Saturday, June 30, 2012

bye bye june

this is #2 in the
"i've always loved summer and laughing series."
(someone had just cracked me up)
the transistor radio
and the starfish and sand dollars.
Can't hardly find them anymore.
Hilton Head ~ 1980's

by cathy cleland

Summer is the stuff of dreams....
what we wait for through the

The days seem to last forever....
the nights ~ just a time to sleep.

Hot days (like today)
Not to be complained about
wished away.

Perfect days
to swim in the ocean,
ride the waves,
lay on the hot, dry sand.

Summer is over
way too soon.
That is true of all things
they are always too short.

I love you summer!

More summer pictures to follow
during the rest of the summer.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

view from the top....

......of the Tybee lighthouse.

This is looking northwest.
Our condo is on around the bend a little bit.
Here you can see clearly
what I like to call the
the place where the ocean and the sound meet.
The waves
 are always kicking up a bit there.
Love to just stand and watch.

God has given us a good rain
and mild temperatures
so far
this summer.
Everything is very green and beautiful.

I love to see God in nature....
His creativity is on display for all of us to see.
No doubt
that we have a divine Creator
who carefully planned
and thought out all of this loveliness.....
the colors,
trees, grass, sky, clouds, flowers.
all is a testimony to Him
who made
heaven and earth.

"The Spirit of God has made me,
 and the breath
 of the Almighty gives me life."
Job 33:4

(picture borrowed from tybee island, ga on facebook)

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


when I sit here to write,
this is what happens.
Not very often,
Let's see what happens tonight.....

I think much about our souls.
Every one of us is born with a
 body and a soul.
We take such good care of our bodies,
but we oftentimes neglect our

The soul is the part of us that will
 live forever.
One day our body will
and decay
 and be gone,
but not our soul.

How should we take care of our soul you may ask?

Recognize that God made us for Himself.
We will never be satisfied apart from Him
Seek Him.
Agree with him that we are sinful creatures.
Turn from the sinful way.
Begin following Christ.
Read your Bible.
Read books that teach you the good things of God.
Try to find a church that preaches the absolute truth of God's word.
They are very hard to find.
(I know of a really good one.)
(see below)
Accept nothing less.
Be with other believers who love God and His Son Jesus Christ.
Stop feeling sorry for yourself
and realize
how blessed you are.
Get busy with God's work!
Do for others and forget about yourself.
Praise God
and thank Him continually.

Cornerstone Church of Savannah!
Across from St. Joseph's Hospital in Savannah.
you won't be disappointed!

Monday, June 25, 2012

seeing them all again

Dobbins ARB.
Atlanta, Georgia.

Reunion of all of the living
for the state of Georgia.
That would be
United States Property and Fiscal Officers.
Financial wizards who keep the military going smoothly.

Great men.
All Colonels in either the Army or the Air Force.

We toured the new facility at Dobbins.....
state of the art it was.
I heard it called by several
the Pentagon of the South.
Just the
"situation room"
was amazing.

We had a great time
fellowshipping and eating
 with old friends.

That's Bubba up there with his gift.
I have never seen so many
stuffed into one bag.

The people we work with for all of those years
 become dear to us in so many ways....
42 years for Bubba's career
Today was good and special.
Bubba can't stop talking about it.

Sunday, June 24, 2012


"How precious are the promises
which the Bible contains
 for the use of those who love God! 
There is hardly any possible emergency or condition
for which it does not have a word
 of hope
and encouragement.

And it tells people
that God loves to be put in remembrance of these promises,
 and that if He has said He will do something, 
His promise will surely be fulfilled.

How blessed are the hopes
which the Bible holds out
to the believer in Christ Jesus.....

peace in the hour of death~
rest and happiness on the other side of the grave~
a glorious body in the morning of the resurrection~
a full and triumphant acquittal in the day of judgement~
an everlasting reward in the Kingdom of Christ~
a joyful meeting with the Lord's people in the day of gathering together~
these are the future prospects of every true Christian.

They are all written in the book~
in the book which is all true."

Happy Sunday Morning.
If that doesn't fill you with joy,
nothing will!!!!

Friday, June 22, 2012

ever have one of these days...

....where every
song on the radio
is one of your

Where every time
you look at the sky
it is so blue
it takes your breath away?

Where it seems
that every verse you read in the Bible
was written just for you?

Where the
pink peonys
are so beautiful
 they almost make you cry?

Where the
plain weave cotton
soft as silk
baby blue skirt
with the white gros-grain ribbon
fits like a dream?

Where you get a
written message
from a friend
that brings them close
in your mind and your heart?

Where everybody that you love,
loves you back?

It's been that kind of day for me.

*Meet you
 by the water spouts
 in downtown Savannah
in just a few.....

Thursday, June 21, 2012

our calling

Tonight I give you words of truth....

"For the grace of God
that brings salvation
has appeared to all men,
teaching us that,
denying ungodliness and worldly lusts,
we should live soberly,
 and godly
in this present age,
looking for the blessed hope
and glorious appearing
of our great God and Savior Jesus Christ,
who gave Himself for us,
that He might redeem us from every lawless deed
and purify for Himself
His own special people,
 zealous for good works."
Titus 2:11~14

 In one long sentence
we are given a synopsis
 of how to live as Christians
in this world.

