Saturday, April 29, 2017

us, you & me

I am so thankful for you Bubba.
Where in this world would I be without you?
Thank you for getting me home from Disney and to the doctor on Wednesday,
for picking up my medicine,
 for making me your amazing crab stew....
It has warmed my soul.
I love you!

Another milestone for Grace....

Thursday, April 27, 2017

finding hearts.....

There is a little girl who knows her Grammy's heart.
Lucy knows that I like to find hearts in common everyday things....
a potato chip,
a tree's bark,
a shell.
She was warming some cookies her friend had made when she noticed...
the shape of a heart.
Thank you Lucy for this cookie heart.
Thank you for your love and many acts of kindness to me.
Thank You Lord for bringing this precious soul into my life.
I love you Lucy.

Bubba and I went down to Disney on Monday.
A short little anniversary celebration.
We managed to get to Epcot,
have a couple of good days until...
I developed a severe infection.
This malady is a sure way to ruin a holiday
 and is not conducive to having fun...
we cut our trip short,
raced back to Savannah,
got to my doctor,
got meds,
 which I am happy to report have helped me feel 
exponentially better.

All that to say...
"man makes his plans but the Lord directs his steps."

At home,
thankful for all things.

Praising God for all of His bountiful blessings tonight.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

God's handiwork....

My geraniums make me happy.
They are outdoing themselves sitting there on our back porch.
The deer don't come up the steps and for that I am thankful!
No one but God can fashion a flower.
So much beauty...each so different!

I just finished reading "The Zookeeper's Wife."
I am obsessed with reading anything I can get my hands on
about World War II.
I love reading how these people survived the atrocities of this war...
how they helped others 
and gave when they had nothing to give but themselves.

Here is Grace's latest blog...
Talk about courage.
I love you Grace.
With God nothing is impossible.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

friday night at the movie

This is a little seen room in our house.
First floor,
Two recliners,
Big screen TV.
That's about it.
It is a bedroom with a closet and an attached bath,
but we use it as a place to relax,
a place to hide the TV.
a place to read.

Lucy, Harry, Gus and Archie spent some time with us.
In the evening, we watched the movie "Sing" together.
They have to get "comfortable,"
which requires the bringing in of all things soft and comfy...
stuffed animals, 
sleeping bags,
and my lovely paper lantern from my 50th high school reunion
for an added touch of ambiance. (Lou-♥)

My place to sit and watch is there in the chair with Gus snuggled close.
He may get emotional at sad scenes so...
we sit close so that I can comfort him if that happens.

Of course...a couple of fights broke out.
Lucy and Harry both wanted Granddaddy's army issue sleeping bag.
I told Lu that the chair was more comfortable but....
they still needed to have their time on the floor
snuggled in the down stuffed bag meant for Arctic conditions
on the hottest day of the year so far.

We had pizza for supper,
found a huge abandoned bird's nest in the garage,
and played several rounds of Ocean Bingo.
I got out David's antique Lego's for Harry and Archie to play with.
Had to stop that when Harry filled up the bathroom sink to the brim
to see if his creation would float. 😒
(It did)
We had ice cream sundaes while watching the movie
as an added treat.

Children are the best!
They keep me young and happy!
Who cares if one spills his sundae all over my chair.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

david & erika ~ amanda & mark

It is one thing when your children grow up and get married.
It is something else when your firstborn has been married fifteen years.
It is another thing entirely when your baby has been married almost fourteen years.
What this really means is...we are getting really old.

It is so interesting to watch God work.
When the time is right he brings two people together.
Eventually you see what He has done.
Yes, Erika is perfect for David...
Mark is perfect for Amanda.
God knows who we need to share our life with,
 have our children with.
He knows who will help us to grow and be more like Him.

I am very thankful for the four souls above.
What joy they bring to me!

On a totally different subject....
Erika sent me this link below.
Sandra Bullock owns a beachfront mansion two doors down from our tiny condo.
Evidently, according to the article, she now rents it out.
I want to stay there for just one night.
I think a bunch of us should get together,
split the astronomical nightly rate,
and have a party.
What do you think?

This is undeniably the most perfect beach house anywhere.
I love the rooms,
how it is furnished,
the colors, 
the porches,

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Easter Sunday ~ 2017

It was the best of days!

Late lunch ~ early dinner.
Chicken salad,
Broccoli salad,
Pineapple bake,
Fresh strawberries and whipped cream.
Coconut cake,
Atlantic Beach Pie (lime)
with, Coffee.

