Saturday, June 30, 2007

special thanks

Thanks to everyone for your kind condolences and rememberances of my "girl." She will always hold a special place in my heart. Reading these this morning chokes me up again and I am not one to cry easily.

Please be gracious to Bubba about his part in this. He bravely did what I could never have done and he did it at a time when I was not there to go through the agnonizing time of making that decision and carrying it out. Neither one of us believed in keeping her around for our benefit when she was obviously suffering. He did the most humane thing and he did it with care and sensitivity.

Some are already asking if there will be another one. I live a rather nomadic life right now and until the time when we settle in one home in one place I will say no, not anytime soon. Right now I'll just enjoy the dolphins that come every evening and play in my front yard. cc

Friday, June 29, 2007

my cat

Priscilla of Tyrone aka "da gwia" passed away unexpectedly (to me) yesterday afternoon. She was almost eighteen years old and my constant companion.

She had been declining since she was forced to leave her lifelong home in Fayetteville, GA, about ten months ago. Her life since then has been a constant series of upheavals and she was barely able to jump up on things anymore.

She spent her final days with Bubba (which is scary). She had a good, long life, the run of the house, and a place in our bed on cold winter nights. She was rescued from a pound in 1990 and led a charmed life. She was a lawyer.

I thank God for allowing me to have such a wonderful pet for so long.

She is survived by:

Maude Cleland
Combi and Baky Hollingsworth
Poosh O'Quinn
Rascal Deal
Li"l kiki and Bob Jacobs
Charles Edward and Blackie Crosby

I thank all of you who took care of her over the years and who shared my joy in having her.

A very sad Cathy.................. "Without You I'm Not Okay" (DC)

Thursday, June 28, 2007

my bouganvilla

I love the bouganvilla plant. It grows profusely out in California with such breathtaking bursts of color that it takes my breath away. I bought one for my deck at the beach expecting the same marvelous display. Much to my dismay after the lovely blooms that came with it floated on the breeze out to places unknown, there have been no more.

It is green and kind of dead brown in some places. Every morning when the first rays of the sun filter onto the deck I go out to inspect it. I am watering it with something called "root & bloom" that was recommended by the lady at the nursery.

Part of the problem is that I was gone for a month and it only got watered a couple of times. I think it is trying to recover from that shock and trauma and that one day soon I will be rewarded for my renewed care. I will keep hoping for huge blooms cascading over the balcony and blowing in the ocean breezes. Maybe I will sing to it tonight.

PS Will somebody look up the spelling of this word and let me know if I spelled it correctly. Again I apologize for my lack of good spelling skills. I will have to figure out how to get spell check working if I'm going to continue to do this blog.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

at the nursing home

The book "Heaven" that I mentioned in my profile is a must read for all of us who are in Christ. It is the most comprehensive on the subject I have ever read. It has made my long afternoons at the nursing home most enjoyable. God knows precisely what I need to read and when.

It is such a joy to have the time to spend with my mom and Nana at this time in their lives. It takes such small gestures to make them comfortable....just a gentle touch and a smile, a kiss on the head or a hug. They feel your presense and it comforts them. Sometimes I just read the Bible out loud....those words are living and I know that they can penetrate the heart even though their minds are weak for understanding.

I left Nana sleeping peacefully, Moma filled with a whole cup of cookies and creme ice-cream, and the bird feeder full for their evening entertainment. Daddy was sleeping in the chair with the sports page in his lap.....

Just another day in this "season" of my life.........Thanks Bubba for letting me be here.....Cathy

To God be the glory great things He has done!

Monday, June 25, 2007

the time issue

A friend e-mailed over the weekend to commend me on how bright and early I am up and out every morning posting my blog at the library. I wish it was so!

I never figured out how to set the right time on my blog while at home in Virginia and now that I use the library computers I can't do anything technical because it won't let me.

The time posted is about three hours earlier than it really is in my life. I do arise early, because I retire early, but getting out early is another matter.

I like to "piddle" and I am very good at it even in my tiny condo. (I'm not sure about the spelling of the word "piddle," but it means to be engaged in many different things at one time with not one particular thing getting your full attention.)

I just made up this definition and I think it is quite good......and many of you probably "piddle" too.

I always struggle with time when I leave my designated "zone" and venture into another. I never can figure it out and people beg me to quit trying. If I ever get to go to Italy, which is my dream, I will probably not be able to function.

