Tuesday, June 30, 2015

maybe today

Last day of June!
The stone saga started on the 15th.
Half a month!

I like the picture.
 The crossed band aides are about where the pain is.
None of this has been funny,
but I like to look for humor in things.

Nothing that God sends our way is ever without purpose.
None of this has been random.
There is a reason for pain and suffering.
He has a plan....
His plan is for good and to bring glory to Himself.

today at 1:30 I covet your prayers.
the surgical procedure will allow
the stent to come out  and things will get better!

The stent is out!
I am home resting and recuperating.
The pain is much better.
A couple of more days and I should be fine!
So thankful!!!

Thanks for the prayers!

Saturday, June 27, 2015

these beautiful boys.....

....stopped by last evening
 to cheer up their sick grammy.
We had a wonderful time
 sitting around 
recalling funny stories 
of fun times we have shared.
There was a lot of laughter involved
and I felt my soul restored.

They were supposed to spend this next whole week with us.
We had planned all the fun days 
we would spend with their cousins.
But instead,
they left this morning 
with their mom and dad,
leaving me standing there with big tears in my eyes.
We will try to reschedule for later in the summer.
I can't believe that June is almost over!

Friday, June 26, 2015


I am going to write this post now while I am still brave.
This whole almost two week saga
will culminate this afternoon
with the stent removal,....
I am getting better quickly now.

Because of the extent of how bad I felt,
I wasn't able to see my sweet ones.
Wednesday afternoon,
Bubba fixed a desert and invited them to come out
to visit their grammy.

I waited with much anticipation.
They didn't bound in for hugs as usual.
They were tentative....
the looks on their faces showed concern.
One by one they gave gentle hugs and 
sweet "get well soon" words.

Harry produced this lovely castle picture 
he had drawn and colored.
I think he has talent!!
I need to discuss further with him 
the huge yellow creature 
exploding out of the top of the structure.
I love it~~

Lu came with a tiny gold envelope filled with bookmarks that she had made.
She knows my love of reading 
and that I'm always losing my bookmarks.

Archie had made me a picture too,
but he made a mistake,
 had to start over,
and ran out of time.
He will learn in time that mistakes are okay.

And Gus?
Gus just brought His smile
 and his little hug, and his sweetness.

Getting better!!!
Pray for me at 1:30.

they were not able to remove the stent today.
I have to wait until Tuesday.
Thanking God for His good care and lovingkindness,

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

medical update

Nothing worse than someone talking of their troubles,
but I feel its time for a very brief update.

Friday when the doctor removed the stone,
she left a stent in its place....
somewhere inside of me that I cannot see.
She said this to me right before I was wheeled off to surgery...
"I hate to do this to you,
many times the stent pain is worse that the stone pain."
She was right.

I can't do anything 
but stay home and recover.
Round the clock meds and all that come with those
have kept me pretty much here,
in a chair,
dreaming of better days.

So thankful for Bubba.
He has been by my side day and night
throughout this long, hard ordeal.
We had lots of plans for these first lovely weeks of summer.
So many things have been canceled
 and set aside for later.

God is sovereign over all these things.
He knows the plans He has for us,
and these days of pain and waiting have some benefit
that I cannot see right now, but He knows.
God is holding me close these days,
 as He gently and slowly works His healing on my body.

I go back on Friday to have the stent removed.
I'm hopeful!
Can't wait to feel well and strong again.

Never ever take good health for granted.
Be thankful for it every day!!!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

roses from little boys

Last week was, shall I say,
If you haven't ever had a kidney stone
 pass through your body
you can't know....
there are no words to describe the pain and agony.

Last Monday night it came out of the blue.
After a normal day in all ways,
I was awakened at 11:30 pm with the "pain."
I knew exactly what it was
where it came from,
what was ahead.

The stone moves, stops, moves again.
There are times 
when there is no pain.
Then it comes back with full intensity.
It (the stone)
amazingly wakened me at the same time every night,
and kept me in agony all night.
by Friday morning last, 
I was done.
Bubba took me to the doctor's office very early for fluids,
and they sent me straight to the hospital for surgery.
Had to get that thing outa there!!

My loves had gathered here on Thursday night 
to celebrate Amanda's birthday.
I had been so looking forward to their brief visit.

Everything was cancelled,
I never even got Amanda a gift,
her very cool beach cake was cancelled too.
No party...no nothing!
I was so sad.

When I got home from the hospital
 Friday afternoon,
it wasn't long before Jake and Eli came bounding in...
carrying the roses and the balloon
 in the picture above.
I was overwhelmed
 and so thankful
that they were here to cheer me up!

I thought of this verse....

"A man's heart plans his way,
But the Lord directs his steps."
Proverbs 16:9

Our plans don't always turn out like we hoped they would,
but when you are in Christ,
His plans 
are always best!

Saturday, June 20, 2015

she is thirty nine

If she hadn't been born into my life as my daughter,
I would have hoped to have had her as my friend.

Long legs even then,
beautiful smocked dress already a little too short,
her personality was bubbling out,
her fashion sense, 
her unbounded joy and happiness,
her sense of humor....
this picture says it all.

Happy birthday Amanda!!!
You came for a big, happy birthday party weekend
and ended up with nothing
but a sick moma unable to function.

After struggling all week with another kidney stone,
I landed in the hospital yesterday
for a completely unexpected day surgery
to get that stone out of there.
The tables were turned and you gave to me,
as you ministered by my bedside.