The Easter Egg hunt!
Ready, set, go!

They flew past Grandaddy, 
down the steps, 
and out into the yard at the speed of light!.

Lucy and Harry were exuberant.
The others a little more hesitant.
There were 73 eggs hidden counting the golden egg.
Lucy won first prize for finding the most eggs.
I think she found 21.

Granddaddy giving his "Clue" for the golden egg.
"The golden egg is not buried in the ground."

Everybody decided it was up in these trees.
They were wrong.
It was in the stump some of them are standing on.

That's more like it.
Amanda started digging in the tree stump.

Amanda found the golden egg.
She was ecstatic.
$25.00 richer she was.

After the hunt.
All the kids went home with a little money!

Such a perfect Easter Day!
He is Risen!
He is Risen Indeed!

Monday, April 17, 2017

easter pictures...

Jake & Eli & Grammy & Granddaddy.
After church.
Before the egg hunt which I will write about tomorrow.
These boys are growing up so fast.

Here are all six of them.
Taken yesterday afternoon on our front porch.

Such blessings they all are.

Norman Hollingsworth came.
He and Red Cleland got Easter bags full of goodies.
So did the children.

We celebrated our Lord's resurrection
and then came home to a wonderful time of fellowship and fun.
The egg hunt was amazing.
Tomorrow I will reveal who found the golden egg with $25.00 inside.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

father of the bride

I shared this picture on Facebook today.
It is one of my favorites of all of my wedding photos.
We are in the vestibule of Calvary Baptist Temple.
I am the bride,
getting ready to walk down the aisle.
My baby sister Teri is all ready to take her walk as well.
She has golden ringlets in her hair
and is dressed in a miniature version of my bridesmaid's attire.
She must be nine years old.
My dad is trying not to cry as he gives away his first born child
to the young man waiting at the front of the church.
I seem to be thinking...
"We can do this Daddy, everything will be okay."

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

47 years together

It seems like just yesterday really.

Bubba and I got married 47 years ago today.
Here we are after the wedding,
leaving on our honeymoon.
I am wearing my exquisite silk coat dress.
Our "across the street" neighbor made it for me.
Her name was "Duck" Huey.

God has richly blessed our life together.
We have two wonderful children,
who have two amazing spouses,
who have given us seven beautiful grandchildren.
We have fun together and help each other.
We are family.
That is a great and perfect gift.

God knew who I needed to spend my life with.
Bubba has been faithful and supportive.
His unconditional love sustains me.
He knows what I need before I do.
I am thankful beyond measure for my husband.

We still love to go to Disney World.
We have fun there by ourselves or with our family
He knows I love the beach...
He even bought me a little beach house 
which never ceases to amaze me every time I open the door and see the ocean.
He came in yesterday afternoon with a big bunch of red roses...
He knows I love flowers.
Tonight we are going to eat crab legs.

He points me to the cross when I am struggling.
He tells me the truth,
He knows my heart and all that is there.
We have no secrets.

What a week!
Archie turns 9,
We have our 47th anniversary,
and then Easter!
Joy abounds here at #6.

I am truly blessed.
Thank You is all from You!

Sunday, April 9, 2017


Our Archie turns 9!

What a wonderful day.
After celebrating our Lord Jesus at church this morning,
we had the honor and privilege of watching Archie turn nine.
What a joy this little guy is.

His wish was for a new bike.
He and his granddaddy went shopping on Thursday.
The bike you see in the picture is the one he chose.

After he finished opening all of his presents,
he wanted to take his first ride.
All of his brothers and sisters joined in the fun
which ended in Arch taking a nasty fall.
He took it on the chin,
causing some tears and sadness 
before blowing out the candles on his pie.
Yes, his pie.

Theses grands love Grammy's desserts so much 
they ask for them on their birthdays.

As you can see,
Archie recovered enough to blow out his candles,
and we all enjoyed this Atlantic Beach pie
with fresh whipped cream piled high.
What a lovely Sunday dinner we had.

This little boy is filled with joy.
He is finishing up first grade with a flourish.
He is learning to read and write and do math.
He is learning to play the piano.
He is sweet and kind and very loving.

Of all the little boys in China,
God chose Archie for us.
Soon we will have another little guy from China.
Walter Bookman Cleland will be here very soon.
I could never have imagined 
when I was just starting out as a new bride,
that God would bring all of these many and varied children into my life.
I just love watching them grow and change.
Thankful now, this day, for Archie and all of them.