Thank you God
for not leaving us here in this world
with no instructions!

Thank you for calling us to be
"Your own special people."

Help us to live our lives worthy of your calling!

Harbor Town
Hilton Head, SC

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

happy birthday daughter of mine

It was the summer of the bicentennial.
We had just moved
into our brand new home on Donna Road.
I was so excited to have a new house
and a baby on the way.

The bambino was due to arrive on
June 10, 1976.
We had endured my
ballooning pregnancy,
the excruciating ups and downs of building the house,
and the hardships of living in a tiny one bedroom apartment with
our toddler, David.

I was ready to deliver without any delays on the tenth.
The timing was right and I was huge.
The little one
needed to come on out
or I was going to have to lay down and die from exhaustion.

Well, no baby on the tenth,
or the eleventh,
or the 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th, 17th, or 18th.

The nineteenth was a Saturday.
I got up and set to scrubbing and sanitizing the house.
I worked all day!!!

Sunday was to be Father's Day
and we planned the big one, a feast that is.
A spread...all the food that we could cook
 would be on that table.

Labor started in the wee hours of Sunday morning.
She came @ 1:30 pm...
right smack in the middle
of our feast.

No one worried about eating food that day.
We had Amanda...
the best Father's Day gift Bubba ever got!

Monday, June 18, 2012

kayaks sunning by the sound

Read your Bible!

From time to time you will see me quoting
 JC Ryle.
He reaches that deep spot in my heart....
I share his words
and hope
that he blesses your heart as well.

"Read the Bible daily,
make it part of your everyday business
to read and meditate
on some part of God's word.

Gather your manna fresh every morning.
Choose your own
 seasons & hours.
Do not scramble over and hurry your reading.
Give the Bible
the best
and not the worst part of your time.

But whatever plan you pursue,
let it be a rule of your life
to visit
the throne of grace
and the

Picture above taken at
Harbor Town in South Carolina.
I think it's pretty!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

happy father's day

Before you consider taking it on,
you should know this.....
The job of
being a father
 is not to be taken lightly.

I can think of no greater joy or honor
 than to be a father.
 A child is a gift from God.
God expects you to
provide for,
and take care of  His gift to you always.

Special instructions to fathers from the Bible....

"And you, fathers,
do not provoke your children to wrath,
but bring them up
in the training
and admonition of the Lord." 
Ephesians 6:4

There you go.....
Once you have the gift of a child from the Lord,
open up His book and
He will explain to you what you need to do.

Be a man...
But most importantly,
be a godly man.
Seek God in His word
and live that out in front of your children.

That's me up there with my dad when I was about two.
He and I are still together.


Friday, June 15, 2012

i am a certifiable....

Titanic Fanatic!!!!!

While enduring a long sit
 at Monkey Joes
 a couple of weeks ago,
I was thrilled out of my mind to find this
 National Geographic Magazine
with a cover story about the Titanic.

With children bouncing and yelling all around me,
I quickly became engrossed
in the story about the ship's final moments. 

 I am blessed with the
 inate ability
 to read anywhere and in any situation. 
low lights,
the beach,
 nothing deters me from getting lost in the written words.

I wrote two quotes to share with you....

"The Titanic,
a vessel with too much pride in her name,
sprinting smartly to a new world,
only to be mortally nicked
by something
 as old and slow as ice."

I just love that quote by author
Hampson Sides
in the article
The Lights are finally On.

and then this question....
What happened to all the people still on board when she sank?

again I quote....

"Most of the 1,496 victims died of
at the surface bobbing in a patch of cork life-perservers.

But hundreds of people
may still have been alive inside ~
most of them immigrant families in steerage class
 looking forward to a new life in America.

How did they,
during their last moments,
 experience the colossal
wrenching and shuddering of metal
as the ship
sank down into the depths
and broke apart?

What would they have heard and felt?
It is,
even a hundred years later,
 to awful
to contemplate."

This still stuns me every time I read it.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

praying for them

Referring back to last night's blog....
in Ethiopia,
Gus was saved physically.
He has not been saved spiritually yet.

That will happen for him
 as well as the other children
when it pleases God
to call them
and open their hearts to believe.

That is why we pray diligently,
trusting that God
will call them at an early age
to be His in Christ Jesus.

That is why we teach them to love God
and to obey
because it pleases Him.

That these sweet, tender children,
will be used by Him
to accomplish the work of His kingdom here on earth.

Yes, that is why we pray for them.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Our little grandson Gus
is my perfect picture of salvation.
Soon after he was born,
he was abandoned on the streets of Ethiopia.

He could have stayed right there to starve
and possibly die,
but someone found him,
someone lifted him up in their arms,
and brought him to a place of safety.
He was adopted.
He has a home,
a mother and a father,
a sister and a brother.
He was saved!

When we are born,
 we are lost in our sins,
 we are separated from our Father in heaven.
Left in that state without God
we would one day die
and be separated from Him forever.

