Saturday, April 30, 2016

a tour....

...of Cathy and Bubba's Spring house,
inspired by seeing on Facebook earlier
a tour of
Chip and JoAnna Gaine's house.
who star in Fixer Upper on HGTV.

The show Fixer Upper is my favorite.
They inspire me to do more.

With bunnies as the theme,
lots of birds,
my Mom and Dad's wing back chairs,
an old, antique table,
several pictures of black and white churches,
painted my all time favorite color,
Sea Salt,
this room provides a great place 
for family gatherings.

Another view of what I call the 
Living Room....
The great, big, painted bookcases balance the huge blank wall.
Atop those sit the airplane
symbolizing the place that Bubba's career
has held in our life.
(United States Air Force 42 years)
You can see the recovered wing backs,
the big old clock, under which is my grandmother's
antique radio.
Four glass french doors let the outside in
and flood the room with light.

I call this room the Beach Room.
The fireplace is the centerpiece along with the
lighted glass shelves,
holding everything I've collected from the beach,
or that reminds me of the beach.
Lots of pictures of our grand kids
playing on the beach since they were babies
adorn the space.
My big white chair and ottoman 
is where I do my reading,
The round oak table that I drug in from a garage sale
that served as our kitchen table for many years,
has now been cut down and painted white
by Bubba.
It graces the center of the room atop the
bleached jute rug.
The picture of the beach on the left wall I took myself.
The big pillow
under the picture spells
Beach House.
The large windows that surround this room
give the sense of being in the yard.

My grandmothers 's beautiful table
graces the foyer.
Lots of birds here....
there is even one perched on the mirror.

This concludes my house tour.
Hope you enjoyed it.


Thursday, April 28, 2016

she brought me flowers

Lucy completely surprised me just now
at the Mexican Restaurant
with a little glass vase filled with
They smell wonderful.
Even our waiter was impressed.

Lucy has the gift of "giving."
I love her gifts!
I love her!

She is taking golf at school and is doing very well.
She and some of her
 "boy" friends
play on Mondays and Thursdays.
Today she scored a 
"24" on 5 holes.

Lucy is one of my blessings.
I thank God for her.

Oh by the way....
She is still sewing.
She made curtains for the kitchen window 
in their new home.
I saw them today....I was amazed.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

shadow time is a little off

I love when the sun rises in the morning.
Usually I am up well before it is,
so its appearance is eagerly awaited.
Our house faces East,
causing the morning sun to shine straight in.
We get some amazing shadows early on.
Shadows make great photos when you least expect.

In heaven we won't need a clock,
but here on earth it is essential.
We look at it a hundred times a day,
we wear it on our wrist,
there is one in the car,
there is a clock 
with big red numbers in front of our bed.
We look at it right before we go to sleep
and first thing when we wake up.

This earth,
this place that God made for us to live,
is regulated by time,
but God thinks about time differently than we do.
He never gets in a hurry.
Everything He does is perfect 
and happens at exactly the right moment.

As I sit here writing,
the sun is setting over my right shoulder.
The daylight will soon be gone
and we will rest.
Have sweet dreams...sleep tight,
and please don't let the bedbugs bite.

Glad to get my computer back today.
I phones are great,
but there is nothing like my big old desktop,
It is faster than the speed of sound now.
It got a new hard drive and a new picture disk loader.
I am very thankful for our computer guy,
He does a great job.

Monday, April 25, 2016

good news....

After receiving good news at the heart doctor this afternoon,
Bubba and I proceeded to go buy a new grill
and these gorgeous flowers...
then on to eat a steak in celebration.
He does not have to go back for a year.

I am very thankful this evening.
He has had six months of  tests and lots of waiting
 all to determine that his heart is in fine shape.

Our reason clouded over with euphoria,
not thinking one lick about the deer,
eager to fill our yard with color,
He allowed me to buy
more flowers....
even though yesterday afternoon I saw deer track
on the pathway through our forest
in the backyard.

 they were just making a quick pass through
 to their new haunt.

