Wednesday, June 29, 2016

one nation under God

Drawing to the end of my life,
but thinking about our children and our grandchildren this evening.
Wondering where this country,
this beautiful,
 blessed of the Lord country,
is headed.

What happened to 
What happened to doing
"What's best for our country,"
"our people?"
And most importantly,
what happened to
 "One Nation Under God?"

I began reading the book of I Kings in my Bible this morning.
I love God's word.
I believe that every word of it is true,
that there is no substitute
for the wisdom and knowledge it contains.
I believe that God is pleased when we read and study His words to us.

I found the following in the "beginning notes" for the book of I Kings....
It explains a lot.

 "Human governments are faulty even at their best,
but this is especially true 
when God is not included in the scheme of things."

"God's rule continues despite the foibles of man.
The will and purpose of God will indeed prevail.
God is always in control."

Hebrew ~ Greek Study Bible
Spiros Zodhiates

Whatever happens with our country,
however much man tries to remove God from every fiber of our being,
exalts the creature over the Creator,
places himself in the place of God,
All of these things will not thwart the plans and purposes of God Almighty.
God will prevail!
Of that we can be absolutely certain!

Praise to God who created all things,
 who sustains life,
who reached down and offered salvation to ALL
who would believe in the work of
His Son Jesus Christ.

Monday, June 27, 2016

the 6 at # 6.

Last Friday night...
Granddaddy cooked a delicious roast meal.
Amanda went bonkers over it and she had just come off of a cruise.
All gathered except for David.
He is on a mission trip in Nicaragua.
(See his blog at

Sane & silly...
I love to study those faces.
Some have freckles,
blond and brown and black hair...
blue eyes and brown eyes,
fair skin and medium tan and chocolate brown.
What a diverse group!!

Jamming & grooving...
day into night.
seems as if the only time they ever stop
is when they are tucked
into bed at night.

These kids make my heart sing!!

So thankful for the opportunity
 to have Jake & Eli 
all to ourselves for a week.
We did a lot of fun things,
 but the best is still when they snuggle in close.

They are growing and changing,
each in their own way special and unique.
Praying for the moment when God draws them to Himself.
Thank you Lord for this bunch!!

"Grandchildren are the crown of old age."
Proverbs 17:6

*Photos by Erika :)

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

the boys of summer

Right now Jake & Eli are in my jacuzzi.
There are tons of bubbles
and they are laughing
their heads off.

Early this morning,
after picking up their cousin Harry,
Granddaddy took them on a gator hunt on Skidaway Island.
They borrowed Uncle Frankie's golf cart and spent
most of the day cruising around the island.
Seems as if they really had a ball.
They spotted two gators
in a pond, but stayed a safe distance.

This afternoon we dined at Wiley's Famous Bar B Que.

After wolfing down dinner,
we headed for the pool.

I think they had fun.

Jake goes air born on his first jump.

Eli has no fear.

Harry shows off his swimming style.

By the way Amanda,
they are very worried 
about what you will think and do 
when you find out 
that they stayed up until 10:00 
on Tuesday night watching a movie.
Granddaddy has promised to be their advocate.

The boys of summer.
Fun has no limits...
as long as Gram and Granddaddy hold out.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

grammy, how old are you?

It was this morning.
The boys get up at 6:26 am no matter what..
Its a Stitch 626 thing.
We were having breakfast together...
talking about Disney stuff.

During that time Jake paid me the ultimate compliment.
It went like this....
Eli said,
"Grammy, how old are you?"
I quickly replied,
Jake then popped in and said these sweet words,
"But Grammy, you are still young."
In other words,
that number seems old, but you still seem young.

These children....
I can't get enough of them.
All it takes in their eyes and minds is a 
baseball game,
a bike ride,
a pinata,
a wonderful story filled with magic
that makes them laugh with glee,
and they think you are just like them....
young at heart.
Literally, my best compliment ever.

I took them to see "Finding Dory" this afternoon,
then we went to get hamburgers, fries, and milkshakes at Johnny Rockets.
A stop by the candy store finished off our outing for today.

I thank God for the blessing of
good health.
I thank Him for giving me a love for children
and children to love,
Best part is,
always, at every opportunity,
praying for them 
and showing them how all of life
relates to Him.
If they learn to Trust in God,
depend on Him,
live for Him,
and give all the glory to Him,
their lives will reflect His glory
 and will be full and rich on spiritual things..

Fun Life...
I love it!