Your heart is filled with the Spirit of God,
and that is a mother's richest joy.
You are still that adorable little girl in the picture above,
but you are now a wife and mom
and such a blessing to your dad and me.

Love to you on this your birthday!
Have fun in Gatlinburg with Mark's family.
I love you,

Monday, June 15, 2015

too hot too soon

Just want to say a few things tonight....
One, it is a little hotter than I like,
but I'm still glad its summer
I can get in a pool of cold water
 and it feels divine.

My flowers are beautiful,
even though they work me to the bone
needing water,
 and fertilizer, 
and coyote urine pellets
 and bug spray.
All worth it!!

Our ebay business is thriving.
Have almost 
It all goes to our 50th anniversary fund.
We plan to raise enough to take the whole family
on an exotic cruise.
We have five years to get it done.

I am so thankful to God tonight for another day of life.
He is so faithful and good 
to provide everything we need
 for life and godliness.
There is a constant flow of blessings.
He has given us His word so that we may know Him
and understand His plans and purposes.
Most of all I am thankful for Jesus,
for His willingness to come and die for our sins
so that we could be reconciled to God.
Tonight is full of worship and praise and thanksgiving.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

something lasting.....

Our Lucy is growing up.
Last summer I did sewing camp for her.
She got her very own sewing machine out of the deal.

This summer she is taking one on one sewing lessons at
Kloe's in Downtown Savannah.
In a beautiful studio over
 The Paris Market,
she had her first lesson yesterday.

With hardwood floors from ages ago,
and long, ancient windows overlooking Broughton Street,
it is a breathtaking place.

Kleo is really Nicole.
She is a SCAD graduate in sewing and design.
Lucy loves her
and she also loves sewing..
Her project is an apron...
she is making it for me to use when I cook.

We look at these lessons as an 
investment in the future....
something she can still use when she is old and gray.
She can teach her children and grandchildren how to sew,
 and make little dresses for them.

She can't always do ballet or gymnastics,
but she can always sew and make beautiful.
Sewing will make her happy and give her a hobby to last forever.

I love you Lucy Blue.
Can't wait to get my apron.
I will share it with you all when I do.

Thursday, June 11, 2015


Just a short story 
of a long friendship....
We only get together once every few years,
but our hearts are joined at the hip.

My blog keeps her caught up with my life.
She sends me long e-mails and pictures of hers.

We talked for three hours today
and we barely scratched the surface.
I'm very thankful for those three hours.

Early childhood friends,
we talked today about attending our 
 high school reunion together next year.
Where in the world did the years go?

Thank you for lunch Lou!
Thanks for all the fun
growing up together on 35th street.
Thanks for keeping me in your heart and never letting go!
You are a treasure.

Love you,

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

because i love this psalm

and because it means so much to me,
I share it with you tonight....

"He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High
will abide in the shadow of the
He is my refuge ~ my fortress.....
My God in whom I trust.

It is He who delivers you,
the snare of the trapper.
the deadly pestilence.

God will cover you with His pinions,
under His wings you will take refuge.

His faithfulness is 
a shield,
   a bulwark.

                You will not be afraid
of the terror by night,
           of the arrows that fly by day,
                             of the pestilence that stalks in darkness,
                                of the destruction that lays waste at noon.

A thousand may fall at your side,
ten thousand by your right hand,
it shall not approach you.

You will look on with your eyes
 and see the recompense
of the wicked.

You have made the Lord,
my refuge, even the Most High,
Your dwelling place.

No evil will befall you....
nor will any plague come before your tent.

            He will give His angels charge over you
to guard you in all of your ways.
     They will bear you up in their hands,
          lest you strike your foot against a stone.

Because he has loved Me,
I will deliver him,
I will set him securely on high.
Because he has known my name, he will call upon Me
   I will answer him
                    I will be with him in trouble.
 I will rescue him.
I will honor him.
                         I will satisfy him with a long life.
                            I will let him behold My salvation."
Psalm 91

O my!!!!
All this is ours in Christ. 
I cannot fathom or comprehend the Father's love and care for us.
One of my most favorite Psalms!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

a bouquet of flowers from Lucy

She brought this jasmine to me in her little hand.
A treasure from Lu....
she never comes without some little surprise.
She knows what I love.
What a gift she is to me, my only granddaughter.
On Friday we are having a 
Lucy ~ Grammy day.
Cannot wait.
I have missed her so.

Just a little while ago
 a most ferocious storm came up suddenly.
The noise I heard was hail.
The wind blew wild and crazy...
leaving debris and tree limbs
strewn every which way all over my beautiful yard.
The rain was blinding.
In ten minutes it was gone ~ blew itself somewhere else.
The storms of life come very suddenly.
The shelter is Jesus.
Nothing can touch you in Christ. 

Friends & Family....
the people in life who love you,
who stand by you in times of trouble,
who stay in contact,
who are always ready to help, 
who care when you are hurting bad,
who cheer you up ~
these are priceless gifts from God.

Our little business.
Bubba and I are working like clockwork on this.
So much excess,
a way to clean out and simplify things.
Fun and profitable!
Thank you Amanda for your time and enthusiasm
to get us going!!

They are thriving..
and the deer are staying away.

Thankful this day for God's indescribable gift of
 His Son Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior,
the One 
who holds everything together
 until He comes again
 to make everything right.