Tuesday, April 11, 2017

47 years together

It seems like just yesterday really.

Bubba and I got married 47 years ago today.
Here we are after the wedding,
leaving on our honeymoon.
I am wearing my exquisite silk coat dress.
Our "across the street" neighbor made it for me.
Her name was "Duck" Huey.

God has richly blessed our life together.
We have two wonderful children,
who have two amazing spouses,
who have given us seven beautiful grandchildren.
We have fun together and help each other.
We are family.
That is a great and perfect gift.

God knew who I needed to spend my life with.
Bubba has been faithful and supportive.
His unconditional love sustains me.
He knows what I need before I do.
I am thankful beyond measure for my husband.

We still love to go to Disney World.
We have fun there by ourselves or with our family
He knows I love the beach...
He even bought me a little beach house 
which never ceases to amaze me every time I open the door and see the ocean.
He came in yesterday afternoon with a big bunch of red roses...
He knows I love flowers.
Tonight we are going to eat crab legs.

He points me to the cross when I am struggling.
He tells me the truth,
He knows my heart and all that is there.
We have no secrets.

What a week!
Archie turns 9,
We have our 47th anniversary,
and then Easter!
Joy abounds here at #6.

I am truly blessed.
Thank You God...it is all from You!

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