Sunday, April 9, 2017


Our Archie turns 9!

What a wonderful day.
After celebrating our Lord Jesus at church this morning,
we had the honor and privilege of watching Archie turn nine.
What a joy this little guy is.

His wish was for a new bike.
He and his granddaddy went shopping on Thursday.
The bike you see in the picture is the one he chose.

After he finished opening all of his presents,
he wanted to take his first ride.
All of his brothers and sisters joined in the fun
which ended in Arch taking a nasty fall.
He took it on the chin,
causing some tears and sadness 
before blowing out the candles on his pie.
Yes, his pie.

Theses grands love Grammy's desserts so much 
they ask for them on their birthdays.

As you can see,
Archie recovered enough to blow out his candles,
and we all enjoyed this Atlantic Beach pie
with fresh whipped cream piled high.
What a lovely Sunday dinner we had.

This little boy is filled with joy.
He is finishing up first grade with a flourish.
He is learning to read and write and do math.
He is learning to play the piano.
He is sweet and kind and very loving.

Of all the little boys in China,
God chose Archie for us.
Soon we will have another little guy from China.
Walter Bookman Cleland will be here very soon.
I could never have imagined 
when I was just starting out as a new bride,
that God would bring all of these many and varied children into my life.
I just love watching them grow and change.
Thankful now, this day, for Archie and all of them.

The latest from Grace.
She is brave! 
God is blessing!

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