Saturday, August 31, 2013

the colors of my life

Choosing colors to paint a house
is not an easy job.
that I would have to live with my choices for a long time
made me a little unsettled.
 In reality it all came down to me and Mike (the builder)
standing in the foyer 
looking at some color swatches he had painted on the wall....
and even then,
you never know how it will turn out.

This morning it all came together for me.
I am unpacking the last of the boxes downstairs
and our home is starting to take shape.
This is how I see it.....
most all of the walls are painted Sea Salt,
the color of the ocean.

The dining room
 is painted the color of the sand at the beach.

Our bedroom is painted gray...
the color of storm clouds and hurricanes,
all the things I love about 
living on the coast.

The floors are the beach...
golden in the sunlight with lots of 
shells and waves and crevices,
 inviting you to walk around barefooted.

I am overwhelmed 
with the goodness of the Lord
 in His provision of this home for us.  
We love it so much 
and will do our best to use it for His glory.

"Holy, holy, holy is the Lord,
the whole earth is full of His glory."
Isaiah 6:3

Friday, August 30, 2013

lu's acrostic

Lucy made this acrostic for me a little while ago.
I found it tucked away when we moved.


It is taped right here by my computer.
Love to see a little glimpse into how she sees me.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

the end

I finished "Les Miserables" this morning,
two whole days ahead of schedule.
My projected end date was August 31st.

Up in the guest bedroom,
sitting in a chair drenched in sunlight,
while a man worked on the cabinets in my kitchen,
I decided to get to the end.
I knew it would be emotional and I didn't want
to cry in bed tonight,
so I chose a quiet moment to
say farewell to,
 Jean Valjean,
and all the others 
who have brought me so much joy this summer.

There will never be another book like this one.
I feel cheated,
that I have to say goodbye to these friends.

David has told me 
that the Broadway show 
will be in Raleigh, North Carolina,
 about the time of my birthday in February.
They have promised to take me.
I will be waiting with "baited breath" for that day.

One last quote....
It is profound..........

"Dying is nothing, what is terrible is not to live."
My sentiments exactly!

Monday, August 26, 2013

living in a glass house.....

....with sheets for curtains.

As usual,
when one moves into a brand new house,
there are no window coverings.
Being the modest girl
that I am,
I insisted that the bedroom & bath windows be covered.
Bubba obliged me,
even though he  really didn't see the need.

Not wanting to take them down every morning,
I decided to make them pretty
with bows.
Now there you go...
making something beautiful out of
nothing at all.
(Its my Hodie in me)

White Quilt
If you look closely you can see it on the bed.
This quilt is new,
I love it.
I put it on Saturday morning.
On Saturday afternoon
Lucy, Harry, and Gus came over to see what we had gotten done.
Of course, they all wanted to try out the new bed.
They left two little dirty footprints
on the white quilt.
It washes you know.
I would rather have two little dirty footprints on my new white quilt
than all the money in the world.
A home is to be lived in
 and provide comfort
 and joy
 and love,
not museum artifacts.

The sun shines in the window
 over my shoulder as I write just now.
I love my new writing spot.

It is already getting dark
so much earlier.
Summer is drifting away.
it is always summer in my heart.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

a beautiful wonderful day

Best Sunday!

To be able to rest and relax again,
what a treasure.
The word of God was proclaimed
amazingly this morning.
My heart was blessed by the preaching of the first 14 verses
of the book of Ephesians.

An afternoon of rest
and then to the beach with those three goofballs
 in the picture above.
Didn't even think about unpacking today.

Bubba and I are both refreshed and
ready to start another week of hard work getting settled
in our new home.

Just one thing to say....
about glass shower doors.
I waited until four o'clock yesterday
to take my shower
because I didn't want to mess them up,
to get the whole soap scum, water spot thing going.
if anyone knows how to keep them squeaky clean and shiny,
let me know.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

first blog.....

.......from our new home.
I slept a little later this morning.

When I arose I saw this most wonderful sight.....
the sun was coming up
shining through the window
onto the chandelier
which in turn made prism light all over the wall.
It just sort of took my breath away.

Everything here is good.
Lots of unopened boxes all around,
but I have already made it our home.

We were just sitting on the back porch
talking to David and Erika 
while the kids were running races around the house.
To me,
the greatest thing in life is
 the love of family
and a home in which to make it all happen.

We have been blessed once more.
 I am constantly amazed at our God
whose goodness and tender mercies
never fail,
day after day,
month after month,
 year after year.

"Every good gift 
and every perfect gift is from above,
 and comes down from the
 Father of lights
 in whom there is no shadow of turning."
James 1: 17

Oh and, 
these are the first roses in my new home.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

the newly upholstered furniture.....

