire pit in that cleared area.
I think it would be so pretty there.
The garden could go farther over and back a little bit.

Bubba is in a working mood right now 
with his new workbench.
I consider that a very good place to be
to get this done.

So far the coyote urine is working.
I have a gerber daisy getting ready to lift its head,
and my new flax plants are still there.
So much going on....
I love these long summer days so much.

Monday, May 25, 2015

i'm thinking about a garden....

I cleared this plot on Saturday.
The garden would be about 9 feet by 12 feet.
I told Bubba and he didn't say no.
We will need some railroad cross ties and
something to keep the deer out.

That stick kinda in the middle is the crepe myrtle
our builder planted for us.
It has never grown even an inch.
It has got to go.

My flax plants came in on Saturday too.
I ordered them from High Country Gardens.

They are planted and doused with coyote urine
in hopes that they will grow and produce
their beautiful blue blooms.
The chances of that happening are slim to none,
I will not give up yet!!

I had my fourth burn today.
I think the yard is beginning to look amazing.
We have a little bit of forest behind the house,
and I am trying to make it look pretty.

I have burned a ton of twigs and limbs
and nobody has said anything.
I am probably pushing my luck though.

That is where the garden would go in perspective with the rest of the yard.
what do you think?

Sunday, May 24, 2015

an afternoon at the beach

The bottom line is this....
when the weather is great and you are with your cousins,
life is just too hilarious for words.

The six...
Tybee Island ~ Tybee beach.
May 2015
The condo steps
Tide too high to step on the beach.


Saturday, May 23, 2015

saturday at #6

This morning,
both of us were outside 
before eight o'clock.
Bubba to the garage to work on his bench,
and me to the backyard.
The weather the last couple of days
has been glorious....
it beckons to come out and enjoy.

So, here it is!
Bubba's birthday work bench.
A shelf was put at the very top.
Those are the turkey cookers up there just waiting for 
Then he added the white shelving 
from some scraps off wood that he has saved.
(Our garage is full of scraps of wood)
He is always able to tell me where the wood came from
and what it was used for.
One of the pieces he used today was a slat from our first bed.
Notice the drills...
Christmas presents.
He loves them and uses them both at the same time.
The drawers have posed a problem..
They are a work in progress.
Notice it is mounted on two very large wood blocks.
Those are to add height.

While he was doing that.
I was designing my backyard.
Adding flowers and fresh pine straw.

Still fighting the deer...
my lantana are surviving,
but that box to the left was hit as you can tell.
Some of the grass is dying.....
We need rain!

"Then those who feared the Lord spoke to one another,
and the Lord listened and heard them;
so a book of remembrance was written before Him
for those who fear the Lord and who meditate on His name."
Malachi 3:16

God knows about the tiny little remnant of people on this earth who fear Him.
The Bible says that God "listened and heard them."
He knows and He cares.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

happy birthday bubba

Today was Bubba's birthday.
I cooked dinner and made one of his favorite deserts.
Then we all got together to celebrate and eat.
Seems like there has been a lot of celebrating recently.

The chocolate four layer desert was a hit.

His present was work related.
Two years later,
He finally got his workbench for the garage.
He even got a carrying case for all his nuts and screws.

The evening ended 
with a face time on the phone.
 Jake and Eli called granddaddy to sing
 Happy Birthday!

We're getting old Bub.
We've had a lot of birthdays together.
Thank you, thank you, thank you
for choosing me to grow old with.
I love you more than ever!!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

happy birthday jake

Ten years ago this little boy made me a grandmother.
Never in my wildest dream would I have ever expected this ride.

When you are young(er),
the grandmotherly types seem somehow
sitting a lot,
not energized.
But then I became one.

has been one of the absolute 
best times of my life.
Far from sedentary or slow,
it is fast-paced,
the beach,
the pool,
backyard baseball,
birthday parties,
and the list becomes too long to name to keep going.

Thank you Jake for giving me this honor.
You are a wonder to me.
I so much enjoy spending time with you.

I like.... 
that you can now put an almost 800 piece
 Lego set together all by yourself.

I like.....
that you still like to snuggle with me
 while I read the Charlie Brown books to you and Eli.

I like.....
that Granddaddy's spaghetti
 is still the best spaghetti in the world to you. 

You are ten years old today!
Double digits forever!
I love you!
Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

the front porch

We finally,
just the other day, 
after almost two years,
found the planters for our front porch.
There is a nursery down the street called the
Secret Garden.
I noticed these two every time I passed by.
"Those would be perfect,"
I said to myself.
They match the white-washed brick.
I planted pale pink vinca and the alisym
which will soon 
cascade over the edges.

I am reading
A Soldier of the Great War
by Mark Helprin.

The way he describes things of beauty,
simple things,
 like the moon rising over the city of Rome.
take my breath away.

"For Alessandro Guiliani,
the son of a prosperous Roman lawyer,
trees shimmer in the sun beneath a sky of perfect blue,
and at night the moon is amber as Rome seethes with light.
He races horses across the country to the sea,
climbs in the Alps,
is a student of painting and aesthetics,
and he falls in love, deeply and eternally.
Then the Great War intervenes......"

The author's brilliant words,
the way he describes ordinary, commonplace things 
as objects of immense beauty....
I will be greatly enjoying these 850 pages for sure.

I think God gives us a desire to seek out beauty,
simple things in His creation that are amazingly beautiful.....
an apple,
a rainbow spread across the sky,
an ocean full of diamonds,
 flowers glistening after the rain,
a tree full of new, 
green leaves,
the moon rising over the ocean,
animals, yes.
 even the deer I often see just before the sun sets,
a person's eyes,
which hold all of the love from their heart.

Thank you God 
for creating so much beauty for us to enjoy.