Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy New Year's Eve Everybody!!

The Holidays have come to an end,
the last day of 2016 is here.
We have made it, by the grace of God, through another year.

The tree is starting to look tired, 
(I forgot to add water last week.)
It's sagging and shedding.
No presents sit beautifully wrapped underneath.

Yes, this Christmas is over,
but tonight we have one last celebration.
We gather to remember all of the blessings
that God has given us so freely.
We eat together, 
we laugh and rejoice,
because we know that Jesus was born,
and with His life He gave life to us.

He has seen us through.
He has been faithful and generous, good and kind.
He has given us everything we need to live and thrive and grow.
He has not forsaken us one time.
Through every trial and temptation,
 He has provided counsel and truth from His word.
The truth has been proclaimed and we have worshiped Him with our songs.
We have been sick and have gotten well.
We have had great joy and profound sadness,
We have survived another year!
Thank You dear Lord!!

New Year's dinner was a low country boil.

Sparklers were the best!

Mommy and Jake.

It was a beautiful night,
a wonderful Christmas full of love and laughter.
To God be the glory great things He has done.

Happy New Year!!!!

And just so you know...
9 PM is the new midnight.
Let the ball drop in our dreams!

Friday, December 30, 2016

the day after christmas

We headed over the big bridge to South Carolina.
First stop,
Jim & Nicks for some good food,
and then on over to Harbor Town on Hilton Head Island.
Was totally surprised by the amount of devastation
still evident.
There were no yachts in the basin
and the beautiful pier out into the sound was washed away.
That Matthew did some major damage!

Very nice of them to post this sign explaining the progress.

You can see the open boat slips in this picture.
Kinda sad to see, but they are on it,
and hopefully the marina
will be good as new by the spring of 2017.

This is one of several lifelike sculptures in and around the area.
Jake and Eli are still at that age where "girls have cooties."
They don't have a clue about what lies ahead.πŸ‘ΈπŸ’

One last picture from Christmas.
Boys, cars, racing track!!!
That they love!
The day after Christmas...
always so much fun.

watching "While You Were Sleeping,"
This has to happen every Christmas.
New Year's Eve...
Spending it with Amanda & Mark, Jake & Eli.
Very Thankful for All of God's good gifts.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

after almost 4 weeks....

Update on Grace.
Saturday will be four weeks since the accident.

On Christmas Eve 
Grace was moved from the hospital 
to an acute rehabilitation center
 for 28 days of intense upper body strengthening.
She still cannot bear weight because of the surgery on her knees.
She is receiving intense therapy,
3 hours per day.
Basically, she has to relearn how to use most all parts of her body.
Her pain levels are still extremely high.
Remember, from her skull to her pelvis,
her knees, her carotid artery....
everything was severely injured when the car hit her that awful day.
Also, looking toward the future,
she faces more surgeries and extensive out patient rehab.
Needless to say,
her recovery will be a long, slow, painful process.

Since arriving,
the therapists have taught her how to swallow on her right side.
Now she is able to eat small amounts again.
So thankful for that milestone.

This picture was taken on Christmas Eve.
The new doctor was amazed at her progress this far.
For one so traumatized in so many ways,
her current status is humanly unexplainable.
We know, of course,
that it is God's hand of healing upon her.
Thank you all for your constant, fervant prayers on her behalf.

Her spirit is good.
Everyone at the center loves her.
She does not recall anything about the accident,
but can remember what took place before.
She is expressing humor,
and every time she likes one of my pictures
 on facebook or instagram.
 my heart skips a beat.
The stroke has affected everything on her left side,
but she can use her right hand to work her cell phone....
a bit of a lifeline,
because of her limited access to anything beyond her bed.

We never know what God has for us in the next second of life,
but we do know.....
 "He works everything for good,
to those who love Him, 
to those who are called according to His purpose."
Romans 8:28

Please continue to pray for Grace.
Thank you,

Monday, December 26, 2016

Chrsitmas morning ~ merry & bright

Before the children came down.

Before he opened his gifts.

Taking a moment to reflect.

Before he combed his hair.

Norman the new kitty presented himself.

After the first frenzy of present opening was over,
Mark takes a break on the back porch.

Waiting for David and Erika and the kids to come for breakfast.

Iron Man came...'s really Gus.

Cousins reading corner.

Thank you Amanda for helping clean up after breakfast.

The kitty Norman....
always watching his people.

Coming down for another round.

Gus got a bean bag.

Harry got a bean bag too.

So did Lucy!

Some of my most favorite faces,

and some more favorite faces.

Amanda relaxing on Christmas afternoon.

David and his beautiful bride.
(He got lots of books)
He loveth to read good books.

Amanda and Mark...still opening presents.
(The Opening didn't end until late in the afternoon)

Cell phones were not allowed until somebody said something about something on facebook
at which time we all grabbed ours and started reading posts.

David cooked our Christmas dinner steaks
while the young couples fellowship on the back porch.

David said the blessing at the kids table for all of us.

Our grandkid gang.
Growing up....
They are as eclectic as this picture shows.
Love them all to the moon and back.
And, Oh by the way,
we are getting another one sometime in the summer of 2017.
David and Erika are going back to China
to bring home #7....
a boy,
Walter Bookman Cleland.

Thankful for the blessings that come and come.
To God be the Glory Great Things He Has Done.
Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 25, 2016

i love christmas eve

Eli wanted to really dress up.
We think he looks like Barron Trump.

Off to church.

Bathed in sunlight.

Singing carols.


Christmas jammies.
I love my family.

Thank you Lord for All of the blessings
that have come from You this Christmas.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

twas the night before the night before Christmas....

and all through the house

Jack and Grammy were eating grapes
(He is almost as tall as me)

The tables were set and the house all aglow

The children sat under the big chandelier

The adults were all smiles
(the ones we could see)

Charlotte was sitting on Uncle Bubba's knee

There were gifts to be opened and red and green tights

And some were just basking in all of the lights

There were shots from above of all the festivities

There were cute little families

and here is one more

and grumpy ole granddads
taking it all in

Eli our angel quoted Luke 2

One more year these characters showed up....
depicting the birth of our Savior and Lord.

Thank you God for one more opportunity to celebrate Christmas...
to lift up Your name above all names.
to worship and praise You,
to thank You,

Merry Christmas to everyone.