Saturday, June 13, 2015

something lasting.....

Our Lucy is growing up.
Last summer I did sewing camp for her.
She got her very own sewing machine out of the deal.

This summer she is taking one on one sewing lessons at
Kloe's in Downtown Savannah.
In a beautiful studio over
 The Paris Market,
she had her first lesson yesterday.

With hardwood floors from ages ago,
and long, ancient windows overlooking Broughton Street,
it is a breathtaking place.

Kleo is really Nicole.
She is a SCAD graduate in sewing and design.
Lucy loves her
and she also loves sewing..
Her project is an apron...
she is making it for me to use when I cook.

We look at these lessons as an 
investment in the future....
something she can still use when she is old and gray.
She can teach her children and grandchildren how to sew,
 and make little dresses for them.

She can't always do ballet or gymnastics,
but she can always sew and make beautiful.
Sewing will make her happy and give her a hobby to last forever.

I love you Lucy Blue.
Can't wait to get my apron.
I will share it with you all when I do.

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