But God reached down to lift us up.
He offered
His Son Jesus Christ
to be the sacrifice for our sin.
He put our sin debt on Jesus
when He died on the cross,
and accepted what He did on our behalf.

                                                              We have been adopted.
God is our Father.
True believers are our sisters and brothers.
We have a home in heaven waiting for us.
We are saved.

O heavenly Father,
thank you for saving us,
for giving us a safe place to land.
I love you!!!!!

Monday, June 11, 2012

ring around the rosie.....

One example of how dirty they got.

It has rained here for two days
I love it,
I absolutely love rainy days.

The excitement of a coming storm,
dark skies,
sudden gusts of wind,
culminating in a downpour of rain.

From yesterday's blog.....
To talk with,
be with,
share with,
a like-minded believer
is a little bit of heaven on earth.

What a rare find....
someone you can share
the wonders
of your relationship with Christ with.

Someone you can say this too...
"Look what I just found in God's word."
"Look at this nugget of truth."
To sit and talk with a
about what is going on in the innnermost parts of your soul......
to praise the God of our life with.

Nothing compares with the fellowship of
 a like-minded believer.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

sweet, sweet, fellowship

someone put this in words for me.....

"Sheep love to be together;
they do not like being alone;
there are no animals which take such pleasure in being in a flock,
and cling to each other's company so faithfully.

And so it is with true Christians:
it is their delight to meet each other and be together,
if possible.

It is their continual sorrow
that far too often
 they have to journey on alone,
without any who are
to commune with
about the things that
 their souls love most.
(This is what I long for more than anything)

Friends and relations
may be kind and affectionate,
they may have everything to make this world enjoyable~

but what Christ's sheep sigh and crave after
is to have with them
people who can enter into their secret feelings,
who understand the unseen workings of the inward man,
who can comprehend the hidden warfare which goes on in their hearts ~

People with whom they can take sweet counsel
about their souls' health and souls' trials,
with whom they can converse freely and unreserveably
 about their Lord and Master
and their hopes of forgiveness through His name."

Whitfield Chapel
Bethesda Orphange
Established in
My grandfather,
George Henry Hodges
was raised there.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

high scool ~ fifty years later

To Bubba....
This weekend marks
fifty years
since you graduated from
Savannah High School. 

Last night
we attended round one of the reunion.
After seeing your excitment
to be there with people you haven't seen in 50 years,
I did what every curious wife would do... 
I found your yearbook
 and started looking through it intently.

Some thoughts that were written in your book......

"It really has been a pleasure knowing you."

"Lots of luck and happiness to you in the future."

"And may you find a good wife."

"I know you will do good in whatever you do."

"You have a real nice personality."

"You have been a most excellent friend."

"You are a sweet and nice boy and I will remember you always."

"If you need a good friend, you will always have me."

and last but not least......"I hope you have a wild summer."

Your whole future was ahead of you.
Now looking back,
it doesn't really seem that long ago.
Your friends look different
because they are fifty years older,
but the essence of their personalities are the same.

It was good to see them and remember
those good old carefree days at
before you all started on the journeys of your lives.

One question....
Did you have a wild summer that year?
Your good wife that you found.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

an ode about taking pictures

Yesterday afternoon
we tried to take pictures of the children in their
Easter clothes.
It had been raining for the last two days.
The grass was soggy
and the clouds hung very low.
A new burst was expected at anytime.

It turned into chaos very quickly.

By the end of about 15 minutes
every beautiful linen shirt,
 and pants
were covered with mud and wet grass.

I've never seen them be badder.

We called an ending when
one of them
sustained a non life-threating
head and eye injury.
 Wails could be heard in
Richmond Hill.

They didn't get to have their
ice cream treat
because of bad behavior.

The pictures above
 were snapped
within five seconds of each other.

Talk about loading cats on a flat-bed truck!!!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

best buds

These guys are best buds...
bicycle riding buddies.

Spent some time down at the river
this afternoon
taking some pictures
and enjoying the breeze. 
God has given us so many wonderful things to enjoy.

All is well
here in this home
 at the end of this glorious
Lord's day.

The word was well preached this morning.
Loving going verse by verse through Joshua.
Thank you David
for studying
and pulling out the truth of these passages.
For reminding us all of God's faithfulness and provision.

"...the children of Israel
 no longer had manna,
but they ate the food of the land of Canaan
that year."
Joshua 5:12

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Christ's Glorious Return

What will you see
when the great event of
Christ's return
takes place? 

You will see the eternal
Son of God
return in the clouds of heaven
with great power and glory.

He will come to raise the dead saints
and to change the living ones,
 to punish the wicked
and to reward the godly,
to summon everyone before His bar,
 and to give to everyone according to his works.

He will come to bind Satan,
and to deprive him of his usurped domain,
to deliver the earth from the curse,
and to purify it
as the eternal dwelling place of a holy nation;
to cast out sin, and all its accursed consequences....
and oppression.

You see the world defiled now by the presence of evil.
You will see it at length restored to its former state,
and the days of paradise before the fall
brought back again.
jc ryle

I cannot wait for this!