The latest from Grace.
She is brave! 
God is blessing!

Friday, April 7, 2017

deer food

I don't know what comes over me.
Every year about this time,
knowing full well it is a futile cause,
I go to the nursery and buy flowers to plant in our yard. 🌻
I cornered the horticulturist and made him promise
that the deer will not eat these ones I bought.
He said,
"You are safe with all of these,
the deer despise them."
We'll see.

I have....
blue-eyed grass.

Tomorrow is a work outside day.
I need to get these planted
so that the yard will look good for Easter next week.
The weather is just perfect!

the condo was put back on the market this past week.
I went to the website to see if we had gotten any vacationers yet.
This was what I saw....

The red is all paid renters.
I was shocked and surprised.
Very thankful that so many people like our place at Tybee.
They must've been waiting "with baited breath" for it to get back on the market.

Early Saturday morning....
The deer got my flowers before I could get out to plant them this morning. 😒
I should have known.
They  didn't eat the Angelonia...
the purple ones. 😃

Spoke too soon!
The deer ate 3 of the Angelonias
and my beautiful Gerber daisies in the back yard
as well as my hydrangea.

Bad night at #6.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

open for business

Six months to the day since
Hurricane Matthew blew through our fair city,
we are pleased to announce that our beach condo is once again
ready to be rented.
I think it is better than ever!
I will share a few pictures here.

King size bed,
seahorse lamps,
pictures of both of the lighthouses,
the pelican picture,
the Weekend Getaway sign,
freshly painted,
color "Sea Salt" by Sherman Williams,
new floor that looks like driftwood  and is indestructible.

New slip~covered sleeper~sofa.
The whale wall decor was just purchased today
and hung by Bubba.
It looks really comfy to me.

The eating nook.
Perfect space for two.
Get a lot of honeymooners.

The view.
There is no better on the island.
Dinner for two here is very special.
Always a great show.
Dolphins play out there,
big ships pass by.

No place I'd rather be.

Monday, April 3, 2017

saturday & sunday

I was at the beach on Saturday & Sunday last.
The picture above was taken on Saturday.
Bright, sunshiny, warm it was.
The picture below was taken on Sunday.
Cloudy, blustery, and cool it was.
Both days were beautiful in their own way.
I love the beach any way it chooses to be.
Notice how the tide had changed directions.

Our church,
Community Bible Church in Savannah,
is studying through the book of Luke in the New Testament.
We started at the beginning back in January.
Each verse is studied.
This is called expository preaching.
David preached from chapter eight yesterday.
You may want to listen for yourself...

Each Sunday, 
as we walk through this gospel written by Doctor Luke,
an eyewitness to the life of Jesus,
more and more truth about our Savior is revealed.
I am so thankful for the hours and hours of study that our pastors put in
enabling them to present God's word
clearly and in a way that is easy to understand.

One thing David said yesterday I want to remember...
"We don't MAKE Jesus Lord of our life...
He IS Lord of our life."
Our responsibility is to believe that truth.

Here is Grace's latest blog...
Ivan wrote this one.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

late afternoon light

This beauty happens every afternoon.
The slant of the sun causes the light to shine into my kitchen
 and it takes my breath away.
The wood floors glow and my old pine farm table shines.
I am drawn to the light.
Jesus is light.

Look closely on the table.
Those are my newly dyed Easter eggs.
Lucy, Harry, Archie, & Gus
stayed with us yesterday.
My project for them was to dye 24 eggs.
Twenty three made it on the egg tree.
Gus cracked one of his and ate it.

I have to say...
I almost lost it before the eggs were done.
Four kids,
24 eggs,
boiling water,
food coloring.

It was like loading cats on a flat bed truck.
I was thinking we would go very slowly,
 having a leisurely afternoon of fun.
the whole egg dying process was over in a flash.

Our skin and clothes were dyed all different colors.
the table quickly became a disaster,
I could not get the next pot of water boiled fast enough,
a whole cup of vinegar disappeared,
and I never got to dye a single egg.
I'm telling you these four should work on an assembly line.

All of that to say this...
the eggs turned out to be so beautiful.

This little boy with the dreamy eyes was awestruck.
He came back inside,
left the other three outside playing,
climbed on the table,
and rearranged all of the eggs to his liking.
I survived and cleaned up the mess.