Monday, June 20, 2016

amanda's happy birthday post....

At David & Erika's house
last Friday night,
after the big storm blew their umbrella on its side,
we celebrated together.

To you, today, as you turn 40,
on a big boat down in Nassau,
I cannot thank you enough.

That God chose you to be my daughter is my great delight!
From eternity past He knew we would walk through this life together,
and He chose you for me.

You fill this mother's heart with so much joy.
I am well aware of the blessing you are!

The tables are beginning to turn just a bit.
For years I took care of you,
just like you take care of Jake and Eli now.
Now, I notice how you are starting to watch after me a little more closely.
Yes, at 68
I am still going strong...
An example....your recent move into your new house experience,
but I also notice your care and watchfulness for me.
I am so thankful for your heart of kindness,
your encouragement,
your understanding, 
your love~

As we celebrate your 40th birthday,
I thank God for you!!
We all could not have been more blessed
by getting to spend our lifetime with you!

Sunday, June 19, 2016

father's day picnic at the marina

It was a beautiful day to celebrate our Dads.

After church 
and a nice restful afternoon,
we took off to the marina at the Landings 
for a picnic.
I threw together some sandwiches, 
Nacho Cheese Doritoes,
and a couple of drinks for the road.
There was a cool breeze,
brilliant sunshine,
a lazy river,
and lots of laughter.

Jake took this picture of his Grammy and Granddaddy.

This is my favorite boat at the marina.
Me and the boys dreamed about what we would do if it were ours.
The kitchen is on the back.
I can just see me out there cooking
 while we are sailing around the waterways.

One last brother shot on the dock before we headed to
the Dairy Queen
Krispy Kream.

*The best days are summer days for sure.
It's why I love summer so much!

Saturday, June 18, 2016

happy birthday amanda #40

Last evening,
in the midst of a raging thunderstorm
that left half of Savannah without power,
with granddaddy at home
recovering from a mean ole stomach bug,
we all pulled together to celebrate
Amanda's 40th birthday.

We gathered at La Parillo,
our favorite Mexican Restaurant
where they really know how to party.

The excitement level was through the roof
as we finished our tacos
and awaited the huge, bejewelled sombrero
to be placed on the honored's head.
The children could not contain themselves,
nor could the adults.

We hear them!!
The wait staff appears,
clapping and singing and working us up into a fevered pitch.
the birthday girl was sombreoed
and given a dessert!!!

We laughed till we cried...
so much fun!

Thankful for Amanda's birthday,
family together,
fun and laughter,
lots of chips and salsa.

"Every good gift and every perfect gift
 comes down from the Father of lights 
in whom there is no variation or shadow of turning."
James 1:17

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

never give up...

The first place they tried in the early part of spring
 was on Bubba's work bench in the garage.
We saw the birds busily carrying in the
brush and hay to build a nest.
Not thinking that was a suitable place for a home,
he quickly shooed them away.

Next, they tried the chute under our mailbox.
Again, that same frenzied work...
"We have to get this nest built so that she can lay her eggs,"
said the busy birds.
Once more, Bubba did not approve,
said they would get too hot and roast in there.
He removed the nest hoping they would find a more suitable place.

A couple of weeks ago,
while eating lunch,
we noticed a frenzy of activity in the geranium pot
on the table on our back porch.
"The birds are back,"
I said in dismay.
They are determined to build a nest on our property.
This time Bubba said,
"What a mess they will make."
He cleaned out the flower pot and sat it on 
a post of the fence that surrounds our AC unit.

Last night,
Bubba took that geranium pot down to show us something....
At last the birds had found a place.
They were determined,
they never gave up.

How beautiful are the creatures that God made,
how smart and instinctive
what a lesson they teach us!

"Look at the birds of the air, 
for they neither sow, 
nor reap,
 nor gather into barns;
 yet your heavenly Father feeds them.
Are you not of more value than they?"
Matthew 6:26

Monday, June 13, 2016


After dropping Lucy off at horse camp this morning,

I went straight to the doctor.
On the Saturday morning of the reunion
I woke up with a sore throat.
My physical condition deteriorated quickly....
I was on a downward spiral.
Lucy is staying with me this whole week,
the Hollingsworths 
are coming on Thursday
to celebrate my baby girl turning 40,
and I will have Jake & Eli all next week.
Not a good time to be sick.