This is a firecracker bush.
It attracts hummingbirds and butterflies,
Hopefully not deer.

We also bought this mosquito plant.
It is guaranteed to keep those pesky fellas away.
The reason?
It really stinks!!
Maybe if the deer do stop by.
it will repulse them as well.

All in all a very good day.
Our April days and evening have been lovely.
Perfect weather.!
April is a very good month!

 our computer genius 
is coming to take my computer away to his house
 where he will install a new hard drive...
ten times faster at everything. 
 I will try to blog on my phone but it may not happen...
never tried that before.

Tonight I lift my highest praises
to our God
Who was.
 and is,
 and always will be.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

would you look at this....

I found this beautiful flower yesterday afternoon.
nestled in some green stalks 
that I was considering doing away with.
The green fronds (?) were mixed in with a lot of dead fronds.
They looked awful.
I was ready to mow them down.

You who read know that I am underwhelming with flowers,
but I keep trying.
I love them so much and want them growing
and looking beautiful everywhere.

I have never seen anything like this before.
When it came into view,
it took my breath away.
The colorings,
the layers,
the delicateness,

There is a word in the Bible that I love....
My spell check always wants me to throw it out of my writings.
It is used in the Bible like this most of the time....
"The lovingkindness of the Lord."

This flower is a perfect example of His love for us.
He didn't have to make flowers for us to enjoy,
but He did.
Just think about the vast number of them.
He gave them scents for us to enjoy as well.

What a sweet example of our Creator's loveingkindness
for Him to give us flowers,
to shower us with love and blessings.

No one can make a flower but God.
It's Who He is!!

Saturday, April 23, 2016

spring bed....

All ruffles and rabbits and really comfy.

My trust is not that I am holy,
but that,
being unholy,
Christ died for me.

My rest is here, not in what I am,
what I shall be,
what I feel, what I know.
My rest is in what Christ is and must be....
in what Christ did and is still doing,
as He stands yonder 
beyond the throne of glory.
(author unknown)

Nothing but the cross,
nothing else can give you rest.

To God be the glory great things He has done!!

Friday, April 22, 2016

because they are asking...

"What's going on with the cruise?"

Here is where we are now.....
To put 12 people on a ship
  cruising all around the islands of Hawaii
would cost a small fortune.
Selling on Ebay just won't get us there
even if I save up for four more years.

We are going to look at the Southern Caribbean
for next summer.....
hit some places we've never cruised before.
Looking at June...
as soon as school gets out.

The most fun in the world is to gather around the table,
kids too, and talk about the possibilities.
We were all super excited about Hawaii
until we found out how expensive it is.

Hawaii is not off the table.
We still want to dream.

Peonies in picture above.
If I could be a bride again I would carry a big bouquet
of nothing else.
I think they are one of the most beautiful flowers 
I've ever seen.

Bubba is making
Sauteed Shrimp with Lemon Caper Cream Sauce
on Angel Hair Pasta
for dinner tonight.
I will maybe add a picture of it here in a little while.

It was delicious!!!

By the way...
this was day 2 of 3 days I set aside to
not leave the house to see if I can catch up with
all of the things that had not gotten done since January.
So far I have made great progress.
a big & bad thunderstorm came
just as I was going out to work in the yard.
maybe I will go into the attic and work there.
One more day to go.
Will it all get done?

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

the musings of jake...

Just saying....
Invest your life in your children.
Invest your life in your grandchildren.
Invest your time, money, resources...
all you can.

The wonderful thing about investing this way
is that you get to watch them grow,
and do the same for their offspring.

Jake wrote these three paragraphs for a
fourth grade class assignment.
It made me smile,
and remember last summer,
and know that there is nothing more important.

I love the title...
I would have expected
"My Trip to the Beach."

The cousins he had so much fun with.
He completely left out his sickness and hospital stay.
I love him!!!