I promise when I get back to my home computer to be diligent to set my blog on the right time.

From the Tybee library....Cathyoc

early morning walk on the beach

sun rising,
promising a hot summer day.
Breeze blowing,
trees swaying,
tide receding,
exposing what it left behind;
broken shells,
someones goggles,
yesterday's sand castle.
a broken bottle.

tybee light
black and white
standing tall
a beacon for all.

shrimp boats chugging
out to sea,
dragging nets,
shrimpers hoping for a big catch.
sea birds waiting for their return,
squawking at my intrusion.

"and God placed boundaries on the sea and He set a bolt and doors, and He said, "This far shall you come and no further; and here shall your proud waves stop." Job 38: 10 & 11

Saturday, June 23, 2007

the turtle

I was driving home yesterday afternoon enjoying the scenery. There was a good bit of traffic, but we were all moving along at a steady clip. I was thinking that there wasn't much at the condo to eat....

The turtle was crossing the road in front of me. It had completely made its way across the other lane and was about four inches into my lane. I didn't know it was a turtle untill my tire was about three inches from his sturdy little shell. As I narrowly passed him by I looked back to see the cars behind me swerving to avoid hitting the defenseless little critter.

I don't know if he made it or not but I asked myself this pertenint question: "Why do the turtles at Tybee think that they have to cross one of the most dangerous roads in Savannah to be happy." The beachside seems to have everything they need in great guantities....sand, beach grass, nooks and crannies in the sand dunes, and it is all so peaceful and quiet.

What is over the road that so draws them with such devastating outcomes? I think it has to do with mating and laying eggs, but why do they have to put themselves in such peril to do that. I just don't have a clue. If you know the answer to this mystery, please pass it on to me.

I know this verse applies to man, but it also fits the turtles too:

"A man who wanders from the way of understanding
will rest in the assembly of the dead." Proverbs 21:16

Friday, June 22, 2007

at the library

While I am in Savannah I do my computer dallying at the public library. I truly believe that Bubba would let me bring his laptop, but we can't get same to work at the condo. Rather than eliminating this one thing from my busy routine while I am here, I almost daily make the trek to one of the many public libraries here in Savannah. What may be on my computer fascinates me enough to draw me in like a bee to a honeycomb. Basically, I'm lost without it.

The actual process of reserving a computer is easy......but the wait is hard. Everyone else in Savannah no matter what color or race, whether they are short or tall, fat or thin, male or female, all converge here as well. I grasp my reservation number and eyeball the person that is on my intended computer until at last he gets up and vacats.

I have to hurry because I only get thirty minutes.....during that time someone is eyeballing me and making me nervous and worried that I won't be able to get it all done. I never do.

No one comes here for books anymore. It is kind of sad and sometimes I feel guilty about all of the books that no one checks out. Occassionally I will browse them while I'm waiting, but the big rush is for the computers.

I do remember all of the "be quiet" rules from my childhood, and I actually got scolded from a big, grouchy man behind the desk when my cell phone went off unexpectedly. I left with my head held low.

I really like the library at Tybee the best, but they are on "Tybee time," and have short open hours and only six computers.

I really need to find a more conveinient hobby or whatever this obsession with the computer is, but, it is a wide open plethera of information and response and I will probably keep coming back for more!!!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

dolphin show

After the rain stopped last evening I took a walk to the lighthouse. It is about 45 minutes there and back to the condo. I haven't been able to get my bike out of storage yet so off I went on foot. It was still drizzling a little bit and a slight breeze was blowing. Exceptional!!

On the way back I noticed a couple of dolphins and as I preceeded onward there were more and more behind them....a steady stream heading out to sea. I paused to reflect on such a sight....they were playing and jumping and cavorting around having so much fun.

I never get over the matter how long I'm there it only gets better. I found this verse......

O Lord, how many are Thy works.
In wisdom Thou hast made them all:
The earth is full of Thy possessions.
There is the sea, great and broad,
In which swarms without number,
Animals both great and small. Psalm 104: 24 - 25

To Him be praise for all of this

I have not felt as good as I do right now in a long time. I just left the doctor and he said it was very obvious that I was completely well.

