Wednesday, February 27, 2013


"How blessed is everyone who fears the Lord,
who walks in His ways.
When you shall eat of the fruit of your hands,
you will be happy
and it will be well with you.
Your wife shall be like a fruitful vine,
Within your house,
Your children like olive plants
around your table.
for thus shall the man be blessed
who fears the Lord.
Indeed may you see your
children's children."
Psalm 128: 1~4 & 6

Monday, February 25, 2013

she loved to write

My mom loved to write just like I do.
She kept a diary at times.
Every trip we took together is chronicled.
She would always pack a loose leaf notebook.
With her snacks near at hand,
tucked away quietly in the backseat,
she would find a pen and start to write.
Just the other day I read what she wrote about our trip to
Sun Valley, Idaho,
and it was just like we were there in that wonderful place again.

Another treasure....
the other day,
while plundering around in the attic with me,
Erika found her diary.
This is what she wrote on a day in 1977....

"David spent the day with us today.
Teri was at the rummage sale with the other
making money to help pay for uniforms.

Dave said the blessing at lunch and in the prayer said....
'and Lord,
would you come down here and give us our hearts back?'

For a little fellow not yet four years old,
he has a mind that is amazing.

Evidently he hears us at Sunday School saying
'we give our hearts to Jesus.' "

I wouldn't take anything for hearing those words
here in 2013.
She did live to see him become a preacher.....
she always thought he would be.

Sunday, February 24, 2013


This was my Dad's card to my Mom
on their ninth anniversary.
I'm still finding treasures and this is one.
My Dad had perfect handwriting.
I will miss seeing it.

I would have been about five.
Think it's kinda funny that I had to get in on the 
wedding anniversary 
by signing my name as well.
Also, they probably wouldn't have known who I was if I hadn't 
included that "O."

Also....I didn't know they had a "coffee" thing going.
But come to think of it,
they always enjoyed their coffee.

They say the memories heal the sadness.
I think "they" are right.
I am having a hayday of memories right now.
Everything I touch at their house brings them back to me.
A lifetime is really too short to share all the love.
Thank goodness as believers we have forever.

"And this is the promise that He has promised us ~ eternal life."
I John 1:25

Friday, February 22, 2013

another theory

I could be dressed up in the finest gown,
 hair just from the salon, 
nails done,
 the finest jewelry draped around my neck.
highest of heels
and Bubba would not be awed,
he would not say a word.

every time I come out with
and old T-shirt, 
and my tennis shoes,
He says...
Wow, you look great today.

That happened again this morning
as I dressed to go work in Daddy's attic.
Of course I thanked him,
and I am always thrilled when he compliments....
but what should I make of the theory?

I guess he likes his woman casual.
so why do I bother getting dressed up?
Because I love it.

That's me this morning just after I got "liked."

side note....
Looks like I have a perfect set of horns growing on my head.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

a little this ~ a little that

We are working over at my mom and dad's house....
finding treasures here and there 
mixed in with a whole lot of trash.
Erika found this in the attic...
tucked away in a drawer,
long ago abandoned.
It is a treasure to me ~ I will have it framed and hung
in no time at all.

My friend called this afternoon 
and was worried about me since I hadn't written in a while.
I really didn't know if had been
since Monday.

So here goes some this and that....

The bridge
is finally in my mouth.
It was mounted yesterday and it seems to fit perfectly.
That was a harrowing ordeal!

Painting old furniture ~
I want to learn how to do this using all of those luscious sea colors...
you know like the color we painted the beach condo
a hundred years ago,
you know before those colors became all the rage.

Unwinding ~
My body is ever so slowly winding down from all the stress
I've been under for so long.
I'm beginning to feel normal or what I think normal feels like....

My birthday ~ 
is being celebrated very quietly this week.
(how could he?)
was sick for the whole week of my birthday.
Maybe, just maybe
there may be some crab legs in the near future.
I hear that there is another party being planned for next week.