....arrived this morning.
I love it!

top photo...
my Hodie's old chair updated
with a lime green beach print.

my mom's wing back chairs
with a totally different look.

My sofa,
and lastly my favorite chair and ottomon
done in off white.
Am I crazy?

The move is going well.
Move in day is 

Very thankful for the help we are getting from
Bubba's brother Robbie.
Amazing help he is!!!!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

me and my mom...

shopping at Phipps Plaza
in Atlanta.
This is how I like to remember her,
young and vibrant,
and just well, beautiful to me.

How quickly life passes.
How soon those we love are gone from us.

To you
Shirley O'Quinn....
for your home-made cakes
your fudge
your laughter
your funny ways
your love of my babies and everything about them
the lunches
the trips out west
all the times at Hilton Head and Disney World
your pretty clothes
your myriad of friends
your funny sayings and jokes
your delicious home-cooked meals
for all of you...
I miss you so much every day!

It was a wild funny ride,
the time God granted us together.
I wouldn't take anything for it!!!

*August was her birthday month!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

sunday is a....

Yes, tomorrow will be a rest day.
What a week of work!

Sunday is still a day of rest for us....
although most of the world doesn't see it like that.
I am looking forward
 to not even thinking about packing and moving stuff tomorrow.

There are some missionaries from China enjoying our condo this weekend.
What a joy that blessing is when we get to share it with others.
the man will be preaching tomorrow,
sharing about the work that they are doing in China.
We will enjoy lunch with them after

How I look forward to Sunday...
joining together with other believers to hear the word proclaimed,
singing songs to the acoustic guitar,
finding out how everyones week went.

God's design for the week is perfect....
work hard for six days
and then rest on Sunday.
Of course,
blessings come abundantly when you do it His way.

Hope to see you at church tomorrow!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

some words....

....are just too beautiful never to be read again.

"It had rained the night before and even a little that morning,
 but in June downpours are of no account.  
You hardly notice, 
an hour after a storm,
 that the beautiful bright day earlier had shed tears.  
In summer the ground dries 
as fast as a child's cheek.

Nothing is as wonderful as green foliage washed by the rain and dried by the sun; 
 it is like freshness served hot.  
Gardens and meadows, 
with water in their roots and sunshine in their flowers,
 turn into incense burners and smolder away; 
releasing all their perfume at once.  
Everything laughs and sings and offers itself.  
You feel sweetly drunk. 
 Spring is a taste of paradise; 
the sun helps human beings to bide their time."

from..."Les Miserables."
Victor Hugo.

His descriptions are masterpieces.
Oh me Oh my....
what can I read now that will ever measure up to this?

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

first day of school....

....for Jake and Eli.
I am so excited for them.
I have seen their school and I love it....
reminds me of when I taught school.

They are wearing their new uniforms
and looking very smart!
May God bless them both and 
keep them safe in His arms
for this school year.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


I love what the sun is doing in this picture!

Packing right now,
packing and packing.
A friend just called and said I should be an 
"old pro" by now.
One thing I have learned...
It never gets any easier or any more fun.
Music helps some,
but mostly it is a mundane task.

Our move in date is Thursday week.
They are still finishing in the house....
touch up paint, lighting, and such.
 has some help coming tomorrow
 to move the 
boxes and things.

Tonight is a good night...
peaceful & quiet here in this place.
Having much to be thankful for keeps my mind occupied
with thoughts of how gracious 
Jesus is to provide everything we need
from his vast storehouse in 

I praise Him from whom all blessings flow!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

first baptism~

Cornerstone Church of Savannah.

Late this afternoon
two young souls were baptized in the 
Back River,
Tybee Island, Georgia.

With the sun shining brightly
and a gentle breeze keeping us cool,
we watched David,
in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit,
dip under the water
these two young men who have committed their lives to the 
Lord Jesus Christ.

What a glorious time...
hearing the testimonies and bearing witness
to this sacrament
that is so dear to believers everywhere,

This one will not soon be forgotten!

Friday, August 9, 2013

always read good books

Found this picture of my girl
and just thought I would
Priscilla of Tyrone
was a very good cat indeed!

In my early read this morning
I found this verse....

I am continually with You,
You hold me by my right hand.
You will guide me with your counsel,
and afterward receive me to glory.
Psalm 73:23&24

This Psalm is a contrast of the
 wicked and the righteous.
It is a good one to read 
when you look around and think 
that the world is prospering and you are not....
when you doubt God's goodness 
and care for you.

a word that starts a turnaround.

