Thursday, April 20, 2017

david & erika ~ amanda & mark

It is one thing when your children grow up and get married.
It is something else when your firstborn has been married fifteen years.
It is another thing entirely when your baby has been married almost fourteen years.
What this really means is...we are getting really old.

It is so interesting to watch God work.
When the time is right he brings two people together.
Eventually you see what He has done.
Yes, Erika is perfect for David...
Mark is perfect for Amanda.
God knows who we need to share our life with,
 have our children with.
He knows who will help us to grow and be more like Him.

I am very thankful for the four souls above.
What joy they bring to me!

On a totally different subject....
Erika sent me this link below.
Sandra Bullock owns a beachfront mansion two doors down from our tiny condo.
Evidently, according to the article, she now rents it out.
I want to stay there for just one night.
I think a bunch of us should get together,
split the astronomical nightly rate,
and have a party.
What do you think?

This is undeniably the most perfect beach house anywhere.
I love the rooms,
how it is furnished,
the colors, 
the porches,

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