Eli ~
Grammy is coming to your sleepover!

Readers ~
Thanks for checking back with me when I don't write for a few days.
I really love writing this blog!

Lou G ~ get well!!!!

Monday, February 18, 2013

tybee light house ~ tybee beach

This is an aerial shot of my greatly loved Tybee Island.
I grew up spending much time on this beach.
I love it to this day.
It is quaint and quiet and beautiful every season.
Look at that ocean...
it takes my breath away.

I wrote this to David as encouragement this morning....
I want to share it with you readers.
It was written by Jay Adams.

Ezekiel 2:7
"Speak my words to them whether they listen or refuse to listen."

"The word of God must be proclaimed,
and refusal to hear it is no excuse from preaching it.

You may become discouraged,
ready to throw in the towel,
and about to turn from the pulpit,
but these are not excuses to not preach the message.

Count on it...
less and less people are going to listen to you.
Our society has changed.
You will be laughed at,
or even outcast from your present post....
but the word must be preached,

there will be less and less
 who will listen 
to the pure words of God.

They will run to other venues 
where it is preached in conjunction with untruth 
or watered down teaching, 
but small as your church may become (or is),
Hang in there,
preach all the harder,
and more powerfully.

God will bless in one way of another!!!"

So profound, so true!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

5 inch peeps

This will be short.

In the morning it will be one week
since Bubba fell ill.
He is getting better...
and best of all, 
not having hallucinations.
He saw three beautiful ripe oranges 
in a bag of trash in the wee hours of a morning.

Yesterday I went to to Wal-mart
on a mission for him.
The only thing worse to me than going to Wal-Mart at all,
is to go on a Saturday.

I found these Easter peeps.
There were three of them.
Normal peeps are about 3 inches tall.
These peeps are five inches and they seem fatter.

You know me & peeps.
I bought a package and have at this point eaten two of the three.

They help...they really do.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

sickness & sorrow

The weeks and days since Thanksgiving last
have been filled with maladies and sadness, pain and suffering.
One gets sick and then another.
There have been hospitals and nursing homes
and great loss....
rainy, gray, days and some long, sleepless nights.

God never promised that all of our days would be sunny and bright.
One day there will be no more pain and death,
but not yet.

We live in a fallen world.
All of these things are reality for us because of sin.
It's not what God planned for us,
but it IS what His short term plan is....
we just have to wait for the last soul to be saved,
for His plans for this earth to be accomplished,
and then
there will be no more suffering and pain and death.

Precious thought.....
These are the moments when God's grace & mercy 
are demonstrated to believers in the most profound ways.  
These are the times when you know you are being carried along....
that you are under the shadow of His wings....
 in His safe place.....
under His watchful eye....
walking in His grace alone.....
 because you have no strength of your own.

God speaking to those of us who love Him......

"Because he has loved Me,
therefore I will deliver him;
I will set him securely on high,
because he has known My name.
He will call upon Me and I will answer him;
I will be with him in trouble;
I will rescue him and honor him."
Psalm 91: 14&15

above...Eli and Jake watching their great grandfather's burial....
very quiet and reverent.
"a time to be born and a time to die."
taught at an early age....
so that they will know the "truth."

Thursday, February 14, 2013

my funny valentine

Taken about 44 years ago.

 is home from the hospital 
and smiling again.
Best Valentine gift ever!!!

Bubba is conked out in the chair...
still not really well.

Still waiting for those crab legs.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

party pictures

Thank you to my family
 for the wonderful birthday party.
Everything was just perfect!

The pizza arrived in the shape of a heart....
have never seen that before.
It is the most delicious pizza I have ever tasted.

Please pray for our Jake.
He has been admitted to the hospital
with severe dehydration following
a bout 
with the stomach virus.
Amanda and Eli are also sick with the same bug.
Mark is with Jake at the hospital.
We are praying for a quick recovery for all.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

sixty five years ago........

