Monday, February 29, 2016

leap day ~ february 29,2016

There is a little problem with our calendar.
 The earth's trek around the sun
is off just a bit.
Most years we have only 365 days.
But every fourth year we have an extra day added on
to make up the difference.
So today is a gift...
for me, an extra day in my birthday month.

Way back,
before we got so smart and sophisticated,
fair young maidens
could turn the tables 
and ask a man out on a date on this day.
It seems they could even ask a man for his hand in marriage.
I know,
its no longer done that way,
but still a quaint thought don't you think?

An extra day of life.
Here in Savannah it feels like the first day of Spring.
The azaleas are blooming,
the birds are singing,
the air is warm with a gentle breeze.
I am very thankful!

One day time as we know it will end.
We will be in eternity.
I don't know how eternity will work,
but I'm told
 it will be more awesome
than we can imagine 
or understand with our finite minds.

Time changes ~ God never changes.
Happy Leap Year!

Saturday, February 27, 2016

blue or green?

Does anyone know what these are?

A long time ago they sat on top of the cross bar
of telephone poles.
They are called insulators.
I think they are exquisite in shape and color.

One of them is blue like your eyes,
another, green like the ocean...
both of which I love.
These colors are so close, but so different.
The cool hues of blue and green
dominate the sea and the sky and the earth
on which we live and breathe and have our being.

The color of  many of my walls
is Sea Salt.
Sometimes it looks blue
 and sometimes it looks green.
I am surrounded by the colors that I love.

Now these insulators sit on the shelves
in my beach room. 
I love to watch the light playing off of them.

I don't really remember much about
these insulators being on the telephone poles.
They must have been beautiful sitting up there
with the sun
 shining through and around them.

I am thankful that I have these,
They make me happy.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

in keeping with....

....making my birthday 
last all of the month of February,
I offer this.
Notice how tall Lucy is.
Gus is watchful,
Harry pensive,
and Archie,
well Archie is always full of wonder
 at everything we do.
He just cannot believe how great
everything is.

By the way,
my candles are sparklers.
Can you tell?

I had just opened Lucy's present.
Love my birthday!!

I only have four more days to celebrate. :)

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

broken heart

Have you ever had a broken heart?
I have had several.

The one I remember most vividly happened
during the summer
after I graduated from high school.

He was dreamy.
He drove a cool car,
dressed great,
always smelled wonderful,
treated me like a queen!
I fell in love ~hard and fast.

We lasted until the middle of September.
It was Saturday.
We went to Hilton Head to sun on the deserted beaches.
We were with another couple.

That evening we were going to the football game.
My Hodie had made me a new dress.
I remember it perfectly.
We never made it to the game.
He told me when we got to my house
that it was over.
He had found somebody else.
It wasn't to be.
I cried and cried.
It took me weeks to get over.
Broken hearts hurt really badly.

God had someone else in mind for me.
I had to wait a while,
date other guys.
I thought it was hopeless...
that the love of my life was gone 
and there wouldn't be another one...
but there was!

Thank you Lord for choosing my husband for me.
I might have made a terrible mistake
if I had chosen for myself.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

seaweed heart

Everything is beautiful in its own way,
even the weeds that flourish in the ocean.

How appropriate to see this heart
on the beach.
Looking out at the wide expanse of ocean
makes me aware of how big and unending God's love is for us.
It cannot be measured with any tool,
It goes on and on....
through the storms and the calm places,
just like it does in our lives.
God's love is never ending.
You cannot see the end of it.
To be loved like God loves us
is like nothing else known to humankind.

We are kinda messy like the seaweed,
but God shapes us into something beautiful
when we come to Him through
His Son Jesus Christ.

I cannot fathom the love of God,
just like I cannot fathom the depths of the ocean.
But I know its true,
because He told me in His word.

To believe that is FAITH.
To live in this knowledge produces
unending joy!

Monday, February 22, 2016


Amanda ran her first half-marathon yesterday at Disney World.
She and Mark's sister Kari
went as Elsa and Anna from Frozen.

Finishing in a state of euphoria 
which quickly turned to pain and exhaustion,
these two are taking it easy today
not regretting at all
getting up at at 3 AM,
waiting for two hours for the race to begin,
and then pounding the pavement for
two and a half hours.

So proud of you Amanda!!


Friday, February 19, 2016

still here

Sorry for no blog posts this week.
I am alive
in fine shape,
but I have been really busy!

When February started
I said to myself,
"I am going to write every day this month."
Right away that didn't happen.
Most of the time I write in the early evening,
but when my brain is tired
nothing comes out of my fingers to the blog.