Sunday, April 17, 2016

God made these flowers you know

A variety of beauties with the sun shining through.

Floating flowers.

The bigger picture.
The white tent on the right top
is the butterfly house.
That's the Monorail line through all the beauty.

A shout out to the extremely talented Epcot workers
who showcase the amazing beauty
of God's handiwork.

Minnie Mouse in topiary!

Orchids in the sunlight!

I want my yard to look like this. :)

The view from my lounge chair at the resort.

Memories of our trip!

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Cam turns 6

Lots and lots of little boys having a ball.

Two little girls sticking together.

The birthday boy with his Star Wars cake!
Liz made the cake and it was delicious.

I just like this picture,

Two good men.

Brothers and sisters and husbands and wives.

Great party!
I think Jake is next.
The birthdays just keep coming
and making us all one year older.

Friday, April 15, 2016

46 years later....

....due to the grace and mercy and lovingkindness of the Lord,
we are still going strong.

Our life now....
Some gray hair.
a few more aches and pains,
 more doctor visits.,
some recent health scares.
Trusting God....
realizing we are not going to live forever,
absolutely certain that this life is not the end.

Enjoying our home,
lots of wonderful grandchildren to play with,
Short trips here and there to change things up a bit.
Lots of laughter.
Running through the parking lot at Disney World
getting soaking wet in a thunderstorm...
me trying to get in another car,
Bubba thinking I had vanished into thin air....
laughing our heads off.

Learning to say no when needed....
having the courage 
to change things that have needed changing for years.
Knowing when to speak and when to be quiet,
listening ears.

A husband who taught me about being loved without conditions,
something that was foreign to me.
Getting angry, working it out, forgiving each other.
Respect for him.

Growing together in the Lord,
in His word,
in worship and in praise.
Marveling  at His creation and His plans for our future.

To our faithful God,
Who always keeps ALL of His promises,
Who provides everything for life and godliness,
Who brings the good things and the pain and sorrow,
Who will never leave us or forsake us...
to Him be all the praise and glory,
for He has done great things!!!!

Monday, April 11, 2016

just married

It was a while ago...
46 years,
that we walked back down the aisle
 as husband & wife.
Just want to thank God for this marriage.
His grace and mercy and love have brought us this far,
and will see us through eternity.

So today we're off to Florida again
just like we did 46 years ago
for our honeymoon.

To God be the glory!

Sunday, April 10, 2016

archie turns 8

Snoopy cake for a little boy who loves him.

Archie had a hard time waiting for his birthday!

Granddaddy keeping score of the game...
David keeping up with the Masters.

Lucy made Archie a Snoopy pillow.
He loved it!!!

The birthday boy got the special plate
because birthday's are very special.

Love this Harry photo bomb!!

Kinda blurry,
too much light,
but Archie is really "The Lone Ranger."

Another fabulous party.
Our little boy from China is quite the
American cowboy.
He is doing extremely well from his latest surgery.
He is finishing Kindergarten.
He is kind,
What a joy and privilege to know him.
He is a gift from God all the way from the other side
of the world.

Friday, April 8, 2016

some faces

freckles, blue eyes, and braces.
A perfect combo.

Granddaddy & Eli 

The men...
mesmerized by the ocean.

certifiably awesome!

the cow-lick.

Love her!

been on the beach,

Just pure Jake!!!

My blog is my journal.
This is how I keep my pictures.
One day,
when I am old and nearing the end,
I want some of you to read this to me and show me the pictures.
Then I can remember
how blessed of God my life has been.

Jupiter, Florida
Juno Beach
March 2016
Fabulous trip

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

lucy gets a haircut


Big smile...
She is so excited to get her hair cut much shorter.
All of that hair she is holding will be donated to 
Locks of Love,

April's skillful hands working her magic.
Lucy just relaxing and waiting to see the finished job.

Quite a difference!

Our baby girl is growing up.
I love her!