The only problem is that the blood tests show that I make absolutely no antibodies to fight off any of the bugs thay cause pneumonia and sinusitis. He's hoping that the pneumonia vaccine that I took two weeks ago will spur my body on to make some. If not I will be regulated to having home health care come every two weeks to give me gamma globin drips which take two hours to infiltrate the body.

My body has always done strange's not stopping now!

Status quo at the nursing home. Nothing has changed since I walked out of the door four weeks ago tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

kitchen faucet

For all of you regular users of the condo 321 I have good news to report. Frankie & family had a mini vacation there while I was gone and while he was relaxing he did some plumbing which in my mind is not very relaxing.

I came in last night to a brand new kitchen faucet and it works perfectly. It is one of those things that I've born with so long that I almost cried when I used it. Washing dishes will no longer be a chore. Thank you, Frankie, so much for doing that for me!!!!! Thank you all for leaving it spotless also. It was a dream to walk into last night.

The air here is as heavy as lead. There is no more joyous throwing open of the doors and windows....listening to the waves while I drift off to sleep. I reluctantly turned on the air that we have to pay for, but it had to be.

I sat on the deck and read a little last dusk at which time a thunderstorm materialized on Daufuskie Island. I watched it start across the ocean but it got dark and I was tired and went on to bed.

It arrived with gusto about an hour later and as the storm was most loudly dancing all around my head I was praying that it wouldn't strike the air unit on the roof. I would have melted in a pool of humidity right there on the bed. It spared the unit and drifted on by and I slept peacefully until first light of morning.

Blessing upon blessing......a thunderstorm at the beach!

Happy thirty-first birthday Amanda. You are much loved.

PS It doesn't cost anything to sign in with google to leave a comment, but i will keep on writing even if you don't.....From the library, Cathy

Monday, June 18, 2007


"Home! Home! that only trace of the original paradise which God's mercy has spared in a world of sin."

Amanda sent me this quote in the year 2000. I have no idea who to credit it to. I do not remember where she was or why she sent it. I found it this morning while going through some old books and things that I had kept.

It hit me that the quote is not true for everyone in this world....some homes are more like hell on earth....they are not a safe haven and a refuge from the outside world.

But it spoke to me that our daughter saw our home like that.....and that is how I feel when I come home. This tiny apartment is my home right now and this is where I find comfort from the storm.

When I arrived here on May 25th I was an absolute wreck. Tomorrow I get back on the road to Savannah. I have been refreshed. The comforts of home have nurtured me back to health. It is more than a safe is a "little piece of heaven in a world of sin."

"In peace I will both lie down and sleep, for Thou alone, O Lord, dost make me to dwell in safety." Psalm 4:8

I will be looking forward to coming back home!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

restless heart

"Thou hast made us for Thyself, O Lord, and our heart is restless until it finds its rest in Thee."

Augustine 354 - 430 AD

Saturday, June 16, 2007

the playhouse

I heard this morning from my dearest childhood friend, Lou Grambling, who now resides in Augusta, Ga. She and I lived on the same block on East 35th St. in Savannah.

We played like there was no tomorrow. My Dad worked for the railroad and one day he took us out to the rail yard to pick out a playhouse from the fine array of train way stations that were available for sale. We picked one and he dismantled it and brought it home and put it back together in our yard.

It was about six feet by six feet square. I wanted it painted white with a green roof. Daddy even built a little concrete patio in the front and some steps going inside. It had real glass windows and a door. It was a castle to us.

We both had baby dolls. Loucinda named hers Lindy Lou and I cannot remember what mine was named.(shame) I think it may have been Laura. Never was there more ardent play....those dolls were real to us and we took care of them like we were really their moms. Some jealousy even broke out occassionally and we would have a big spat with her heading up the hill to her home. We would get into it mostly about whose baby was the greatest.

But oh, those were the days. Those long summer days when we could play until dark. So much of my childhood was spent in that house.

Loucinda went on to become a nurse...It didn't surprise me. She had a daughter named Stacey. I always thought she was the greatest mom. We certainly practiced enough!

A more lovely friend one couldn't ask for. She and her husband Wally just recently made a trip to Savannah to visit with my mom and dad. It made their week.

The playhouse is gone from the house on 35th St, but the memories will last forever.

Friday, June 15, 2007

whose blog it is anyway?

Your comments will be published....Amanda called to say that is the fun of a blog. What would I do without my children's advice?

