Wednesday, April 30, 2014

april, where have you gone?

Me, taking a picture
of myself at the condo.
(I guess you would call this a selfie)

Not coordinated.
I was back in the pool today when I realized,
I cannot do two things at once.
I think it has to do with 
not knowing my right hand from the left.
moving my arms and legs in different directions
while managing a set of weights,
caused me to appear
out of sync with the rest of the class.
I will not give up.
I will keep trying to get better
exercise keeps you young in body and mind.
you are my inspiration!

Harry B is spending the night.
He and granddaddy have big plans for tomorrow.
Speaking of granddaddy,
he cooked all of us,
David, Erika, Lucy, Gus, Harry, Archie and me,
a scrumptious roast beef dinner
with all the fixings.
All of the children love corn on the cob!

Prettiest love song.....
"All of Me"
by John Legend.
Listen at grammys
(I couldn't get it to link up, sorry)

April is over, May will be here in a couple hours.
Get ready!
Summer is almost here.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

this & that just because.....

So, I wasn't going to write tonight,
but here I am at my computer...
fingers moving on the keys.

Just returned from a bike ride.
I went looking for the three deer I saw the other evening.
They were nowhere to be seen.

Yes, I did recover from my first day of water aerobics.
I was helped immensely by a 
"long winter's nap"
this afternoon.
I sat down to do a little reading at about 2:30
and the next thing I knew it was almost 4:00.
I am not a napper,
except when my body claims if for its own.

Enjoyed lunch today with Sandra at,
The Mansion on Forsyth Park.
After a divine crab cake sandwich,
we enjoyed
some ice cream from Leopolds,
made especially for them and served only there,
that was incredibly delicious....
rum raisin with cloutifa.
I will go back for that.

Sandy, the picture did not turn out.
I left the sym card at home.

The above flower is my peony.
It doesn't look like the peony I know and love,
but it still takes my breath away.

Got to go.
Water aerobics again tomorrow.
Will take water this time.

Monday, April 28, 2014

water aerobics

My first time.

The room was hot and humid.
The pool water seducingly warm,
inviting me to come on in,
grab some weights, 
start moving.

I had heard it would be good for me......
less stress on the joints,
but my friends,
it was positively therapeutic.
I was jumping and jogging and whipping up the water
like never before.
When the instructor said
"Jump higher,"
I did.
Over and over again.
I had wings,
I felt like I could do anything,

When I got out of the pool I felt............................
like I weighed 1000 pounds,
like I was going to faint,
like I was 100.

What happened?
I drug into the locker room,
held on while trying to get dressed,
needed water, lots.
I managed to drive home
and here I am.
I feel like I have jarred loose everything in my body.

I am nuts.
I know better.
Take it slow.
Go at your own pace.
I didn't.
Will next time.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

time and time again

I was struggling....
not able to see the time on the microwave,
not able to time my recipes,
flat out not able to see.
Went shopping for a clock for the kitchen
and I found this beauty.
Easy to see,
it matches my colors.
I love it.

God instigated time.
I am a military wife.
I have always had to be on time.
I cannot be late if I try.
Just need a good clock in my house!

I leave you with a picture of my fire.
I have been making a pile of twigs and things since we moved in.
Today was the day to set it afire.
It was great and magnificent,
all the things that fires are.
Here it is....

Our backyard is looking beautiful.
Come and see.

Friday, April 25, 2014

aw spring

Another trip to the nursery today....
this time to buy
(don't laugh ~ they are deer resistant)
 another geranium
(in honor of my dad)
and my most favorite of all.....
I am in flower heaven.

All of my windows are open,
and I smell
lavender and rosemary
wafting in with the breezes.
God is so very creative to give us such varieties of beauty to enjoy.

To Lou....
my lifelong, beautiful friend,
this is for you.....

Our daughters are all grown up...
beautiful they are 
with families of their own.

Just look at this picture I found.
Stacey and Amanda posing on the diving board.
They couldn't be any cuter.
You know sweet girl friend, 
our dreams really did come true.
I love you!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

easter tulips

I am still on an Easter hangover.
Just went to the fridge and had a bite of my
chocolate Easter bunny.
Bubba never fails to provide these
for the people he loves....
Amanda and Mark...
yours will come with us in May.

