Wednesday, December 17, 2014

lucy as....

....Mrs. Louise Carnegie.
She had to do her project on Mrs. Carnegie,
and today 
she went to school in costume.
The real fun was last week though,
when we went into
Grammy's closet
and put the outfit together.

She is wearing my summer, ruffled skirt,
my jacket,
and my raccoon collar from when I was a teenager.
The hat is my beach hat,
and the big purple flower just is.
Most importantly,
she is carrying
a real period antique purse.

As the outfit came together we all started laughing,
It was so much fun.

 after school, we are going ice skating at the 
Civic Center.
Should be fun....
I will probably stand on the sidelines and take pictures.
Ice skating for me could possibly
lay me up for Christmas. (lol)
there will be some hot chocolate drinking
somewhere on Broughton Street.

Wrapping Christmas presents tonight.
Love everything about the season that is upon us now!. 

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