I am still fine-tuning my blog

Anyone should be able to comment now and your comments will not be published.

music and memories

I like to listen to Fernando Ortega. He says in his songs what I would say if I could write songs. I love music accompanied by a quitar and that is what he does. He sings hymns simply and in between he adds songs about his family and the beautiful southwest where he resides.

I have a particular fondness for that part of our country because that is where David spent four years attending the Master's seminary, where he had his first job as a youth pastor, where he met and married his beautiful wife Erika, and where our lovely Lucy was born.

I love the strangeness of it. It wasn't like anything I had ever experienced before. I love the atmosphere, it has a dry, kind of smokey smell...the smell of the trees that grow there. I love the desert, the vastness of it, and the promise of the Pacific Ocean beckoning over the mountains, sparkling blue and most always pacified as to its name.

They say "the song remembers when." I want to go back there.....Bubba says we will. I can't wait..............until then I'll just listen to Fernando.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

every once in a while

I lose touch with my impeccable sense of direction. I went to a place I had never been before to do a little Dad's day shopping today. When I departed I thought I was on the right road, but, come to find out, I was heading into more parts unknown. Beginning to get quite hungry, I spotted a favorite of mine from Atlanta...."The Original Pancake House."

I decided to go in and order a "DUTCH BABY." This is a delectable, cooked up, (it takes 20 minutes to cook) mass of batter that comes out looking like a mushroom cloud. It is served with real butter, lemons, and powdered sugar. A cup of their steaming hot coffee with real cream set it off to a tee.

On the way in I picked up a copy of the "Falls Church News-Press" knowing that I would have a long wait. In the paper I found an article by of all people Helen Thomas. I quote her headline, "Reagan Diaries" a must read. She intriqued me enough with her comments to go out and buy it on the spot.

Somebody I know may see it soon in a gift box with his name on it. Maybe he will let me read it first!

After I got my stomach full I found my way back without any problem. I had turned west instead of east. (I had to ask)

I brought some dutch baby home to have in the morning.

old friends

I spoke with my friend Sandra Rushing last night. Bubba and I and Sandy and Robert double-dated all through our courtship and engagement and continued our close relationship way into our married years. We did everything together. We even enjoyed our last pregnancy together. Her son Brant and Amanda were born about three weeks apart.

Robert has been having trouble remembering things. He has had to quit work. Sandra has
diabetes and has a wound on her foot that won't heal. She was very discouraged. I haven't been praying for them......but I will start.

Bubba wrote me this morning and he too had them on his mind.....the problems that we have pale in comparison. God is kind to remind us to constantly be involved in praise and thanksgiving for our own good blessings and to pray unceasingly for those we love and have shared our lives with.

"A friend loves at all times." Proverbs 17:17

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

today and yesterday

I am staying home to clean and organize to go back to Tybee next week. I have a roast in the oven so Bubba will be happy. I really love days like these that I can dedicate to domestic bliss.

A couple of observations:

Dust is unrelenting. That which I carefully dealt with yesterday has already found its way back to its regular haunt. I say, why dust unless company is coming? My allergist stuck something in my back and it told him that I was allergic to dust. Now that is a fine how-to-do. How can one possibly avoid dust?

Cats intensify the amount of work it takes to clean and maintain a house....along with the dust resides white, fluffy floating hair. And the cat box (in such a small apartment) is constantly crying out, "deal with me." It's in the bathroom. Bubba says he feels like he is at the beach.
Yes, he changes it when I am not here.

Today I will work on Bubba's domain. His throne is in there, computer, and large TV. He's been eating peanuts with shells again and I need to move furniture and get under things. He also creates many unrelated stacks and piles of various and sundry. These are all very important to him. He says he knows right where everything is (and he does). So without disturbing his filing system, I will try to deal with the essential spots that need to be cleaned.

Hey, how about dust mites. Has anyone ever seen one? I'm allergic to them as well.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Bubba and I talk about her alot in our reminiscing....
Never has there been a mother who loved more unconditionally...
Who took her job of mothering up as her cross and raised three amazing children practically on her own.

She never had much as the world thinks about such things, but she always had something to give.....many times what she gave us got us through a difficult time.

She showed us her love with her cooking and that was a worthy gift. She cooked good, simple food and we loved it. No one made biscuits like her..............and oh how we would sit around her table and laugh.