I musta nota liked my birthday very much.
two things....
lots of hands reaching out to comfort,
I know now why I love sheer curtains blowing in the breeze.

Notice the cake...
made by my mother I'm sure.
She probably made every one of my birthday cakes
for as long as she lived.
She made the best cakes in the world.

Later in the day.....
Birthdays don't always turn out as you planned.
Bubba and I had reservations over at a place on
Hilton Head
to eat "all you can eat" crab legs
for my birthday.

he became ill with a mysterious fever.
I was hoping against hope that he would be all well
this morning for my big day.
but he wasn't and we didn't get to go. 

We did go out tonight...
to a place with a big roaring fire in the fireplace
and candles on the table.
We had my birthday dinner at the
Cracker Barrel
so that he could get some chicken & dumplings.

I loved this day...
quiet, peaceful, filled with friends
well-wishing on facebook,
and calling on the phone,

Tomorrow evening we will celebrate at David & Erika's house.
They have ordered Lumanatis Pizza
delivered fresh from Chicago by Fed X to our table...
the best in the world.
Can't wait for that.

But today was very special.
Just Bub and I and the rain and a big roaring fire.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

dirt pile theory

I have had this theory for a while.
Amanda, too, believes this theory to be true.
Last week I tested the
dirt pile theory...
had plenty of opportunity as Gus is an expert
crumb maker.
When he gets through eating he always
empties his crumbs on the floor.
I can never get there fast enough to stop this.
He is quick...very quick!

Anyway, here is the theory....
Whenever I get out the broom and dustpan,
notice I said whenever.,
it could be a child or sometimes an adult,
comes from the far reaches of wherever they are
as fast as they possibly can
to the very and exact spot where the dirt has been swept up,
and they walk or run
directly through the pile of dirt or crumbs or whatever
and scatter them all over,
making the mess worse than it was before.

I don't think I have ever swept up a pile of debris
that this series of events didn't happen.

I always have to sweep the dirt twice.
It does no good to scold the guilty party.
They always say "sorry,"
but the very next time I sweep up a pile,
here comes someone straight down the pike
through the dirt pile
and on to create more crumbs.

My dirt pile theory...
tested, tried, and true.

2 hours later...
It has already happened again.
I was making some cream cheese olive spread for our debriefing tonight.
While stirring the ingredients together
I spilled some olives out on the floor.
Before I could put the bowl down and clean up the mess,
Bubba came out and walked through
the spilled olives.
He had just read this blog and was coming out to brag to
me that he had never done the
"walking through the dirt pile."
(He has done it many times)

Friday, February 8, 2013

after the last...... of checkers,
after the bikes were put away,
when the last ball was rolled
for Gus to go chase.....
all of the bubble baths
belly laughs
crumbs on the floor
"don't slam the door!"
ice cream sundaes 
a Dairy Queen run.
and waffles 
"Grammy, could I have some more?
After school time and snack time
"let me fix your hair."
After Dolly was read over and over
I could hear Gus say,
"one more time?"
The Sound of Music
A Dolphin Tale
Trips to the beach
to the playground.
Sweet homemade valentines
hearts on the floor......

Gus and Lucy have gone home.
David and Erika and Harry have returned.
God granted them a safe trip...
It was a great...God ordained week for all of us.
The mercies of the Lord are
Thank you for keeping watch, O God.

Gus is sitting in my Dad's rocking chair
that is almost 90 years old.
Just one of the treasures he left behind.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

lucy o'quinn cleland.......

.....helped me decorate for Valentine's month.

She had a grammy special spa hair wash this morning...
that's why her locks look so 
shiny and beautiful.
Sorry about Gus...
he popped in the picture just when I snapped it 
and got cut out.