My grandmother's vase never fails to charm me,
filled with God's beautiful flowers,
things in my home that are old,
but so precious.

Early on Easter morning,
before the sun had peeped it's head over the horizon,
the Easter Bunny himself visited.
I ran to get my camera,
changed the lens
and got a picture of him.
I had never seen a rabbit visit before.
This one was rather large,
not easily scared off.

What a joy to see wildlife in your own backyard,
not withstanding the pain they are,
when they eat my flowers.
Like Sally O said,
"I am always thrilled when they come into the yard.'

Here he is....

God is so good and so worthy to be praised.
Thank You for all of the beauty
you give us to enjoy.
I can't even imagine what heaven will be like, Lord.

Here is the bunny without a flash.
I love his eyes...

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

our Easter loves

in Jupiter, Florida.

These two handsome guys are
all decked out in their Easter finery ~ Florida style.
We are counting the days 
until we will be together again.
Bubba and Jake have
which makes for a very fun celebration.

Jake and Eli got to go to the circus on Saturday last.
Jake has loved elephants all his life.
We have read about them
and talked about whether they are
 Indian or African elephants.

Well guess what?
He and Eli got to ride an elephant!
She was Indian and she was 52 years old.
So wish I could have been there!

If I had been there,
I would have been right up there with them.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter memories ~ April 2014

A really fun time was had by all!!!!

Rejoice ~ His is Risen
He is Risen Indeed!
Jesus is the reason that we celebrate!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

He is risen......

He is risen indeed!

"Now after the Sabbath, 
as it began to dawn toward the first day of the week,
 Mary Magdalene and the other Mary 
came to look at the grave.

And behold, 
a severe earthquake had occurred,
 for an angel of the Lord descended from heaven
 and came 
and rolled away the stone 
and sat upon it.

And his appearance was like lightning, 
and his garment as white as the snow.
And the guards shook for fear of him,
and became like dead men.

And the angel answered and said to the women,
'Do not be afraid;
for I know that you are looking for Jesus
who has been crucified.
He is not here,
for he has risen just as He said.
Come see the place where He was lying.' "
Matthew 28: 1-6

Nothing speaks it like Scripture.
This is the crux of our faith as Christians.....
He is not dead!!!

Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

waiting for sunday

On Saturday all was quiet.
The followers were in shock,
mourning the loss of their friend and teacher, Jesus.

They had watched in dismay as their hopes and dreams
were nailed to the cross.
The One they had walked and talked with for three years,
The One who claimed to be the Son of God,
the long awaited Messiah,
had died on Friday,
and been placed in a tomb with a heavy stone to guard.

Saturday was probably quiet,
They were most assuredly,
as we do after the loss of a dear one.

Sunday is coming,
and that is another story.
on Saturday,
they are devastated,
 hoping beyond hope that His words were truth.

"And Behold, 
a man named Joseph, 
who was a member of the Counsil,
a good and righteous man, 
went to Pilate and asked for the body of Jesus. 
And he took it down
 and wrapped it in a linen cloth,
 and laid Him in a tomb cut into the rock, 
where no one had ever lain."
Matthew 23:50-53

*Very key point....
Jesus really died and was buried.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

thursday night

This afternoon I have been 
I got all of my flowers planted.
no deer will come tonight and wipe me out.

I have also been planning our Easter meal.
While thinking about all of the fun times we have had around our big old farm table,
I began thinking about the Last Supper in scripture,
the time when our Lord Jesus
planned a final time of fellowship with his disciples
before He had to go and die.
To die was God's will for Him.
Jesus was born to die.
That was His purpose for coming to this earth.

It was a festive time in spite of what lay ahead.
I would have loved to have been in that room,
listening to their conversations,
watching their faces,
their gestures,
their eyes.

Jesus was betrayed that night.
Judas brought a band of thugs as if he needed them.
Jesus knew he was coming
and He was ready to go to the cross for us.

But isn't it lovely to know,
that the night before He died,
Jesus ate 
and fellowshipped with
and loved
His friends one more time.
He washed their feet and told them to do the same.

Then He broke the bread and poured the wine and said,
"This do in remembrance of Me."
We have communion to remember that night 
and that one day, hopefully soon,
 Jesus will return 
and we will dine with Him in heaven.

