Saturday, April 2, 2016

the plan is this......

This is a scrub.
It is beautiful and well shaped.
it is way to big for the space it is in.
I want it and three others just like this one
out of this area.
Lizards love these sort of things.
I want to plant flowers and vegetables here.
it is time for these to be gone!!!

Lucy is here today.
Yesterday at lunch at The Funky Brunch Cafe,
we devised a plan to move these scrubs.
We are going to tie a rope around the bottom of each plant
with a strong knot.
Then, we will both pull on the rope as hard as we can.
the scrub will come right out.
Then we will replant it in a predug hole.

Sounds like a great plan, don't you think?
Will inform later on how this turns out.

If you look in the bottom left hand corner of the picture,
you will see my precious gerber daisy that survived the winter.
My first bloom is raising its lovely head.

Later in the afternoon...
we postponed our project due to inclement weather.
I will give an update at another time.

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