Wednesday, December 31, 2014

new year's eve ~ eve

We celebrated a day early because Amanda and Mark 
had to leave to go home this morning.
Yesterday was an afternoon of
baseball in the front yard,
steaks and granddaddy's famous mashed potatos,
another round of gift opening,
and then....
a massive fireworks display in the back yard.

Amanda and her brother David chatting on the porch.

a complete ball of flame.

Jake in a ring of fire.

Jake and Lucy lighting their sparklers together.

after a year with his family,
he gets it.

Uncle Mark inciting Gus to perform his tribal dance.

Lu with fiery pom poms.

Lu twirling round and round.

these children had an absolute ball!
They were singing and shouting and running all around the yard 
with their fire.

Eli ~ mesmerized

And earlier ~ just before opening their gifts,
which amazingly were all the same size.

These were the buzz words for the evening....

Morning glory~
"Would somebody tell me which team I am on" ~
Grammy's perfume ~
"If you don't eat you have to get back in the high chair" ~
Hark the Herald Angels Sing ~

All agreed ~
It was the best party ever!!!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

second Christmas morning ~ jingle jog

The breakfast table.
Sausage and egg casserole and Erika's homemade sweetbread.

The shot from above....
before the gifts were opened.

Archie got a Star Wars suitcase for all of his many trips ahead.

Lucy got a chihuahua.
She named her Ashley.

Four little heads over Lucy's Operation game.
Love all the different nationalities represented.

We got our candy from Harry!
Lu gave me my most favorite gum!

After a very brief rest,
we headed to the Jingle Jog
for an afternoon and evening of fun.

The kids getting ready to chase Santa Claus.

Before the race. I'm showing off my black scarf with
Jingle Jog written on it.

Just starting the race through the Festival of Lights on Hutchinson Island.

we roasted marshmallows 
and made smores.

This moon hung over us the whole night.

Such a wonderful, magical day we had
on the Saturday after Christmas!

Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas evening ~ 2014

Lisa brought her new puppy Finley to the celebration.

Eli & Grammy

Jake trying to train Finley.

Robbie brought delicious steaks
for our Christmas Day dinner.
My eyes are closed because at this point in the day,
I was exhausted!

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas morning ~2014

Looks like Santa definitely came!

First glance at their gifts...
see those shining eyes?

Eli with his gifts

Grammy got a new camera.
This is what was written on the box....
"Renew your creative soul."
I will! Bring on 2015

Mark & Eli

Amanda got a pretzel purse too!

The gift that was truly unexpected...
(I can't remember how it is spelled,
but most will know what it is.)

Our Christmas morning was great.....
but we missed the cousins and David and Erika!

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas Eve ~2014

The Hollingsworth family in front of the tree 

Me and Bub at Harbor Town

The fam minus 6 members

Mark, Jake, and Eli climbed the
Harbor Town lighthouse

Just before going to bed on Christmas Eve


Our Christmas Eve was wonderful.
In spite of the rain,
we went to Jim and Nick's for lunch
and then over the bridge to Hilton Head.

What a quiet, sweet day we had together.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas Party at the Cleland's house

Gifts around the tree

Happy kids around the children's table

Mickey rice krispy treats made by Liz


Our grandkids and Cameron

Archie ~ one year later

The O'Quinns ~
Sally was super excited....
Frankie ~ not so much
Robbie & Liz share a laugh
Charlotte is just can't see her :)

Lucy's arm

My Vietre' spoon rest from Lindsey, Robbie & Liz

Erika & David with Gus and Cameron's gun

Lindsey with her pretzel purse

Amanda in her party dress with Mark

Bubba and two of his grandboys!

A lovely start to a beautiful Christmas!
More pictures to follow.....