Jesus wants us to remember what He did.
This all happened on a Thursday night.
Tonight is Thursday night so many years later,
but we remember,
oh do we remember!!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

party time

This afternoon, 
we finally got to celebrate Archie's birthday.
He had a Spiderman cake
with six candles.

They have taken his cast off
but he still cannot stand.
All of that didn't diminish his happiness in any way.
He got a bike helmet,
some sunglasses,
a beach towel,
and a new swimsuit,
because sooner or later,
we will all get to go swimming.

After Granddaddy's delicious steak and mashed potatoes,
and corn on the cob,
He got a ride in the wagon to try out his new helmet.
Lots of fun tonight!

Precious days...
precious children.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

deer dilemma

What I had envisioned for our backyard is not to be.
Some four-legged,
beautiful creations of God
that cause me to almost have
a car wreck when I see them beside the road
because I have to stop and gaze.....
these amazing animals of the wild,
love the same flowers I do.

as I mentioned last night,
they devoured the geraniums the very first night they were planted.
The only reason they didn't eat the 
beautiful blue hydrangeas
was because we kept them in the garage.

So, Harry B and I went over to the nursery
and asked for help....
"What flowers do you have that are detestable to the deer?"

I will interject here what a great helper
is my Harry B.
He loaded the wagon full of flowers,
he pulled us up to pay,
and he loaded up the back of my van for me.
He even unloaded the flowers when we returned home.

So....vinca in the pot above,
and below you will see my lavender and echinacea.

So far, so good.
Not one little leaf has been bitten.

Cold again tonight.
40 with a wind chill of 28.
Can't shake winter.
Hope my flowers survive!

Monday, April 14, 2014

we have a cast

Archie broke his foot last week
and now
he has a cast.
Poor little guy....he is really brave.

More than likely there will be lots of casts for him in the future.
The doctors want to make his foot and leg straight
so that he can lead a normal life.
Erika says that this is a trial run.

He is so good to sit and watch the others play.
He never complains.

Please keep Archie in your prayers.
We love him so much.

Anyone getting up at 3:00 am to watch the
blood moon tonight?
Maybe me if I happen to wake up.

Thanking God tonight for another child to love.
Love never runs out.
It is like a bubbling fountain,
continuously flowing upward and outward.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

the new rug

For our 44th wedding anniversary,
we got a rug for the dining room of our new home.
I searched far and wide for
the right colors....
the palette being soft and neutral. 
The one I chose was,
I love the way this room turned out.

I did some research on the computer.
My subject...
"Do deer eat geraniums?"
The computer said,
"No, deer do not eat geraniums."
We go to the nursery and buy several
of my favorite flowers.
We set them out in various pots
and they looked so beautiful.
The next morning,
they were all gone......
eaten down to the dirt.

I say all of that to say this...
"The computer is not infallible."
God's word is infallible, 
but not the computer and its knowledge.

The lady at the flower nursery here in Savannah said.....
"If the deer are hungry enough,
they will eat anything."
I concur!!

Matching runner...
front entrance,

Friday, April 11, 2014

forty-four years ago....

Bubba and I were married
in a church full of family & friends.
These are the ones that stood with us and honored us
on this our wedding day.

Bubba was telling someone last week
how long we had been married,
and she replied....
"People don't do that anymore, congratulations."
Oh yes they do!

Didn't quite make into the getaway car 
after the wedding.
Had to go to the emergency room
and have some asphalt
dug out of my knee.
That's me on our honeymoon.

Thank you Lord for marriage.
You ordained it,
told us in Your word how to do it,
and You bless those who honor their vows.

"Love never fails."
I Corinthians 13: 8a

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

happy birthday to archie

Archie turns six today!
He is celebrating in North Carolina 
with the Bookman family.

Archie is an amazing little boy.
He came to us from China back in December.
His transition has gone well.
He is picking up our language very quickly.
He jumps right in....
whatever is happening,
he is involved.

Archie is very competitive,
a little obsessive,
a lot loud.
He doesn't know a thing about pronouns,
so every time he speaks, he calls everyone by name.

He is very brave.
He has endured some very difficult procedures
without a single flinch or cry,
but got very angry
when the doctor made a mark on his leg.

