Friday, June 26, 2015


I am going to write this post now while I am still brave.
This whole almost two week saga
will culminate this afternoon
with the stent removal,....
I am getting better quickly now.

Because of the extent of how bad I felt,
I wasn't able to see my sweet ones.
Wednesday afternoon,
Bubba fixed a desert and invited them to come out
to visit their grammy.

I waited with much anticipation.
They didn't bound in for hugs as usual.
They were tentative....
the looks on their faces showed concern.
One by one they gave gentle hugs and 
sweet "get well soon" words.

Harry produced this lovely castle picture 
he had drawn and colored.
I think he has talent!!
I need to discuss further with him 
the huge yellow creature 
exploding out of the top of the structure.
I love it~~

Lu came with a tiny gold envelope filled with bookmarks that she had made.
She knows my love of reading 
and that I'm always losing my bookmarks.

Archie had made me a picture too,
but he made a mistake,
 had to start over,
and ran out of time.
He will learn in time that mistakes are okay.

And Gus?
Gus just brought His smile
 and his little hug, and his sweetness.

Getting better!!!
Pray for me at 1:30.

they were not able to remove the stent today.
I have to wait until Tuesday.
Thanking God for His good care and lovingkindness,

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