Monday, February 29, 2016

leap day ~ february 29,2016

There is a little problem with our calendar.
 The earth's trek around the sun
is off just a bit.
Most years we have only 365 days.
But every fourth year we have an extra day added on
to make up the difference.
So today is a gift...
for me, an extra day in my birthday month.

Way back,
before we got so smart and sophisticated,
fair young maidens
could turn the tables 
and ask a man out on a date on this day.
It seems they could even ask a man for his hand in marriage.
I know,
its no longer done that way,
but still a quaint thought don't you think?

An extra day of life.
Here in Savannah it feels like the first day of Spring.
The azaleas are blooming,
the birds are singing,
the air is warm with a gentle breeze.
I am very thankful!

One day time as we know it will end.
We will be in eternity.
I don't know how eternity will work,
but I'm told
 it will be more awesome
than we can imagine 
or understand with our finite minds.

Time changes ~ God never changes.
Happy Leap Year!

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