He likes rice,
 but he also likes good old
home-cooked meals.

we are glad you came to Georgia. to live.
You are smart 
and have so much potential.
You will be raised in a Christian home,
given every opportunity to excel.

We are glad you call us grammy and granddaddy.
What a privilege to know and love
a little guy from China!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

top dog of the week

Our grandson,
was top dog of the week
 in his second grade classroom.

He achieved this great honor by....
"always being enthusiastic!"
I wonder where he got that from?

His mother,
my daughter Amanda,
is a superb fitness instructor
teaching up to fifteen classes a week.
I hear that her enthusiasm in those classes is
 I am so proud of Jake,
(and Amanda too.)

Thing 1 is Jake!
Thing 2 is Eli!

Thankful tonight for
the good, long rain we had,
shrimp for supper,
a clean house,
(cleaned by me)
a great book to read,
that these two little boys call me grammy.

"You'll be on my mind ~ always......" 

Monday, April 7, 2014

three crosses

There were three crosses on the hill that day...
one of them contained the
Son of God.

Jesus had been born to die...
the perfect sacrifice 
for those loved of God, and elected to eternal life.

Many don't understand the death of Jesus.
If you believe the Bible is true,
if you have read and studied its holy pages,
then you know...
the Holy Spirit has opened your heart and mind to know the truth.
Without the Holy Spirit,
one cannot understand God's word.

Man (all of us) was born in sin.
No one escaped that sad estate.
The Bible says that we are sinners
 one and all.

God is holy,
He cannot look upon sin or abide with sin.

Right away...
from the beginning of time,
He planned to send His Son Jesus,
to take our place.
He placed our sins on Him.
God accepted His death on our behalf
and declared us righteous
because of what Jesus did.

In God's eyes we are no longer sinners.
In Christ we do our best not to sin.
His Spirit gives us the power to live holy lives.

What do we do?
bear fruit,
live holy lives,
tell others,
wait expectantly for Jesus' return.

We live this life abundantly in the power and grace
that has been given to us.

To God be the glory,
great things He has done!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

you have to go to know

There is a place on Tybee that I love.....
The Crab Shack.
The food is very good,
but it is the atmoshpere that makes the place.

You sit out on a dock overlooking a small creek.
Everything comes from a steamer pot.
Lu and I get shrimp and crab legs.
There is a hole in the middle of the table...
inviting you to throw shells etc. right in.
There are cats ambling around,
beach music playing,
sun setting down.

No frills, 
just a big roll of paper towels
and some sauces on the table.
The servers are laid back and they don't bug you...
just sit and soak it all in.
It is down south,
beach fun,
happy go lucky time at its best.
I could stay forever!
The have alligators and exotic birds as well,
which makes everything even better! 

Love spring...
sitting outside,
long days,
crab legs,
and my baby girl granddaughter Lu!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

portrait of gus

These are the kinds of things that make my life so wonderful.
Lucy drew this portrait of Gus.
When she showed it to me,
I was overwhelmed.

The hair....
I love it.
The eyes, the mouth.
It will go with my treasures 
after it hangs on the fridge for a while.

I am finally watching Downton Abbey.
David & Erika gave me the first season for my birthday.
I am now on season two,
thoroughly hooked,
and loving every minute.
Such an entertaining and well done show.
Trying not to let this series watching
affect my night time blog writing.

One more piece of exciting news.....
Harry lost his first tooth.
we are all so proud of him....

for now,
good night,
sleep tight,
and don't let the bedbugs bite.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

happy april fool's day

After the heavy theology of yesterday evening,
I present to you,
 and Archie....
four of our six grandchildren.

A beautiful spring evening at the marina.
One of the joys of living in 
coastal Georgia....
water, water everywhere,
salt water,
the best,
you can float!

Archie is doing well.
You wouldn't believe how much English he knows.
He has medical challenges ahead,
but he is a happy and sweet little boy.
Notice that he wouldn't part with his hospital bracelet.
He likes to keep up with his "things."

I think that Lucy is at times
"driven crazy"
by her three little brothers,
but she loves them all very much.

Happy April Fool's Day.
I got my two permanent crowns put on this morning
had lunch with Sally O'Quinn.
We celebrated her birthday which was last week.
We ate down on River Street at the
Shrimp Factory.

Fun life....
Always something great and wonderful to do.