Tuesday, February 9, 2016

birthdays are not random

This is my soap for the month of February.
The Basin ~ Disney Springs

I love celebrating birthdays!
Not just my own,
but everybody that I love.
It is such a special day.

Before He made the world
God knew when our birthday would be.
His plans for our lives
 were already made.
How we would fit into the history of time here on the earth
was known to Him before the world was created.
God had already planned that
Jesus would be our Savior
before time began.

We are God's instruments
to do His will.
We are here to glorify Him and for no other reason.
We are here to tell others
about His love,
His plan of salvation, 
His plans for an eternity with Him.

"He made us for Himself
and we are not satisfied until we find our rest in Him."

Every birthday is a treasure 
because it was hand-picked by God
 as our own special day to enter time.
You were well thought out!
Make your life count for Him!!

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