She hand-made all of her grandchildren a quilt...which became coverlets on their beds to keep them warm at night.

I remember that she always asked us if we needed a Tylenol. When we were younger we would think, "What is she thinking, what would we need a Tylenol for?" Now I would gladly take it if she asked and ask for two.

I enjoy sitting in her room at Tara and rambling on with her train of thought. I've always felt so loved in her presence.

Monday, June 11, 2007

one or two more things

I was not up this morning at 4:21 am blogging..... I like to sleep too much to waste any of it like that. My timing is off and that is another thing I've got to figure out, but it will be a while before I try to conquer something else. This takes patience.

I have a picture of myself to put on but I don't know whether to or not. This is not at all like me to branch out on something like this and to put my picture on seems a bridge to that would be something else I would have to figure out.

Let me know what you think.

Bubba says he is very proud of my achievement.

I'm glad he likes my work....I am getting ready to make his Father's Day gift on this computer.

laughing medicine

There are several people in my life that can make me double over laughing....they know who they are. There is no better feeling than to be truly "caught up" in a laughing fit that will not let go. After this laughing fit finally drifts slowly away when you finally catch your breath, you feel somehow refreshed and satisfied.

Amanda called yesterday afternoon and woke me up from my Sunday afternoon nap. She knows better than that.......but I knew it must be something very important. I didn't answer when it rang the first time.....I had to come out of the stuper I had gotten myself into, you know the kind of nap where you go deep and have a hard time waking up....well, I was in for a good one.

I called her back and she preceeded to tell me the funniest thing that had happened to her after church yesterday. It was funny and awful at the same time. I still crack up when I think about it. It has to be told in person and I can't tell it in mixed company, but believe me it is a winner!

Ask me the next time I see you.................

"A joyful heart is good medicine." Proverbs 17:22

a time consuming challenge

Setting up a blog for yourself is very easy....except for me. I started with this on Thursday afternoon and only this morning have I gotten it right.

The problem and solution came to me last night as I was drifting off to sleep and I wanted to get up and fix it right then, but my body would not agree with my mind that I should get up. Thanks for writing and telling me that you couldn't get it. Now we'll see how it goes.

One thing I do know....spell-check always highlights the word blog as being spelled wrong and the word blog is not in my dictionary, so I'm wondering if blogs really exist.

As to all of the time and effort to do this I say, anything to keep the cogs in my aging brain turning is "a good thing."

Saturday, June 9, 2007

looking at lightening from eleven floors up....

Last night Frankie had just called to tell me that moma was not doing well....that she seemed to have taken a turn. Even though I expect that call anytime, I don't want to get it. I went to sit on the deck and Bubba soon came out to sit with me.

It was about nine o'clock....just getting dark. The wind got up and God proceeded to put on a most marvelous display. The storm moved from east to west across the city for about 45 minutes and during that time God reminded us that He is in control of all things. He delighted us with the wonders of His creation and He calmed my soul.

The storms of life, they come and go, but with Him nothing changes. I can trust in His will!

Malachi 3:6 "For I, the Lord do not change; therefore you will not be consumed."

What a promise to hold on to.

Friday, June 8, 2007

one of my many downfalls

I cannot spell......I am amazed that while I am typing, the word in my head comes out looking like Arabic.

I saw some Arabic the other day at Eckerds when I was picking up a perscription. I couldn't stop looking at it. It made absolutely no sense to me. How do people deal with that language?

But back to my scares me what kind of nonsense I've sent out. You say, "why don't
you use spell check?" I say, "I haven't found it on this blog site yet." Yes, I know I was a third grade teacher. Please nobody show this to my radiologist-student.

Question: Why do I live in a city that has to post Arabic in a drug store.

heart-stopping show

Just about anywhere you go in this city you see them.....They are about two feet high and rounded at the top and about one and a half feet wide. They have an inscribed name on the front and a brief thought pertaining to a life lived.

There are thousands and thousands of them amid a sea of incredibly green grass and a tumble of rolling hills. They are gleaming white marble. They are all alike. They are immaculate. They always look the same.

I am describing Arlington National Cemetery.

On the morning of Memorial Day in front of each grave someone placed one tiny American flag. I had to stop and stare......

That a person would put his life in peril for our freedom is amazing. Thank God for them .