Tuesday, February 23, 2016

seaweed heart

Everything is beautiful in its own way,
even the weeds that flourish in the ocean.

How appropriate to see this heart
on the beach.
Looking out at the wide expanse of ocean
makes me aware of how big and unending God's love is for us.
It cannot be measured with any tool,
It goes on and on....
through the storms and the calm places,
just like it does in our lives.
God's love is never ending.
You cannot see the end of it.
To be loved like God loves us
is like nothing else known to humankind.

We are kinda messy like the seaweed,
but God shapes us into something beautiful
when we come to Him through
His Son Jesus Christ.

I cannot fathom the love of God,
just like I cannot fathom the depths of the ocean.
But I know its true,
because He told me in His word.

To believe that is FAITH.
To live in this knowledge produces
unending joy!

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