An hour later I walked out with a handful of meds
and a prescription for,
wait for it.....
"You will start feeling better very soon," 
the doctor said.
"Thank you and bless you," I said,
as I hurried out of the door.
Diagnosis ~ Acute Sinus Infection.

I came home to eat and take some of the meds.
Then it was time to pick up Lucy,
who I found galloping around the grounds on a horse named Henry.

All that to say this,
When we got back home,
a large white van
pulled up in front of our house.
A delivery man appeared at the door
holding one of the white paper lanterns from the reunion.

Needless to day I was taken aback,
brought to tears.
There are no words, Lou, except THANK YOU!
I love your heart of kindness.
You are a true and gracious friend,
and my life is enriched by you.

And you get to see what sick Cathy looks like...
huge dark circles,
as we say about the children,
"sick eyes,"
not a bit of makeup,
and the hairdo from hades.

all the way back to kindergarten till now,
playhouse friend,
you are the best!!!

Lu found a switch and the lantern lit up,
just like Saturday night.
Now where do I hang it?

I am sure that you can tell that I was on steroids
when I wrote this post
:) ^%@()*&^%^&$# :(
Only 3 more days.
I will not sleep tonight! :(

Sunday, June 12, 2016

together again after 50 years

Savannah High School Reunion
June 11, 2026

Last night was enormous.
We had so much fun.

The Westin hotel,
the Savannah River,
the food,
 the fellowship,
 the band.
So, so exciting and fun.
I am to the right toward the back

A moment of "Cathy frustration" 
when I couldn't get my camera to work.


Lou, Cathy, Frances,
friends forever.
*"I went by Loucinda in high school,
but I'm Lou now."

Golly, I have a mile wide smile!!!

Bubba was our escort.
He took good care of us.
*Notice the blue jackets on the paper globes.
These lit our tables and were placed around the ballroom.
*Favorite song they played last night...
Tears on My Pillow
by Little Anthony

Saw this view as we were leaving.
Love the moon in the sky,
the blooms on the crepe myrtles,
the river,
and the lights of River Street.
It was a magical night.
A good time was had by all.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

reunion ~ first night

Reunions are always better with friends...
that's Frances Dantzler.
She never changes.
Loved our mini reunion last evening.

Westin ~
on the banks of the Savannah River.

expansion of my thoughts from yesterday's blog:

I have now "come of age."
I have a lot of years in my pocket.

I am a whole lot smarter...
got my wisdom from God's word.

I became a queen...
not "Homecoming Queen,"
but queen of a home and a large family.
I am taking my "court" on a cruise.

I am still on the quiet, observant side....
would really rather listen than talk.

My "groupies" are still my church friends
and now Amanda & Erika.

I have been married 
to one of the boys I dated after high school 
for 46 years.

As far as I recall,
my life only started the summer after I graduated
from high school.

A picture of the boy I dated after high school
and am still dating.
Rock solid,
The boy who I swooned over that summer
drove a yellow Mustang.
He got away...
this was the one God chose for me!
It has worked out beautifully.

River Street from the Westin.....
over on the other side of the Savannah River.
Our gathering was outside.
there was a beautiful sunset.
Savannah was shimmering in the glow.

Lots of faces from way in the past.
I knew some of them, but greatly have we changed.
Lots of small talk..
Hugs and greetings.
Some from as far back as first grade.
We have lived our lives.
We are all fast approaching the age
God ascribed as a long life...70 years.

Where will we go from here?
Eternity is for everyone
if only you will believe in Jesus Christ God's Son.
Read the book of John in the Bible
if you want to know more.

Going back tonight.
Lou will be with us.
Not nearly as nervous as yesterday,
They are all just people
going through this life on this earth,
just like me.

Friday, June 10, 2016

really....50 years?

I wasn't very impressed with high school.
It wasn't my "coming of age."
I wasn't Homecoming Queen, not even near the "court."
I did not go on the senior cruise.
I was on the quiet side,
not very smart.
Looks like I had my hair "set" for my senior picture above.
My "groupies" were my church friends....
my dates were in bunches.
I just wanted to get through...
get out,
get on with my life.

I don't even remember much about graduation.
I know I did graduate in the allowed time frame.
There were over 700 of us.
We walked at Grayson Stadium,
I was handed my diploma,
went out with friends afterwards.