 I am continually with You."
The righteous one is always with God.
God never leaves or forsakes His own.

And, He is not only always with us,
"He holds me by my right hand."
It is a sign of intimacy and closeness when
you hold a person's hand.
The God of the universe holds your hand.
So comforting.

"God guides us with His counsel."
What is that?
God gave us His word to read and study.
He tells us everything we need to know from life until death
right there in the Bible.

And afterward,
"He receives me to glory."
How marvelous is that?
After holding our hand and guiding us through this life with His counsel,
when that is over,
He ushers us into glory (heaven)
to live eternally.

What a verse!
It has thrilled me all day while packing our stuff to move!

God is in control of everything,
He never ever makes mistakes.

I know a little girl who needs to hear this tonight
and rejoice!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

just a few of my favorite things

My chandelier.
I love it!

My sink installed.
I love it too!

My fireplace.
I can't believe I will have one this winter.
Waited a long time.

Still resting up.
Won't move in for a while.
Just got back from Hilton Head
Had to go celebrate.

Until later,

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

It's ours....

......we closed today.
Can't wait to move in!

Bubba and I became homeowners again
this afternoon.
What an absolute joy to watch this
house become a home.

We will take our time moving in.....
It will probably be about two weeks before
we actually spend the first night.
We are both tired from helping the
get settled in their new home,
and need a few days to rest.

I'll share a few pictures in a little while.

Thankful to God for leading and guiding us in this endeavor,
for having wonderful people to work with,
for making my dreams come true.

We are giddy with excitement and plans.

To God be the glory,
great things He has done!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

getting there

Home again.
What a long short trip we had.
This is how it went down....

The boys and I left here early Sunday morning in
Estelle's van.
The "check engine now" light had come on
and Bubba was afraid to let me drive
so far with the possibility of a
roadside dilemma.

A special thanks to Estelle for offering up her luxury wheels.

All went well aside from these few things...
Eli asked me to explain to him
 how electricity is made and conducted,
I turned my lunch plate of barbecue over into my lap,
and, I kid you not....
they must have asked a thousand times,
"Grammy, are we there yet?"
One time I pulled up into a rest area 
and told them that was their new home
 just to get a short reprieve.
Eli and I shared some strawberry twizzlers,
which did help pass the time.

We finally arrived
 and were greeted with a fabulous thunderstorm 
and the resident, live-in
 komoto dragon lizard 
whom Eli made fast friends.
As for me,
I held my breath and ran inside.
There were boxes and furniture everywhere
in no particular order.

We got busy immediately unpacking and setting up a new home.
I love this work...
could do it forever.
The above picture is the result....
Homey and beautiful.
I took that picture this morning right before we left.

Two things about staying young at heart....
always think more highly of other's needs than you do of your own,
and have a herd of grandchildren
to run after 24/7.

Blessed beyond belief...

Saturday, August 3, 2013

"he lives here too"

Amanda and Mark have arrived at their new home.
The movers are moving in their
even as I write.
An unexpected tropical storm named
arrived when they did.
Never easy....
never ever just easy.

she just i-phoned me this picture with this caption.....
"he lives here too."
That was the guy I saw at the 
Einstein bagel shop
on our last trip.
The last one was bigger,
but I know he is the same breed...
notice that curled up tail.
I really, truly don't know what I am going to do.
I think they may be in the house too.
Paranoid ~ I know, but....

We leave in the morning on our journey
back to south Florida.
Bubba will be driving Marks car,
packed to the roof.

 I will be driving my van
packed with Jake & Eli,
all of their stuff,
all of Amanda's fine dishes,
our stuff,
justice league figures,
car seats,
juice cups,
the "check engine light"
came on this afternoon.

None of that scares me like
the lizard with the curly tail.

We close on our house on Wednesday.

Prayers please!!!

Thursday, August 1, 2013


The big U-Haul truck is packed to the rafters.
Amanda said that not another thimble full would fit on the truck
when the movers closed its doors
a little while ago.

to the red brick house in Lanexa
for Mark & Amanda,
Jake & Eli.

They had to leave their cats behind.
The boys don't know yet...
I anticipate tears.

Amanda will teach her final Zumba class in the morning
and then be on the road...
a little behind Mark in the big truck.
There will be a great reunion tomorrow evening
for this little family
before they move on to their new life in Florida.

It has been our joy to keep Jake and Eli.
The Lord has been so gracious to give us this special
time together....
to keep us all well and strong.

Blessings to this family
as they go forward to the place God has chosen for them.

Never let it be said 
that you can't pick up and move in three weeks flat!
We did it.
Working together it all got done.

To God be the glory,
great things He has done.