Much more Later!!
Tomorrow is my "delayed" birthday party!!
Bubba is cooking his famous
pork tenderloins,
scalloped potatoes,
and squash casserole for me.
there will be a birthday cake with candles.
Can't wait!!

Sunday, February 14, 2016

happy valentine's day

The greatest love this world has ever known 
is embodied in this verse,,,,

"For God so loved the world
that He GAVE His only begotten Son,
that WHOEVER believes in Him
but have EVERLASTING life."
John 3:16

This is one of God's promises to us.
God keeps all of His promises.
Thank You for this!

Saturday, February 13, 2016

ice cream

My birthday,
Leopold's Ice Cream Parlor,
Chocolate/Cherry Cordial,
My Lu.
What else could a birthday girl want?

Jake & Eli,
Face-timing with me on my phone,
Singing Happy Birthday,
Chatting about their day.

Harry with his dreamy eyes,
Little Gus,
In for a picture and a hug,

And there is Archie,
Always smiling.
Sometimes a little confused.
Always planning ahead,
Never missing a thing!

This is a perfect birthday.
I love all of them so much!

Friday, February 12, 2016

thank you

What a sweet day this has been.
Just wanted to thank everyone
who did something special for me today.
Birthday # 68 was perfect!!

Thursday, February 11, 2016

at 68....

I'm still riding my pink bike,
I would rather be at the beach than anyplace else.
I can touch my toes without bending my knees,
I love being a grandmother,
The Bible is my favorite book...
I read it through over and over.
Lucy and I can laugh together till it hurts
at the silliest things.
I love to read "Love Stories."
My favorite TV shows are all on HGTV.
I have no idea WHO I will vote for for President.
I weigh less now than I have in thirty years.
I feel great,
I have lots of energy,
I love to decorate,
I still love to create this blog.
Photography is a passion.
and best of all....
My husband still thinks I'm beautiful!

I am blessed beyond measure.
Thank You Lord for the life you have given me.
Everything I am and have comes from you.
All of my praise and worship is to You!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

birthdays are not random

This is my soap for the month of February.
The Basin ~ Disney Springs

I love celebrating birthdays!
Not just my own,
but everybody that I love.
It is such a special day.

Before He made the world
God knew when our birthday would be.
His plans for our lives
 were already made.
How we would fit into the history of time here on the earth
was known to Him before the world was created.
God had already planned that
Jesus would be our Savior
before time began.

We are God's instruments
to do His will.
We are here to glorify Him and for no other reason.
We are here to tell others
about His love,
His plan of salvation, 
His plans for an eternity with Him.

"He made us for Himself
and we are not satisfied until we find our rest in Him."

Every birthday is a treasure 
because it was hand-picked by God
 as our own special day to enter time.
You were well thought out!
Make your life count for Him!!

Sunday, February 7, 2016

disney trip

One great big happy family
enjoying pizza together at
"The Best Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza."

There is wild excitement among the cousins
when they first meet up.
Lots of laughing and catching up to do.
I kinda felt sorry for the nice couple 
sitting over there behind us.

Riding to the Magic Kingdom on the monorail.

David and Harry on the "Speedway."

Bubba and I on the "People Mover."
It was so cold!

Amanda and Mark on the "People Mover."
They bought hats at the Polynesian Resort.

After our outdoor lunch...
just playing.

Riding Dumbo with Lucy and Gus.

At the Dance Party.
We were dancing in the street.

What makes it all so wonderful?
The kids 
and their absolute joy 
at being there 
with their cousins 
and their family.
Counting God's blessings....
these grandkids
 and their moms and dads!

Loved this winter trip to Disney World.
Can't wait for the next time!!!

Saturday, February 6, 2016

got it!

Just back from our winter trip to Disney world.
We had a fabulous time!
It was a clear blue sky sunny day 
yesterday at the Magic Kingdom.......
just a little on the cold side.
As you can see,
we are all heavily bundled
most of which was shed by the afternoon
and then reapplied when the sun went down.

I got the picture I wanted...
one including Archie
so that he will feel a part of the family.

More pictures tomorrow.
Just wanted to get this on since I haven't written in a while.

I took this picture of Lu at lunch yesterday.
I just love it!

Monday, February 1, 2016

so cathy.....

....its the beginning of your birthday month.
What are you going to do now?

We're going to Disney World!!!

the whole family is going to 
Disney World
start off my birthday month.

Gotta get a picture with Archie in it.
He notices...:)

Love these people!
Love this place!