All that to say,
I'm going to my 50th high school reunion this weekend.
Because my friend Lou Grambling said to me,
Wouldn't it be fun to go see how everybody turned out?
I am still not that convinced that I want to go....
Bubba is escorting us.
Lou, Frances Dantzler, and I.
They were both super smart.
Lou is a PHD nurse, yes the real thing,
and Frances a CPA.
It will be fun everybody tells me.

My hair is in curlers,
I have a new shirt....
Aegean blue my sister calls it
because our school colors were blue and white.
a new pedicure....
there is glitter in my nail polish.
My fingers sparkle.

I googled "How to talk to people you don't know"
because nothing scares me more
than being in a room with
hundreds of people
I don't know,
except maybe lizards.

But I figure,
when they see my glittery fingers and toes,
they will want to talk to me
and try to understand
a person my age would wear sparkly nail polish.

We'll see,
50 years later.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

herb creek

This is why we live in Savannah.
The picture of serenity.

We dined tonight at 
Pearl's Saltwater Grill.....
photographed is my view for our meal.
We celebrated 
the progress I'm making...
talked about things that are important,
our favorite people,
a trip we are planning.
Little steps, 
big plans, 
good food,
make for a wonderful, all senses filled evening.

Just a quiet night with my husband.
Things will start roaring again real soon.
My 50th High School Reunion 
begins this Friday night.
Excited to be going with some dear friends.
I wonder who I will see?
Very excited.

God is good...
in All things God is good.
God is especially good to give me the strength and energy
to navigate through some very hard trials,
with the ability to face the next day 
with a smile on my face
 and hope in my heart.

Thank you to Him and to all who love me.
In Christ ALL is well.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

salsa verde and other things

thirteen years apart.
Thanking God tonight for a few days with Teri and Anna
before they embark on the next adventure of their lives.

It is amazing how God brings someone your way
 just when you need them the most.
For me, coming through the deep darkness of depression,
seeing light is supreme.
You brought light.

Thank you, both of you, for your 
Thank you for the 
talking till we're all caught up,
confirming our strengths and weaknesses,
knowing that we both struggle with a lot of the same things.
Thank you for the fresh salsa verde and guacamole,
 the froth for our coffee,
helping me find the perfect cruise line,
50th High School Reunion fashion advice.

Going to the beach this morning.....
Anna wanted something beachy for her dorm room.
I bought a silver starfish necklace
for the reunion.
A few final pictures on the walkway to the beach.
Getting you all to the plane on time.
I did spill that big guzzle of sweet tea all over my shoes
on the way home.
Par for the course, I am a mess.

Thank you both for coming!!
I love you.

Oh and....
for loving what I love!
Because of the massive amount of rain falling from the sky,
we spent yesterday evening at Barnes and Nobles
 instead of the beach.

*If you love to read you have everything.
*Taking pictures of the books in my library. :)

Sunday, June 5, 2016

a very fine day together

gathered around the table,
eating good food,
catching up.
It went on all afternoon.

Teri and our Charlotte.

Here we are...all grown up.
Frankie, Teri, Cathy.
Loving these few days of togetherness.
Going through old pictures this afternoon as the clouds
gathered once again for an afternoon
Precious memories of when we were young.

God is good and merciful and kind.
That I know for sure.
The days and times of our lives,
ordained by God...
not by chance that we are together.

Friday, June 3, 2016

teri and anna are here

Right now they are in the kitchen 
cooking up some goodies for our feast tomorrow.
They arrived last evening in the midst of a raging thunderstorm.
 had to land in Charleston to wait it out.

Its been over three years since we were together.....
there is a lot to catch up on.
Very thankful for this time to be together.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

and then he turned eleven

Birthday party pictures for Jake.
A little late,
but better late than never.

It started early with granddaddy
hanging the pinata...
Darth Vader.

Star Wars cake...
I forgot to put Granddaddy's name on it.

Amanda and Erika
looking up something important on the "pad."

Kid's table....
They had a Chick-Fil-A nugget tray.
Adults had ribs from the Pink Pig.
All Yummy!
Lucy is surely outnumbered.

The birthday boy.

A really cute picture of Harry!

Much excitement as the opening of presents begins.

Opening the Millennial Falcon...
Shock and Awe!

Watching it all unfold!
Grammy's Event & Party Planning
at your service.
I love it!!!

Archie ~ teetering.

Darth Vader!

Teacher ~ pupils
"this is how it is done."


Going after the loot.
The money falling out of the sky got Amanda very excited.

Happy birthday Jake and Granddaddy!
Celebrate the good times!
Nothing like a birthday with your cousins.