Lucy Loves Crab Legs
Every now and then Lu and I do something
wild & crazy.
Today, in the pouring rain,
we went to 
Red Lobster.
I ordered the lunch portion of crab legs.
She got some soup.
What we really like there are the
and the cheese biscuits.

First of all she asked if she could crack the claws for me.
who wouldn't want someone else to do that tedious task?
She used the crackers and did a fine job.

As I was eating I asked her
if she would like to try some crab meat.
"Grammy, No.....they are nasty."
I waited a while and asked again.
She hesitated...
I put a small piece on her plate (dipped in drawn butter.)
She tried it.
A smirk appeared
and then she broke into her wide, beautiful grin.
She ate more and more...
examining all the shells for forgotten pieces of the luscious meat.

What have I done?
Creating another crab leg lover may be a problem..
but maybe not.
At least she can crack her own,
and maybe she can crack all of mine while she's at it.

My dad was always giving me money to eat lunch on.
I had saved a little bit.
Lu and I used the last of it today
for this special (very) crab leg lunch.

Crab favorite meal in the world.
Maybe, just maybe,
I'll get some for my birthday.
There's this tiny little tucked away place over
at Hilton Head
that we have never tried.
They say they are marvelous there.
Hope somebody sees this blog. :)

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

for the love of gus

Lucy is at school...
it is just me and him.
He is playing with his tiny little cars at my feet.
Thought I would take this peaceful minute to write.

Gus is about as cute as they come.
He is a very sweet, well behaved little guy.
His twinkling eyes are the darkest brown.
His coffee colored skin glows with good health.
The bottoms of his feet are the prettiest shade of pink.

He doesn't yet instigate conversation,
but he answers immediately
and understand everything perfectly.
Those twinkling eyes talk for him in so many different ways.

He is in love with Dolly Dolphin Can't Stop Clicking,
a book that all of the grandkids have loved
through the ages.
He comes and gets my hand,
takes me to the book,
and of course I know to read,
over and over
with lots of expression.

I find myself thinking so often of what he was saved from
and what he was given.
Such a perfect picture of our salvation,
"Once I was lost but now I am found."

He and I sing a pretty good rendition of
Nothing but the Blood 
by the way.

Our privilege it is to know him and to love him.

My finger is about the same,
but it doesn't hurt that bad anymore.
I didn't go get an x-ray...
too hard to go through all that right now.
Hoping it was just jammed and not broken.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

for some strange reason....

Lucy Blu thinks that I am her sports counterpart.
She is constantly talking to me about
bike rides
foot races
volleyball games
tennis matches
and the latest.....
"Grammy you need to get one of these scooters"

Yesterday I got back on my bike again
for the first time
since the accident in September.
We rode around the neighborhood right near the house.
It was good,
wonderful to be riding again.

After that, Gus got up 
and I took them out to run on the grass.
I devised a game of catch
where every time you throw the ball
you take a step back,
gradually increasing the distance of the throws.
This seemed to catch her attention and so we started throwing.

On Lucy's very first throw,
the ball hit my ring finger on my right hand.
This morning it is red as fire
and swollen up to twice its size.
All of the extrodinary physical therapists at church think it is broken.
"Tape it and keep ice on it till you can get an xray."

I'm beginning to wonder if I am a certifiable
"disaster waiting to happen."

Lu, on the other hand, is still so proud of me.
I played on for another 20 minutes in pain.
In her eyes
 I will never come down from
the pedestal
of her super sports hero.

Never in my whole life was I ever even halfway good at spots!

Friday, February 1, 2013

why i love february

the days start to get longer
the hope of spring is very strong
 my birthday month...
just tonight at dinner plans were being made
for my big day
 tulips start to bloom
the beach is still not crowded
hearts are everywhere
love is in the air
still cold....but bearable
(know it is almost over)
curl up under the silk comforter
to read and dream
really hot showers
homemade valentines
pink cashmere sweater
(with moma's pearls)
"Love is patient, love is kind."
I Corinthians 13:4